Me: Hi ya!

Kashino: Another story?

Me: yeah...why?

Ichigo: I thought you had other stories.

Hanabusa: Yeah and btw how come I never appeared in these conversations?

Me: Idk and Yes I had written other storeies.

Kashino: Let me deleted them

Me: NO! I didn't and please stop talking about the deleting thing!

Andou: Ma-kun be nice to...wait do I pretend I don't know you?

Me: -.- call me terry

Andou: Just be nice to Terry.

Ichigo: Terry doesn't own Yumeiro Patissiere


I'm not different. I'm a human being with feelings, desires. Why am I so different? I knew the answer, but I want to really understand the answer…

Story is beginning

My name is Amano Ichigo and I'm 14 years old. I live with my family, which consists of my dad, mom and my little sister, Natsume. My life may seem simple and normal…and not different, but the truth is…everyone, meaning neighbors, strangers, even my own family, thought of me as different. I tell them I'm not different, but no one listens. I'm just different to them. I don't have any friends; therefore, I'm a loner. Still, I smile and laugh, though deep inside of me…I'm hurt because I'm 'different.' In my neighborhood, people spread rumors that I'm a psycho or just mentally ill. Even if I were, wouldn't I still be the same because everyone has feelings and desires. My parents treat Natsume as a regular daughter, but when I 'interrupt' their family moment, my parents and Natsume ignore me. They treat me like an outcast…

Anyways, despite being lonely and treated like an outcast, I manage to retain my desire for sweets. Sweets are like my comfort. The one and only person, who never treated me like an outcast, was my grandma. She was a patissiere. The reason why I say 'was' is because she died, but at her funeral, I never cried. Instead I laughed and that's another reason why people see me as different. I don't see a point in crying in funerals…I think crying is just a hindrance to the dead people. Of course, that is obvious for me…Grandma was a cheerful person just like me and always gave me sweets. My favorite of all was the strawberry tart. When I bit into it, I tasted the sourness and sweetness battling and the semi-crunchy and soft tart pastry. To top the strawberry tart, there was the delicious fluffy whip cream. Grandma and her sweets always cheered me up after a long day of being alone.

Now that grandma is gone forever, I just loiter around bakeries. People don't appreciate me being near them, but it's not like there is law that I'm not allowed to be near them. I just smile on as I wander around the bakeries. I hear the harsh whispers of the people as I pass by them.

"Look at that different girl. She has that creepy smile."

"She's so weird."

"She probably is mentally ill."

I just ignore them, though I'm on the verge of crying. I look for the mall that had the sweets convention today…

I made it to the convention. I'm surrounded by sweets. My eyes shine and I'm about to start hunting for the sweets when I see a…

Me: How was it?

Kashino: lame

Andou: Interesting

Hanabusa: Good...though I didn't appear

Ichigo: Really awesome!

Me: Thanks.

Kashino: Your story doesn't make what does Amano see?

Me: That will be revealed in next chappie

Kashino: And why are you writing another story

Me: Oh you know how the stories written for Yumeiro Patissiere is 184, but it will be 185 after I update this story...I sort of wished that there are 200 stories written for Yumeiro Patissiere...

Kashino: That's stupid

Ichigo: You should really be nice.

Me: Anyways, so I"m planning to write alot of stories so that Yumeiro Patissiere can have 200 stories.

Andou: Are you really going to write 15 more stories

Me: Heavens no! Maybe other fanfic writers can help me reach my desire! Anyways, please review this chapter to receive...

Kashino: This is getting old...

Hanabusa: will you stop interrupting Terry.

Me: -.- please be quiet...please review this chapter to receive a chapter that will reveal what Ichigo can see, though I think I might have added a clue somewhere, and a time to spend with the cast of Yumeiro Patissiere!

Andou: What kind of sort of reward is that?

Ichigo: Are we really gonna hang out with the person who reads?

Me: Yes! (crossing fingers)