The moon shone over a snow covered moor. A shadow stretched over the land. It belonged to a dark tabby tom. He was slinking towards a small cave. Completely quiet he scooted inside. Two she-cats were sleeping peacefully on beds of moss and lichen. One she-cat, a dark ginger, slept alone in her nest. The other, a silver tabby, was curled around two kits. The tom slunk towards her.

Plucking the two kits from the nest he backed out of the cave. Following his footsteps he entered the moor. He swished his tail over his footprints, flattening them. Walking swiftly, he hurried towards more fruitful land. It was covered in moss and lichen with flowers and even some scraggly trees.

Breaking into a run he entered the shadow of the trees and raced into a small clearing. Still running he hurried to a small thorn bush. Two cats were waiting for him inside. They leapt to their feet when he entered.

"Twigshade," a cream colored she-cat mewed in greeting. Her eyes fell to the kits. "You got them," she whispered. Twigshade nodded and placed them in the nest next to her.

"Were you seen?" the other cat, a dark ginger, asked.

"No Maplestar. They never knew I was there. I rolled in fox dung so they would assume a fox stole their kits," he boasted. Maplestar nodded.

"Well done." The cream cat nodded with her leader.

"Are you ready?" she asked. Maplestar and Twigshade nodded before stepping out of the small den. Winking at each other the started walking for their own dens. Just as they reached them a terrible shriek sounded through the night. Maplestar whipped around and raced back to the thorn bush.

"Creamfoot's kitting," she yowled. Twigshade raced inside the thorn bush. Maplestar skidded to a halt outside. Her clan was crawling out of their dens, looking around in confusion. A grey tom approached her.

"What's going on Maplestar?" he asked sleepily.

"Creamfoot is kitting Shardclaw," Maplestar answered. Shardclaw's eyes widened, he was awake now. Nodding he went to tell the news to the rest of the clan. Maplestar's stomach twisted. She hated lying to the clan but she had to protect her sister. Just then Twigshade burst out of the den and hurried to a small rock cave where he lived. He hurried back with a wad of leaves in his jaws. He winked at Maplestar as he passed. Maplestar took a deep breath.

"I want to see how it's going," she shouted. Sticking her head inside she could see Creamfoot laying in her nest with her two new kits suckling while Twigshade watched. Maplestar backed out of the den. She put on a grim face and faced her clan. "It's not going well," she lied. Creamfoot let out a fake scream. Twigshade popped his head out of the nursery.

"No one may enter," he ordered darkly. Maplestar sat by the entrance keeping the cats out. She felt bad about steeling the kits but what else could she do? Starclan had punished Creamfoot for mating with a medicinecat by taking her kits and no one could know so they were forced to take kits and call them hers. She sighed knowing that if Moonclan ever found out they had stolen the well respected Sunwing and Bridflight's kits there would be war.

Twigshade popped back out of the nursery. "Creamfoot has two she-kits," he announced. "She's named them Duskkit and Silverkit," he purred, his eyes bright with pride. The clan cheered. Maplestar wondered how they would react if they knew the kits' true origin.

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