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Chapter 4

She awoke to Passepartout shaking her shoulder.

"Miss Ace, we are being back home now. I have food ready. Come, eat."

Ace blinked up at Passepartout sleepily and stretched before she stood up and followed him up to the small dining room. Jack was in a chair, alive now, and his injuries bandaged up. Rebecca sat next to him, solicitously filling his plate with food and helping him to eat while Fogg looked on in, his lips set in a thin line of disapproval.

She greeted the others and then sat down and began to eat her way steadily through her dinner. Passepartout was also a fantastic chef and Ace realized she was extremely hungry. When her plate was clean she leaned back in the chair and looked at the others.

"Well, now that the Phoenix is built, I, um, Jack and I need to borrow it."

Rebecca and Fogg both looked at her, Rebecca wore an interested expression, Fogg, a suspicious one.

"Why?" Fogg asked in a low voice, dragging the word out.

Ace looked helplessly at Jack, who managed a small shrug.

"I'm sure you've guessed by now that we aren't from around here," she finally said.

"Really," Fogg remarked, once again in a low voice, and again, dragging the word out.

"We need to use the Phoenix to get back to our own time," she finally said.

"You're from the future," Rebecca asked, excitement coloring her tone. She looked at Jack, who nodded.

Phileas brought his hands up, steepled his fingers and pressed them to his lips as he gazed at Ace.

"I see," he finally said. He stared at her a few moments longer. "I suppose we should let you, then," he finally stated. He rubbed his hands on his thighs and then stood up.

"Rebecca, let us depart so that our friends may go where they need to go," he told her and finally gave Ace a friendly smile. She couldn't help but smile back, and also notice that Fogg was an incredibly good-looking man when he chose to be warm and friendly.

"No, Phileas," Rebecca said. She lifted her chin and sat straighter in her chair.

"What do you mean, no, Rebecca? We can't make them stay here when they want to go home to where they truly belong."

"I'm going with them," she stated in a tone of finality.

Fogg's eyes widened and Ace felt her jaw drop.

"That would not be wise, Rebecca. I don't think you would fit in their time anymore than they fit in ours."

"I disagree," Rebecca argued and suddenly Ace realized that somehow, Rebecca had overheard the conversation she and Passepartout had had, when he mentioned that Rebecca was ahead of her time.

Rebecca stood and rushed over to Fogg and took his hands in hers.

"We both know I've never really fit here. I'm far too shocking for this place," she said in a slightly wheedling tone.

"But Rebecca, you can't," Fogg began helplessly. How could he possibly lose his cousin like this? How would he ever explain it to the family?

"I'm going. I don't want to hurt you to keep you from stopping me, but I will if I have to."

Fogg rubbed a hand across his mouth and chin and then sighed.

"I suppose I can't stop you," he finally relented. Rebecca's smile was like the sun coming up and she roughly grabbed Fogg and pulled him into a bear hug.

Fogg suffered the embrace for a moment and then pushed her away, brushing at his clothes as he sighed.

"Probably for the best," he huffed.

"Let's be off then, Verne," Fogg said and then leveled his finger at Jules. "Don't even think about going."

Jules nodded meekly and gave Rebecca a quick squeeze and a kiss on the cheek. He then repeated his actions with Ace.

"It was really fantastic to meet you," he said to Ace and then he turned back to Rebecca. "And I'll miss you."

Rebecca smiled at him warmly and watched him leave. The scraping of chair legs against floor caused both women to turn. Jack was standing, leaning heavily on the table, but standing.

"Jack, you should sit down. We don't have to go anywhere, well, you don't have to go anywhere for me to get us home."

"I'm not going, Ace," he said.

"What? But you can't stay here!"

He shook his head at her. "No, I have to stay. I can't say exactly why, but I have a feeling that I'm supposed to stay here. Something very important, for me at any rate, is going to happen. I can feel it," he told her.

Ace furrowed her brow as she listened, but she remained silent and listened. She finally nodded.

"I understand," she said and walked over to embrace Jack.

"I'm glad to have met a kindred spirit," she said in a slightly cryptic manner. Jack managed a smile.

"Rebecca, it has been a true pleasure and I can't possibly express my regret at not being able to spend more time in your glorious company," he said as he took her hand. Then he bent over her hand and kissed it, bringing a blush to Rebecca's cheeks.

Rebecca was so flustered she couldn't even reply. She watched him hobble away with the hand Jack had kissed clutched to her chest.

Ace stifled a giggle and went over to Passepartout, who was still at the wheel.

"You should go now, too, Passepartout."

"I do not think so, Miss Ace," he disagreed.


"The Aurora, she is my ship, and I will not be a rat and desert her. We are one, Miss Ace. Where she goes, I go."

Ace looked at him, her gaze meeting his. She knew he was also saying that where she, herself went, he would go. Ace could see that he had feelings for her and she wished she might be able to return them, but it wasn't possible. However, the Aurora was his and someone had to bring her back to her own time after Ace and Rebecca were back in Ace's future.

She nodded.

"Very well," she finally agreed. "I'll go program the Phoenix."

Passepartout smiled and nodded in satisfaction and began to whistle as he steered the ship.

Rebecca blinked and then went outside onto the deck and peered down at Phileas, Jules and Jack. She raised her hand in a wave and watched them raise their hands in return.

She felt a rush of energy through her as the field the engine of the Phoenix generated moved into place and when she looked down again, the field had gone opaque and a grinding, rushing noise had filled the air around her. She leaned on the rail intent on being the first to see their destination when they arrived.


Jules, Phileas and Jack waved back at Rebecca as she waved down at them. The jaws of all three men dropped as the Aurora slowly vanished.

"It seems you are here for good," Phileas said to Jack. Jack nodded.

"Yes, everything as it's supposed to be," Jack said sagely and then ruined it with a boyish grin. Phileas snorted.

"If you should ever need to, you may contact me. I still have many contacts in the British Secret Service and I'll make sure to know they should pass along any messages to me."

"Thank you, I appreciate it," Jack said and stuck out his hand.

Phileas looked at Jack's hand a moment and then shook it. Jules was far less subdued and quickly grabbed Jack's hand once Phileas had released it and pumped it enthusiastically.

"Time for me to go back to the wife, but you ever need anything, you find me and let me know. And watch out for the Count. It might be wise for you to leave France altogether."

"I feel an urge to see England," he remarked. Phileas shook his head and sighed.

"Come along then, Captain. I'll purchase your tickets and make sure you get where you need to go."

Jack shoved his hands in his pockets. "Well, thank you very much, Phileas," Jack replied in mock-surprise and followed along gamely behind Fogg as the man walked off down the street.

Jack couldn't help but shake his head and let out a little whistle. "All that going to waste," Jack sighed and was rewarded with the sound of Jules' laughter from behind him.