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Kirby's POV:

I was on hot pursuit on that day, this was the second time I tried do catch dark matter. the first time he duplicated himself and sent me on a wild goose chase. I was certain I would catch him this time as I rode my warp star. "Halt in the name of the star warriors I command you to stop!" I shouted, he let out a cackle in response and said "fool, did you really think you can stop me that easily? My plans are to far ahead to stop now, prepare to meet your fate!" As he said those words, he vanished leaving me headed in to a asteroid belt. After I was struck by one I was about to crash into a unknown planet "Mayday! Mayday! calling all star warriors, I have lost visual on the target, and I'm about to crash land on a unidentified planet in the milky way galaxy can you hear me!" I shouted in my walky-talky with a fearful tone, but their was no response. As I was reaching the planet I closed my eye in fear hoping that in some way I would survive the crash.


Ben's POV:

It was a normal afternoon. Kevin was working on his car, Gwen was studying her magic, and I was looking in Grandpa Max's journal to see if he said anything about the alien criminals we were researching. "Find anything?" Kevin said with a bored tone "I did find something" I answered. "Well what is it?" Gwen asked curiously. I responded "according to this the plumbers aren't the only intergalactic police out their, it says here that he on a few occasions have teemed up with a group called the 'star warriors'." Just as I answered her question Kevin's plumbers badge started beeping then some sort of distress call played. "Mayday! Mayday! calling all star warriors, I have lost visual on the target, and I'm about to crash land on a unidentified planet in the milky way galaxy can you hear me!" is what the distress call said, all three of us could tell that the caller was in a fearful state. "Come on we have to help him!" I said, Kevin shook his head in response " you heard the call he said star warriors, its out of our jurisdiction." he argued "our job as plumbers is to help those in need this is no exception." I responded Gwen nodded in agreement "he's right Kevin this person needs help no matter who he ask it from." Kevin continued to argue "even so we don't know which planet he heading towards." Just as he responded we all heard a huge crash coming from my front yard "dose that answer your question?" I said as we went out to investigate. I immediately noticed a crater in the front yard we went in and saw some round pink alien with stubby arms and red feet. The ultimatrix immediately scanned the alien as it regained conciseness "who are you?" I asked him "the name is Kirby of the star warriors, who wants to know" he responded . We explained who we were and that we were from the plumbers and that Kevin's badge picked up his distress signal "so where are you from?" I asked Kirby "I'm from a planet known as pop star" he answered as Kevin busted out with laughter "HAHAHAHAHA pop star HAHAHA" me and Gwen both jabbed him on each side of his ribs "yes I'm aware of the irony between my planets name and your planets carrier choice" Kirby said in a un interested tone signaling that he did not approve of Kevin's since of humor. "You said you were after someone, who were you after?" Gwen ask, Kirby showed us a picture of a black cloud with a yellow eye in the middle "Dark Matter has the ability to multiply himself and to possess people, he is vary dangerous" he informed "you seem worried" I said Kirby simply responded "I fear that due to your ultimatrix that you might be his next victim"