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A/N: I have been trying for quite a long while now to write this sequel and finally after so long I finally had the time and the pieces fell into place and I managed to finally write it. (The very beginning of Chapter 1 is the Epilogue from the Doctor Zone reprinted.) Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Ace sat up slowly, aching over every inch of her body. She groaned and slowly shook her head and looked around. Her uniform was covered in scorch marks and small burn holes but was otherwise okay. The charred wreck of her knapsack lay a few feet away.

She was lying in a field some distance from what had been the crudely built headquarters of the Daleks at the other end of the time portal. This side had been deserted either because all the Daleks had gone to the other side or had found some other means of escape. Her head hurt too much right now to dwell on it. But she remembered dropping her knapsack and half running/half falling to the lopsided wooden door of the badly made stone building. The resultant explosion of the remaining Nitro 10 in her knapsack had reduced the poor hut to rubble and thrown her a short distance away, her knapsack, by some freak chance had been spat out after her, almost an afterthought.

She rubbed her face and ran her fingers through her hair. She seemed fine except for some small scratches on her face but she was shaky and needed water. She tried to stand but her legs seemed unwilling to cooperate just then so she sank back down on the soft grass with a sigh.

"Excuse me, do you need some help?"

The voice came from behind her but she hadn't heard anyone approach. At least it wasn't the voice of a Dalek. She carefully turned to look behind her, shading her eyes from the bright sunlight on her face. She looked up into a handsome, chiseled face with dark hair that fell across his brow just so. The face smiled charmingly at her as she stared in awe.

"I could use some water," she managed to finally say, "and a hand up."

He held his hand down to her and helped her get to her feet, this time her legs were willing, though she swayed a bit. He held out a canteen and she took a long drink.

"Thanks," she said. "I don't suppose you could tell me where I am?"

"Looks to me like you're near where there was a very big explosion. Was that your doing?" he asked, the grin still playing on his mouth.

She cleared her throat. "Um, well…"

"I can tell you're not from around here," he said, eyeing her up and down in a way that made her blush. "So, to better answer your question, you're in France, in the late summer of 1869."

Ace's mouth dropped open in shock then she recovered. "I guess you're not from around here either." She took a wild guess. The grin widened and he shook his head.

"Not in any way, shape or form. I'm just wandering around now for no good reason. I got stuck here by accident, well not entirely, but that's close enough."

"I did, too, I think. Damn," she paused. "Oh, sorry, I really appreciate your help. I'm Ace," she held out her hand for him to shake and he took it and kissed it.

"Pleased to meet you, Captain Jack Harkness."

Ace looked around at the wide expanse of meadow and then back at Jack.

"Now what do I do?"

"I'm on my way to Paris, you can come with me if you like," Jack offered.

"But I need…." she began and Jack looked at her.

"You aren't going to get back, at least, not without some help. I might be able to help you."

Ace frowned at him and folded her arms. "And how exactly are you going to manage that?"

"Because," he said simply and smiled at her again. "Come on, let's start walking and we'll find you some clothes on the way," he instructed and looked at her badly abused clothing. "And you can tell me all about the Doctor."

Ace felt her eyes widening and she gaped at him.

"Oh, come on, how else would I know?"

She attempted to answer him, but nothing came out. She snapped her mouth shut with a sigh.

"Fine," she finally agreed and followed him down the dirt road and began to answer his questions. After awhile, he spotted a farmhouse that luckily had laundry hanging on the fence.

"Wait here," he told her and shoved her behind a nearby tree and then hustled over to the fence and quickly snatched a few garments from the rail and sprinted back to the tree. He handed the things to her.

"Oh thanks," she said and then looked at what he'd given her. "A skirt? Are you kidding?"

"Just put it on, okay? You of all people should know how important it is to blend in," he reminded her.

She snorted. "Yeah, you so blend." and he chuckled.

"Turn around," she said and twirled her hand. Jack rolled his eyes and pointed turned his back to her and she quickly changed into the shirt and skirt he'd brought for her.

She quickly went through the pockets of her clothes to make sure they were empty and then buried them at the base of the tree.

"Ready," she announced.

"Excellent. We'll get a room when we get to Paris and see about how we could get you back, or at least, close."

Ace looked at him doubtfully as she slung her knapsack back onto her shoulder.

"Why not two rooms?" she wanted to know.

He glanced at her. "Because I don't have a lot of money. Don't worry. I'll be a perfect gentleman, unless you don't want me to be, of course," he explained and grinned at her mischievously.

