I am a girl from a suburban area of the West. I'm blonde, blue-eyed, white bread. In short, I am an entirely average person in every way.

Well, except for my incredibly odd personality, addiction to bizarre foods, and the inevitable craziness that comes from attempting to enter the acting industry in the first place.

And while I know the point of this book is to give a sense of who I really am, I can't help that sounding this cliché wouldn't end well for me.

So…who am I? I guess you could call me a lot of things. But I'm energetic and fun, loyal and caring. Mind you, I've been called things which are a lot less kind, but I'm assuming if you bought this in the first place, there's a decent chance you don't hate my guts. If you do; no offense, but fuck off. I don't want your paws on this book, for I have no doubt I will feel every dirty remark you level at it.

For everyone else, this book is supposed to tell you the Story of Me, right? Well, it all began on a little planet a long, long way from where I sit now…

-Alexis Keati's Untold Story (3094, Turner and Boone Publishing)

A/N This was supposed to include a full chapter in addition to the prologue and be posted yesterday….but both Word and an, ahem, certain website glitched at the same time so instead you get a prologue posted a day late. Hopefully this isn't an omen for the future. *crosses fingers *