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'Damn it...why does this a cursed headache respawn along with me? I died again, didn't I? I tried to stretch my arms and legs out but some thing got in the way. Boy am I in for an earful when I report ba- wait..where am I? This isn't headquaters!' Wood? Am I in a box? This horrid sense of fear built up in my chest. 'Or a...oh no...I'm not!'

My head slammed against a wooden surface before I could sit up straight. Whoever killed me must have burried me. This is not good. I'll be trapped here for a while unless someone finds me.

Dagger smirked as he laid down his next trap for his adversary on his own lawn. A booby trap that was set on one of the concrete blocks leading to the front door. As soon as someone stepped on it, four glass walls would shoot up around the outside of the block and the person's weight caused the floor to sink about 3 feet. When activated, Dagger would be alerted and hold down a button that when realesed, the one who was trapped in the pit would be launched high into the air like a pinball into a pinball table. To insure his safety, White had a deactivation switch on the back of the controller if Black should use it against him. It was brilliant, simple and left his White suit free of blood. Now all he had to do was wait for Joke to come back from his early Wensday trip to the cafe. White noticed this as a frequent thing that Black did after weeks of atempting to study his enemy in order to discover some sort of routine.

White flicked his scrawny wrist to check the time on this wristwatch. It was 5:16 pm. Twelve hours after Black was expected to return. What a dissapointment! He was really hoping to see his rival become airborne without any way to escape death yet again! Not only was that shot down but now he was at a risk to be as well. Black could have set some sort of trap or plan. Perhaps even be waiting for him outside of his hiding place ready to wack him with a bat or something. Either way, getting killed or injured is not pleasent, even if you respawn the next day and are good as new.

However, the worst death is being buried alive. You won't respawn back at headquarters but instead in the same place or coffin that you had just died. It's a glitch that all three, Black, White, and Grey fear and have never bothered to fix. The only way that you could escape it was by being found and rescued or by your employer's headquarters being destroyed. White figured that the first on was better because the second one would kill you and leave you dead for real. He has had nightmares about it though, dieing, Waking up in sufficating darkness with clostifobia closing in and then you slowly run out of air, squrm and stuggle, yell and scream but no one can hear you and then you die. Doomed to repeat the frightining death again, and again, AND AGAIN. Just thinking about it almost paralized White with fear. The spy grabbed his chest and inhaled deeply to calm his uncharactilistly frantic mind. He liked killing but not like that. After all of the times that he has killed his rival the Black spy, aka Joke. Yeah, that was his name that Dagger loved to mock, Joke, he can not remember if he had ever burried him alive. If he did, he would most certainly not use that method again. White hated Black with all of his being but that didn't over come his own haterid for his worst fear.

White remembered his current situation due the muffled roar of a plane engine overhead in the darkening, orange sky. Dissapointed, white left.

This sucks. I keep on dieing before I even get the chance to think of a way to return to the world above without being humilliated by being dug out. All of the oxygen in here ran out...god knows how long ago. I think...a month ago? I don't even have time to be bored...the pain of hunger is something i've gotten used to but a worst fear has set in my mind now, what if I don't respawn? What happens then? What happens if there is nothing waiting for one when they finally kick the bucket and everything's just...gone? I'm too young to face that!

And I will never get the chance to kill Dagger again...or see him...

'I swear that if get out of this alive, I'll find that bastard that did this to me and do the same to them. If by some chance that they are not able to come back to life after getting killed, i'll throw in a parasite or two in their grave along with them!'

White got in bed drifted off. His sight returned in veiw of a gravyard, one that he reconized. Against his own will, his body began to move on it's own and start digging down in this spot right next to long-not thought of but not forgotten relitave. this dream was not one that he controlled, only watched. Was he a rat? What a weird dream and why-what's this? A coffin was in his way and cry came from inside it. Dagger's heart started to pound in panic. Somebody was burried alive in there!


The rat that White's mind was veiwing begun to scratch and bite a hole into the wooden casket. All of a sudden, everything went black and White woke with a start. It took a second to hear the early morning's sounds to bring the spy back to reality. What a nightmare! I'm sure glad that I wasn't the one trapped for once...

The one trapped.

Black hasn't even shown his mug for eleven whole months! Could it be possible that the other spy had finally given up? No, Joke would have defenetly let the White spy know by tring to kill him one last time before leaving. There has been gaps inbetween attacks but nothing this long...Oh merde! Those cries for help in this dream came from his rival!

White sprung from his bed and ran for this clothes. Cher Deiu, Black's been trapped for almost a whole year! There was a knock at the door and then a note slid under the door. White picked it up and read-

Keep your friends close, but you enemies closer.



White blinked and then shoved the note into his pocket. He bolted out of his house into the cool morning, carring a shovel. "I don't have time for this BS! I need to find MY adversary!" His speed surprised him. Why did he care so much right now about Black and not himself? Why in the hell was he looking now and not later in the day?

The darked dressed snake was the closest thing to a friend that he had. The same also went for Black as well. Come to think of it? What the crap were they fighting over anyway? White has secretly peaked into the secret files that he and Black tried to steal from eachother and has never really found anything of importance. He never really cared enough to question his boss. The thrill of hunting down, trapping and killing always prevented that. Goes to show how easily it can drive someone to continous murder.

His lungs burned for air as he slowed down infront of the gates of the cemetary. His motivation to save Black made him forget that it was 2 miles away. The spy sighed out of frustastion as he halled himself up and over the iron bars and ran to the spot from this dream.

"Is somebody up there?" A weak voice croaked, followed by dry coughs. This made Dagger feel compassion, something he had forgotten.


White begun to jam the shovel into the earth and make his way down to the other. Whoever trapped him down here made it a big nussense to get out of. After six feet of the dirt was dug up he found Black's casket and slid the top off. There was the other spy but for someone who was still alive, he looked almost as bad as the stink from the coffin smelled! White almost gagged at the putrid smell of death rising from the area. "Hey Black! Can you hear me?" He remained still and silent. "I better get him some water." Dagger hesantly decided to bring his rival home and nurse him back to health. If Black died right now, he'd still have to bulid his strength up again. He placed Black over his shoulder and climbed out of the ditch.

"Im taking a chance here with you bastard. Don't make me regret it.."


Author's note: Hope you enjoyed this despite all of the grammatical and spelling errors! If you guy did, then I may continue.