She shook her head. "I don't think that's going to happen. We'll pose as brother and sister," she decided.

"Fine by me, sis," Jack agreed and took her arm as they set off walking again.

As they walked, they talked more, mostly about the Doctor. Jack was a bit saddened that she had met the Doctor and Rose before they had met Jack, but he quickly shrugged it off. He was much impressed by the time she had spent on Gallifrey and listened intently to the way she said she'd been – "altered". She also showed him the metal armband she wore and explained some of what it could do. She was worried it might have been damaged slightly in the explosion.

"It's Timelord technology," Jack argued. "I doubt it was damaged at all."

"Well, I don't plan to take any chances. It's my only hope of getting back to where I belong."

Jack walked along silently for a few minutes, studying her covertly from the corner of his eye. He had told her a lot of things, but not about the fact that he couldn't die. He was reticent to tell her about that, he wasn't sure why.

"Why not kick around France with me for awhile?" he finally asked and Ace shook her head.

"I have duties and responsibilities in U.N.I.T. I have to get back to," she refused with a sigh.

Jack barely nodded and fell silent.


They wandered around the city until after nightfall, first, just to look, then to find a room and a place to eat. Jack might be able to go seemingly long periods without food, but Ace's stomach liked to be fed at nice regular intervals and it was quite disgruntled.

She was about to open her mouth to join her vocal complaints with those of her stomach's when she heard the unmistakable sounds of a scuffle coming from the alleyway they were approaching. She put a hand on Jack's arm to stop him and pointed at the alley.

Jack nodded. He'd already heard the sounds and was planning to stop and see what was going on. He carefully approached the alley and peered around the wall. He held up three fingers and then one and caught Ace's nod from the corner of his eye.

"Now, now, three against one hardly seems fair," Jack announced as he entered the alleyway. Ace rolled her eyes. It would have been best to run in and use the benefit of surprise.

One of the thugs turned to face Jack, a wide grin splitting his gap-toothed mouth. Ace hung back, she hadn't been seen yet and she intended to use the element of surprise. Jack grinned back at the large, lumbering man and easily side-stepped the first punch, landing one of his own and blackening the thug's eye.

Ace kept her attention on the other two, who had a smaller figure down on the ground that they seemed to be tying up. Ace spotted a handy piece of wood in a nearby pile of refuse and picked it up. She got a good grip on it and then ran into the alleyway, swinging the piece of wood at the back of another thug's head. The man fell over with a grunt and the third looked up at her with narrowed eyes.

"Not smart, missy," he rasped and pulled a gun from the waistband of his trousers. Ace's eyes widened. Her stick of wood was no match for that. The man smiled evilly at her and cocked the pistol and leveled it at her. Suddenly, Jack was in front of her just before the man fired the gun, the bullet striking Jack right in the heart.

"Jack!" Ace gasped as he went down. The thug Jack had been fighting was already down; Jack had broken the man's neck. She turned her attention back to the man with the gun and quickly lashed out with the wood and knocked the gun from his hand and then striking him in the head with the following swing. She watched in satisfaction as the man went down and stood stooped over a moment to catch her breath before dropping the piece of wood and kneeling down next to Jack.

She rolled him onto his back and bit her lip at the sight of the blood on his chest then found her attention distracted by muffled noises coming from the person the thugs had been tying up. She quickly stood and walked over and helped the person sit up. She quickly pulled the cloth bag from his head and looked into the surprised eyes of a young man.

"Er…" he began and felt relief when the woman began to help him to his feet and pulled away the ropes.

"Thank you," he said as he rubbed at his wrists.

"You're welcome. You're okay I assume?" she asked, her tone unintentionally sharp.

"Yes, I am now," he caught sight of Jack. "I'm sorry about your friend."

"He saved my life," she said. "I stood there like an idiot, ready to let that creep just shoot me and Jack jumped in front of me," she explained, her voice heavy with regret. She knelt down next to Jack again.

"Oh, Jack," she said sadly and fell back with a startled shriek as Jack's body suddenly jerked and he drew in a gasping breath. Ace scrabbled up and looked at Jack in shock as he sat up and looked down at his shirt.

"You…you…." she stammered.

"Yes, I know, but I got better," he said sharply. "And I need a new shirt," he complained and stood up. He held out a hand and helped Ace to her feet. He saw the young man and his face brightened.

