Dosu's mission

He was the only one left of his team and he knew it. Both Kin and Zaku lost their matches in the prelims and Orochimaru was watching the entire time. His team was lost. Orochimaru didn't tolerate any kind of failure. After learning of the curse mark placed on sasuke he knew his leader was just using his team to test the uchiha and his potential with the mark. Orochimaru used them. Used his team. Yet he decided to spite orochimaru by killing the uchiha in the finals. First though he was going to get revenge on the two who doomed his team. The shadow user and the bug user had to pay for what they done to his team. thanks to them his team will be discarded as useless scrap. they will be punished but for now he had to avoid orochimaru and train to beat them.

Sneaking away from the tower after the prelims was more difficult than he thought. He didn't bother to stop to see his team when he knew they aren't going to survive to see the end of the day. His thought revolved around how he should go about avenging his team he needed to know more about the shadow user and the bug user what were there names again. Shino Aburame and Shikamaru Nara that was it now all he needed to do was scout arond konoha to find thier homes. Tonight will be when his seach will begin.

The night after the prelims he began his search running along the roof tops listening to all the sounds around him to determine when he had to hide to avoid this villages anbu. Half way across konoha he heard a conversation about the Nara he was searching for. They spoke on how amazed they were that the lazy boy had won his match against his teammate. This caused him to growl alittle when he heard them saying that she must have been really weak to need so little effort to be beaten. A few minutes later after convincing the two to tell him where the Nara lived he left them bleeding in the alleyway and headed towards the location of the nara compound.

During his trek towards the compound he saw the read headed sand user from suna. He remembered his name was gaara or something like that. He also remembered that gaara was going to face the uchiha in the finals first round. After a few minutes of thinking whether or not he should try and get rid of gaara he remember what he did to that lee guy. Lee almost done him in during the second exam if it wasn't for his teammate he would have lost badly. Gaara destroyed lee in the prelims so he knew he stood little chance against him he decided to continue to the Nara compound and give the sand user a wide berth. Let him kill the uchiha he thought. if Gaara doesn't well he will take care of him later in the final but for now he has information to gather and this was going to be a long night.