Kirby's POV:

When I woke up I soon noticed I was in the guest room in Dedede's castle, and the rest of the group surrounded me. " What happened?" I asked the group curiously. They all simply moved so someone else can come in to my view, and to my surprise it was Zero but he looked strange.

The scar on his right eye was gone, and the wings no longer looked as if they were dipped in blood. But the difference that really caught me off guard is that he was smiling.

I was really curious now, but Zero explained every thing that happened. From me transforming in to "Kirby Soul" to me causing a flash of light that lifted his curse.

after he was finished explaining he gave me a colossal bear hug "thank you, thank you, I'll never doubt your abilities again!" he shouted in a glad tone. "Happy I could help." I said gasping for air, he let me go soon after.

"There's more." Meta Knight said as he prepared to make an announcement turning to Zero. "Meet the newest member of the Starwarriors." this surprised both me and Zero "really? After all I done?" he ask Meta Knight, he just simply nodded and responded. " I see grate potential in you, and until you reach your full Starwarrior title, Kirby will be your trainer." "it will be an honor" Zero said turning to me. "The honor is all mine Zero." I simply responded.

Ben's POV:

After Kirby fully recovered from his battle, we were outside the castle, were the ship landed saying our goodbyes. "Farewell well my friends, I can't thank you enough for your help." Kirby said shaking all our hand and returning to his group after.

"Wait you forgot this." Gwen said as she handed Kirby the walky-talky he gave her back at Onion Ocean. He just shook his head "keep it." He said in response, Gwen looked puzzled. "like I said if you need us, give a shout." he said, Gwen nodded in response.

As me, Gwen, and Kevin entered the ship, before we took off I looked out the window and saw Kirby and his friends waving goodbye. Soon we took off headed back home on earth.


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