"Hello," he greeted and held out his hand. "Captain Jack Harkness," he introduced. The young man finished brushing himself off and smiled back.

"Verne, Jules Verne, I really can't thank you enough for your help," he said to the Ace and Jack.

"Yeah, well," Jack said and shrugged.

"Have you eaten yet? I'm meeting up with some friends and it would be my pleasure to buy you dinner," he offered.

"Um, sure," Ace said in surprise, but unwilling to refuse. She was still hungry.

"We should go now before your friends wake up," Jack said and grabbed up the discarded pistol and stuck it in his coat pocket.

"Jules Verne, the writer?" Ace said, trying to mask her surprise. All her travel with the Doctor she should be used to meeting famous people out of history. But sometimes she couldn't help but get excited.

The young man nodded at her question.

"Follow me," he said and led them from the alley. Ace looked at Jack and mouthed "Jules Verne" at him and he chuckled at her.

None of them saw the figure that detached itself from the shadows and followed after them.

"So, who were those men? I think they were more than common footpads," Jack wondered.

Jules nodded. "They work for Count Gregory, he must have found out I was back in Paris and is trying to capture me again," he explained with a sigh.

Ace opened her mouth to ask about Count Gregory, but at the feel of Jack's cautioning hand on her arm, she closed it. She looked at Jack curiously and he shook his head. They had their own worries; he didn't want to be involved in this, even if it was Jules Verne, the famous writer.

"Just let him buy us something to eat and then we'll be on our merry way," he whispered to her and she reluctantly nodded.

Jules led them into a small restaurant and due to the greetings being called out to him, he also knew everyone. He gestured Jack and Ace to sit down and ordered food for them and a bottle of wine.

"The others aren't here yet, so we have time to eat," he told them and quickly grabbed up a hunk of bread and tore it in half and spread a thick layer of cheese on it. He looked at Ace.

"You didn't tell me your name," he said as he gestured at her with the chunk of bread.

"Call me Ace," she said. She really didn't want to give her proper name, not if she didn't have to. He gave her a curious look, but shrugged.

"All right, Ace," Jules agreed and took a large bite of bread. Ace quickly reached for bread and began to eat hungrily.

"So, what are you doing here?" Jules asked curiously after they'd managed to eat some of the restaurant's excellent food.

"Just passing through," Jack replied evasively. Jules nodded and glanced behind him as he heard the door open. Jack watched the young man's handsome face split into a grin as three people entered and moved across the restaurant to sit with them.

Jack glanced at Ace, who looked just as impressed at the new arrivals. One man was very well-dressed and very good looking and obviously well to do. The woman walking with him was much the same. Another man, who seemed to be a servant followed behind them.

Jules stood up.

"How are you, Verne?" the gentleman asked as he removed his top hat and then shook Jules' hand.

"I'm well, Fogg, and you?"

Phileas Fogg simply smiled and nodded and sat down and helped himself to wine.

"Master, let me be getting that for you," the servant said. Fogg held up a hand.

"Just, sit, Passepartout, I can do this myself," Fogg said.

Jules ignored the two men and focused on the woman, who was smiling warmly at him.

"Rebecca," Jules said simply.

"It's good to see you again," Rebecca said and folded Jules into a brief hug. "You're looking well, if a bit," she eyed his clothes which had been mussed by the scuffle in the alley, "seedy," she joked.

"Well, I might not have been here at all," Jules told her as he gestured her to sit down, "if not for these two here."

Fogg and Rebecca turned their attention to Jack and Ace. Jack quickly smiled and extended a hand.

"Captain Jack Harkness," he introduced. Phileas looked at Jack curiously, but shook his hand. Rebecca reached to shake Jack's hand and then blushed as he took her hand and kissed it.

"Very nice to meet you," Rebecca simpered, causing Phileas to turn and look at her, something like shock crossing his normally serene countenance.

"Likewise, I'm sure," Jack said back, his voice almost a caress. Rebecca made a noise and grabbed up the glass Phileas had poured wine into and drained it. Jack turned his head towards Ace and gave her a wink. Ace simply shook her head and sighed softly.

"And you are?" Phileas asked Ace.

"She just goes by Ace," Jules supplied before Ace could answer. "And she wields a mean cudgel," he added. Ace couldn't help but chuckle.

"I practiced with bats," she said and wished she hadn't at the confused looks on Phileas and Rebecca's faces.

