A/N: Well everyone, this marks the end of "The Lost Element". It's been a fun journey, but now it's time for a new one. Next installment will be called "Return of the Avatars", and I will be writing the first chapter or two today. This last "chapter" will address the last few reviews you guys have.

To Dark Datum - So a love/hate relationship, huh? I'm good at those.

To wolfoftheabyss5 - Well I can honestly say I'm glad I made you cry. In any other context, that would sound like I'm being a dick. :P

To DAS WUNA - I never said I don't eat cheese, I'm just not crazy about it. I'm more about fresh fruit and alcohol. As far as raping my dead body, I'd be insulted if you didn't.

To Ponydiscord - What do you mean? Read the last chapters, the hints are there. Simple platonic female friends don't constantly cuddle, no matter how close they are. Luna and Twi always had a thing going I think.

To FireBreath5150 - Cliff hangers are good once in awhile. I don't use them all that often, so I make sure I get the best use out of them. As far as your writing, I never thought I'd become a great writer either. I still don't think I am, but you all seem to like my story, so I keep it going. Besides, the sign of anyone truly great is humility, or so it's been said.

To AnOnBrOnY5 - Lux: I shall just explain this myself, young one. "The Ritual" is an ancient rite of elementals that goes back to the beginning of time in Equestria. None of the immortals really know who created it or why, but what is important is what it does. The ritual is a magical rite that allows two essences to combine to be one. In living beings, it allows access to unfathomable power, but will eventually tear the body apart. In a case such as Steelbreaker's, it is a sacrifice. One being may sacrifice himself in an attempt to give his life to another. It is a risk, as it has only ever been performed successfully once...by Winter's brother, Summer. The reason why Winter demanded our help with it is because the sacrifice performing the ritual by themselves drastically lowers the chance that it will be successful. It is still a risk either way, however.

Well everyone, it's been quite a journey, but it is not over yet. Check out the next installment titled "Return of the Avatars". It will also be rated M for safety reasons, and will be categorized the same as this one, Adventure/Romance. Peace all.

May the sun brighten your day and warm your skin, and may the moon light your path on your darkest nights.