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"My death. I want to know how I died."

I stared at Momi with shock.

"What are you talking about, Momi? Don't you already know that you…died?"

Momi sniffled as her eyes were pooled with tears.

"S-some spirits don't know if they died. Or sometimes how they died. I'm one of the spirits who don't know how they died. I have to find my body, my dead body, because strangely the body carries the memory of my death."

I also felt my tears starting to penetrate through my eyes.

"Ichigo, let's forget about that. Try the sweets!" Momi chirped, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Appalled by Momi's behavior, I sampled the strawberry Bavarian cream cake. Immediately, my eyes widened as the vanilla cake and pink Bavarian cream melted gracefully in my mouth. The cake was so soft and fluffy. And this cake tasted so similar…

"Ichigo, what's the matter?" Momi asked, looking slightly worried.

I only whispered, "Grandma."

Standing up, I walked away from the table, carrying the plate that held the cake.

I couldn't recall where I found the cake. Momi's wishes had distracted me when I just randomly piled my tray with the desserts. I was about to give up when someone called out to me.

"The strawberry Bavarian cream cake is here."

I searched for the voice and found a young man. My heart immediately pounded as I saw his princely looks. He had shiny blond hair and shimmering ocean-blue eyes. Though he wore chef's hat and clothes, he seemed like a prince. The prince that every princesses dream for. Hypnotized, I walked over to him.

"So, what brings you to find the cake?"

"Well, you see this cake reminds me of my grandma's cake."

The man looked a bit surprised, but then said, "Oh, I see. So did your grandma learn at St. Marie Academy? She probably learned that recipe there."

I nodded and the man continued, "I'm Henri Lucas and I'm the teacher at St. Marie Academy. The school was first established by my grandmother."

I smiled and replied, not knowing what to say, "Oh."

"You have amazing taste. That's a skill of a professional patissiere. Do you want to learn at St. Marie Academy?"

"I-I-I'm sorry, but I can't afford to learn there."

"I'm giving you a scholarship so it's free."

I didn't like the idea of learning at St. Marie, but before I could reject the offer…a presence entered my body.

Normal P.O.V.

"Sure, I would like to learn there!"

Henri Lucas raised his eyebrows at the odd girl. For a moment, she looked like she was going to deny his offer, but then now she wanted to take his offer.

"Okay. Well, here is my business card and the address to St. Marie. The closest one is in Tokyo."

Ichigo P.O.V.

Momi! She went in my body and took control! Darn her! But it was too late to reject Henri's offer. I tried to stop her, but once a spirit enters my body, the spirit has more control.

"Oh and my name is Amano Ichigo."

I heard myself say. Then 'I' left Henri and I sat back down at the table. I forcefully placed my plate of that cake.

Momi finally got out of my body. Trying to be innocent, she just whistled.

"Momi! What was that for? I don't even want to go there!" I harshly whispered.

"Ichigo, but I really want to accomplish my wishes! If you help me, I'll leave you alone the way you want." Momi pouted.

"How do you know I want to be alone? Maybe I don't. And I can't help you with your wishes, especially your third one."

Momi suddenly looked sad and she quietly said, "I also want to meet my childhood friend. I believe my friend is at St. Marie."

Okay, I felt a huge sympathy for her.

"Fine, I'll help you! But you owe me!" I grumbled.

"Arigato, Ichigo!" Momi grinned and that's when my life turned into an adventure.

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