"So, what happened then, Verne?" Phileas wanted to know, leaving Ace somewhat annoyed at Fogg's dismissal of her.

"Fogg, don't be so rude," Rebecca chided him. "I'm Rebecca Fogg and this very rude person is Phileas," Rebecca explained to Ace and Jack, her tone slightly disapproving of Phileas' behavior. "He is also, unfortunately for me, my cousin," she added.

Phileas looked at Rebecca steadily for a moment. "Very well, now that all the niceties are out of the way, can we find out what Verne is talking about?" Phileas asked his tone sharp.

Rebecca rolled her eyes and waved her hand at him before pouring herself another glass of wine.

"The Count tried to get his hands on me again," Jules explained and Phileas snorted.

"Him again," he muttered.

Ace wanted to ask again about this Count, but as if Jack could read her thoughts, he gave her a stern glance and very slightly shook his head at her. She glared back at him and then turned to Passepartout, who was seated next to her.

"So, who is this Count then?" she whispered as the others continued their conversation. She caught Jack looking at her, but ignored him.

"He's a very bad man. He is running this League of Darkness," Passepartout explained, also keeping his voice low.

"What does he want with Jules?"

"He wants Mr. Jules' mind, he has tried many times to get him, he has kidnapped him and another time the Count tried to convince him that his League were for the good of the people. Mr. Jules figured out otherwise, of course."

Ace nodded. "Of course," she agreed. Her mind went briefly to the armband she wore. It wouldn't do for it to fall into this Count's hands, and there was Jack….

She needed to talk to him. They should probably leave Paris tonight if Jack didn't want to get involved.

Ace was startled from her musings by Phileas clearing his throat.

"Now what would an English woman and an American man be doing in Paris?" he asked Jack and Ace, resting his gaze on them. His expression was mild, but Ace could see the danger lurking behind the man's gaze, he wasn't someone to cross.

"Just passing through," she quickly replied when she realized Jack was distracted – he was busily flirting with Rebecca.

"Really?" he asked, his tone indicating he didn't quite believe her.

"Yes, in fact, we weren't even going to stay this long, but Mr. Verne offered to buy us dinner to thank us for helping him and how could we refuse?"

"How indeed?" Phileas echoed. Ace wondered how he could do that, put so much meaning into so few words. She'd heard the Doctor do it on numerous occasions, but had never mastered the skill. She shifted uncertainly under Phileas' scrutiny.

She noticed his eyes shift to her arm and realized her sleeve had moved exposing the armband she wore. Before she could move the sleeve to cover it, Phileas' hand had grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her arm to him.

"Interesting piece of jewelry," he commented as he traced his forefinger over the designs etched in the metal.

Ace roughly jerked her arm from his grasp and tugged her sleeve back down. "Family heirloom," she said shortly and put her hand in her lap.

Phileas raised an eyebrow and gazed at her speculatively again, but said nothing more.

Ace stood up. "Thank you very much for the food, but we really must go, mustn't we, Jack?"

Jack broke off talking to Rebecca and looked up at Ace slightly surprised.

"Um, yes, I suppose we must," he agreed uncertainly and stood up.

"Very nice to have met you," she said and nodded at them all and with another look at Jack, she headed for the door.

"Thank you again for your help," Jules said.

"Think nothing of it," Jack returned blithely as he stood.

Ace ushered Jack out of the restaurant and let out a long breath when they'd finally emerged.

"That Rebecca was very charming," Jack mused and Ace looked at him, her expression skeptical. Jack grinned at her.

"She was. She far more than some idle noblewoman," he said.

"Well, I'm sure that Phileas is more than a gentleman. I think I fobbed his questions off well enough, but he didn't believe anything I said."

She looped her arms with Jack's and pulled him so he would start walking down the street.

"I think we should get out of Paris," she told Jack, keeping her tone low.

Jack looked at her curiously. Ace stopped Jack and looked around them quickly. "I was talking to that servant, Passepartout, he told me this Count is a very bad…man…for want of a better word. Jack, you died in that alley and came back to life, I can't believe that this Count wouldn't want to get his hands on you if he knew about that."

Jack snorted and started walking again. "I doubt he would know about it," Jack finally said softly. "Those thugs were out cold when I came back."

Ace finally shrugged, but she wasn't convinced. This Count clearly had eyes and ears everywhere from the sound of it with this League of his. There was no guarantee he wouldn't know about Jack. She wasn't sure if they did stay in Paris she would be able to sleep. But was it wise to leave the city now that it was dark and getting late in the evening? Probably not, she decided. They were going to have to find some place to stay.

"Well, then, why don't we hurry up and find some place to stay and get off the street?" she asked him.

He patted her hand. "If it will make you feel better, fine," he agreed and gestured at a small hotel down the street.

"Will that do?"

"Just about anything will do," she said and smiled. She just hoped there was a comfortable chair she could sit in since sleep would not be an option.

He pulled her in the direction of the hotel and began to hum a little tune to make her smile. She looked up at him and opened her mouth to say something and instead of words, a scream came out as she saw a dark figure materialize out of the shadows behind Jack and club him hard on the back of the head.

She gaped at the figure, unable to make sense of its features or if it even possessed a face. It "looked" at her and she backed away and glanced around for something, anything, she could use as a weapon. The figure held its hand out towards her and her eyes widened as a fine spray issued from it. She quickly put her hands up, but not soon enough. She inhaled the spray and began to cough. She dropped to her knees as she began to feel dizzy and was only dimly aware of the figure bodily lifting Jack from the pavement and slinging him over its shoulder and walking away.

"Jack," she choked out before the world went dark.


"Why were you so rude to them, Fogg?" Jules demanded to know after Jack and Ace had left. Rebecca nodded along with Jules' statement, a frown creasing her pretty features.

Phileas widened his eyes at the pair of them slightly and snorted.

"I don't think they were what they seemed to be," he replied arrogantly. "We don't need odd strangers involved if we're dealing with the Count."

"Because we never have before," Rebecca commented silkily and gave Phileas a look. His normally bland expression changed slightly to one of remorse before his cool veneer returned.

"We should probably all just get in the Aurora and leave," he said. "I'm not really minded to put up with that…creature again."

Rebecca and Jules both sighed identical sighs and Phileas looked at Rebecca.

"Don't you have a mission anyway?" he asked her sharply.

"I can do both you know," she shot back. "We spies are very good at doing more than one thing at a time," she added tartly.

"There was something about them, Fogg," Jules put in. "I think maybe they could help us defeat the Count for good."

Phileas narrowed his eyes and Jules and looked unconvinced.

"I think Jules is right, there was definitely something about those two," Rebecca added.

"The lady, she was knowing a lot about technology, Boss," Passepartout ventured and Phileas growled.

"It seems I am outvoted. Fine, Passepartout and I will retire to the Aurora and if you two want these strangers to help us so badly, then you can go in search of them."

He stood up and swung his hat up onto his head. "Good night."

He turned and marched from the restaurant, Passepartout right on his heels, even though he would have preferred to go with Rebecca and Jules.

Rebecca looked at Jules. "So, where do we start?"

"They were looking for a place to stay…" he began.

"Hotels, then," she said as she stood up and pulled her cloak about her shoulders. She took Jules' arm and left the restaurant with him.


Ace groaned and rolled over. 'What was in that stuff she'd been sprayed with?' she wondered. She put a hand to her head and slowly sat up. She was still lying on the pavement just down the street from the hotel. No sign of Jack. She began to struggle to her feet and nearly fell down at the sound of footsteps running towards her. They were coming back!

"Ace, let me help you," she heard a familiar voice say and felt her arm grabbed. She looked up into Jules' face and managed a slight smile. Her other arm was taken hold of and she looked at Rebecca as the two of them steadied Ace on her feet.

"What happened?" Rebecca wanted to know.

"Some…one…thing…came and took Jack. Hit him on the head with something, but sprayed something in my face, not sure what it was," she replied faintly and grabbed her head.

"My head is killing me," she groaned.

"Look, the Aurora isn't far from here. We'll take you to it. Passepartout can give you something for your head," Jules suggested.

"You'll be safe there. Once you're settled you can tell us more about what happened."

Ace gave the barest of nods and let them lead her away.

"What's the Aurora? Is that a boat or something?"

Rebecca gave a low chuckle. "Or something, you'll see."

They led her to an alley and Rebecca lifted her head and put her fingers to her lips and blew a piercing whistle. A few moments later a rope ladder dropped in front of them. Ace looked up and gasped.

"That's…" she began and trailed off.

"That's the Aurora. She's a dirigible," Jules supplied. "Don't worry, it's quite…luxurious. It belongs to Fogg, so it can't be anything but," he joked and helped her onto the ladder.

"Just hold on, Passepartout will bring you up," Rebecca said. Ace clutched the ladder as the dizziness made her sway and felt the ladder begin to move.

Passepartout reached down and helped her climb onto the ship and then dropped the ladder again.

"Are you all right, Miss Ace? You don't look very well."

"I just need to sit down," she said and he helped her into the main room and sat her down in a plush chair. She smiled her thanks and looked around. It certainly was luxurious, she had to admit. A few minutes later she was joined by Rebecca and Jules.

"Passepartout, see if there's any residue of the spray on Ace's skin and get it tested. We should make sure she's not been poisoned," Rebecca said and Passepartout nodded and went to get a damp cloth to wipe Ace's face. He carefully wiped Ace's face with a corner of the cloth and then headed off to his lab to analyze it.

Rebecca stood up and checked the pot that was on a tray on the desk. "There's tea in the pot," Rebecca noted as she peered inside and poured a cup for Ace and brought it to her.

"Here, lots of sugar," she said and Ace gratefully took the cup and cradled the delicate china in her hands.

"Can you describe who attacked you?" Jules wanted to know. Ace took a cautious sip of the tea.

"It was dark, so I couldn't see much. Whoever it was had a cloak wrapped around them, made them harder to really get a good look at. But…"she trailed off and took another sip of tea. "The eyes…they didn't look like eyes, it looked like someone maybe wearing goggles and the hand had some sort of glove thing on it. I'm sorry I can't be more help. It happened so fast."

She paused and drained the tea. "You think that Count took him, don't you?"

Jules nodded. "Yes, I do. What you described sounds a lot like a spy the Count uses. He no doubt was there when you and Jack helped me and he probably what happened to Jack. The Count would definitely want to get his hands on Jack."

Ace nodded. "That's what I thought."

"What happened to Jack?" Rebecca wanted to know.

Ace and Jules looked at each other. Ace finally sighed. Surely Rebecca would keep it to herself. Ace could tell there was something…unusual…about Rebecca.

"He got shot, right in the heart, and he came back," Ace explained.

"Came back? What? From the dead?" Rebecca gasped and Ace nodded.

"He was definitely dead," Jules agreed, "and then he wasn't."

Rebecca let out a long breath, her patrician features troubled. "I definitely think the Count would like to know how that's done," she mused. She looked back at Ace. "Is he human, Jack?"

Ace considered for a moment. "I think he used to be, I couldn't say that for sure about him now. Not considering he can shake off a gunshot to the chest."

"How do you suppose it happened? This immortality of his?"

"I really don't know. He didn't say anything about it," Ace replied. She wished Rebecca would stop asking questions. She didn't really want to let anything slip about The Doctor. She had a feeling whatever had happened to Jack had happened while he was with The Doctor, however. Her hand strayed to her sleeve to make sure it was covering the armband she was wearing. Although she might be able to trust her secrets with these people she wasn't certain and she'd grown used to not volunteering information. The device could scan; she just might be able to find Jack. He'd traveled with The Doctor; those energies would be easy to pick up.

Then she just had to find a way to rescue Jack from this Count, which would likely be no easy task, and then see if she could find a way back home. Things were not looking up.

Passepartout walked back into the room.

"It was just a simple knock-out drug, Miss Rebecca. I detect no poisons or anything like that," he told her.

"Thank you," Rebecca said and steepled her fingers. "I'm tired, I suggest we all get some rest and tackle this problem when we're fresher. We'll need to talk to Phileas anyway and see what we can do to find Jack. Passepartout, can you make anything that might help us find Jack?"

He shrugged. "I can only try, Miss Rebecca," he replied and picked up the tray of tea things and carried it away.

"You can bunk in with me," Rebecca said to Ace. "I've got something you can wear, I'm sure. Passepartout is a marvel with needle and thread; we'll make sure you have some clothing."

"Thank you," Ace said and followed Rebecca to her room. Passepartout watched them go and then looked at Jules.

"Good night, Mr. Jules," he said and bowed.

"Night, Passepartout," Jules said and leaned back in his chair, his mind full of the night's events.


Jack moaned and lifted his head and realized he was bound against a wall, manacles holding his ankles and wrists in place. He sighed. Great, just great. He looked around. He seemed to be in some bizarre science lab. Some of the things were very advanced, for this time period at any rate. He remembered what little bit Ace had passed on about the Count and now he seemed to be in his "lair". Ace had been right. Someone had seen what had happened and told the Count. Jack wondered what might happen next and sighed.