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"You brats are so annoying!" Klarion yelled, his eyes glinting with anger as he shot red bolts of magic at the teens.

The team had been sent by Batman to stop Klarion from releasing the animals at a zoo. His goal was to let the carnivorous creatures ravish the city nearby; which also meant he had decided to let them out early in the morning so that the animals would catch the early commuters.

"Right back at you," Conner grumbled as he wrestled a few bears back into their enclosure.

"You're always trying to ruin my fun!" The witch snarled, fighting off Aqualad, Miss Martian, and Kid Flash's attacks.

"Doctor Fate is on his way," Robin informed them as he ran into the fray, glancing at Zatanna who frowned deeply at the hero's mention.

"Then we can put this freak in the cage he needs," Artemis growled. Her arrows didn't do any good against Klarion's magic so she got stuck with net duty. Shooting her ropes at the monkeys trying to reach the trees at the edge of the zoo's property.

"I heard that!" Klarion shrieked, turning his attention towards the archer. He shot a spell at her but the blonde dodged it.

"Freak," She scowled as she ran for cover. A single monkey caught her attention, it was almost past her range, "Now I know how Superboy feels," Artemis said under her breath, shooting an arrow towards the creature.

"Artemis! Look out!" Wally's voice yelled out. The archer turned in time to see another one of Klarion's spells heading her way. She only had time to widen her eyes in surprise before she was shoved violently aside.

"Kid!" M'gann screamed over the mind link.

Artemis couldn't even scream as she stared at the pile of spandex lying where she had previously been standing. No...Wally...

"Klarion," A doubled voice rang out. Doctor Fate had arrived.

"Kid?" Artemis spoke up hesitantly, her hand reaching out to grab at the fabric of his uniform.

"Where's KF?" Robin ran over, his eyes wide in sudden panic. He hadn't seen what had transpired, only Artemis looking helplessly at the pile of his clothes.

"I-" Her voice caught in her throat.

"Heehehe," Something giggled from within the folds of the red and yellow fabric. Artemis and Robin froze, eyes glued to the source of the noise.

"Wally?" Robin asked slowly, squatting down to poke at the suit.

"Peek a boo!" A child squealed, jumping up.

Artemis and Robin's mouths both fell open in pure shock. The child had messy red hair, large green eyes, freckles, and a wide smile stretched across his face.


"Naked," Artemis deadpanned, a frown growing on her face as she slapped a hand over her eyes and moaned, "You are a naked child,"

"Dick!" Wally screeched in excitement, trying to run over to Robin but tripping in the suit tangled in his feet, "Oof," He frowned.

"He shouldn't know that word!" Artemis said, her head turned away from the boy now instead of holding her hand over her eyes.

"Diiiiiiiick!" Wally whined, stretching his hands out toward his best friend.

"Wally," Robin spoke firmly, "You can't say that,"

The confusion that blossomed over his freckled face caused Robin to pity him. He was only calling for his friend, but Robin had to protect his identity in front of Artemis.

"Wally, I'm Robin," He put a hand to his chest to gesture before waving one at the archer by his side, "This is Artemis,"

"Can you please put something on him?" Artemis grumbled, still faced away from the two, "I don't need to see his freckled butt or his-,"

"Yeah hold on," Robin cut her off, "Hey Supey!" The boy wonder called. The rest of the team was distracted by putting all the animals back in their cages, they didn't know what had happened to Wally yet but had been informed via mind link by Robin that he was fine. The clone came over to the duo-and-a-half with a confused frown.

"Yeah?" He asked before he noticed the small naked child pooled in Wally's clothes, "Oh no..." His frown grew deeper.

"Ha," Robin chuckled humorlessly, "So can Wally have your shirt?" He grinned.

Superboy sighed but took off his shirt and tossed it onto Wally's head. The speedster laughed from under the dark cloth, apparently finding his new fort immensely entertaining.

"Of all the people for this to happen to," Conner said, "Wally is the worst case scenario,"

Robin situated the shirt around the squirming redhead like a toga, nudging Artemis when he was done, "I wonder if he has superspeed," Robin murmured.

"Step aside," The doubled voice of Doctor Fate spoke as he floated over, the rest of the team behind him, their faces swiftly turning to ones of shock as they took in the giggling boy attempting to grab Robin's utility belt.

"Can you make him normal?" M'gann asked the magician.

Doctor Fate's eyes glowed as he assessed the spell put over the speedster, "No," He announced.

"What?" Zatanna asked, "Every spell can! Surely you could do something to-"

"The spell cannot be reversed," Fate explained, "This is because it will wear off,"

"How long will it last?" Kaldur asked calmly, eyeing Wally curiously.

"Three days at most. Most likely shorter," was all he said, nodding briefly before flying off without warning.

A silence followed as the group stared at the child.

"He's cute," M'gann stated, smiling at the redhead. Wally looked up at her, his eyes widening as he noticed that she was floating.

"Whoa!" He gasped, running around and underneath the Maritan in a blur.

"He has superspeed," Artemis groaned, "He's going to be a menace,"

The zeta tube announced the arrival of the Flash and the team let out a collective sigh of relief.

"Unca Barry!" Wally shrieked with joy and zipped over to his uncle who was holding a large duffle over his shoulder. Wally bounced on the heels of his feet, "Play tag!"

"Hey...Kid," Barry said, noticing how accurate the nickname was at the moment. He scooped the laughing kid up with one arm and headed to the bathroom, "I'll be back. I'm gonna put some clothes on him,"

"Sure," M'gann quipped, speaking for all of them. It had only been two hours since Wally had turned into a child and they were already exhausted.

Wally could still run faster than any of them, but at least he couldn't keep his giggling mouth shut. So it wasn't like they ever lost track of him. Robin, M'gann, and Zatanna tried the hardest to keep track of the blur.

Robin had the best chances of catching him, Wally seemed most inclined to listen to the bird. Robin also had the most interesting things in his utility belt that he could use to bribe the boy.

Zatanna gave up shortly after trying. Wally grew upset whenever she tried to interest him with some magic and had quickly decided that he didn't like her. "Stupid tricks," He had told her.

M'gann tried her best to keep up with Wally. Suggesting games and snacks at every opportunity. But the speedster had set all his attention on Artemis. Or rather "Pretty Arty,"

"Pretty Arty!" Wally yelled as he ran back into the room, looking adamantly for the blonde. Barry walked into the room right behind him, frowning at the snickers that came from the boy's wardrobe choice.

"It's all he would wear," Barry grumbled, staring pointedly at Wally running around proudly in his Flash onesie.

"Ah!" Wally shrieked when he found Artemis laying on the couch, an arm thrown over her eyes, "Pretty Arty!" He poked her repeatedly.

"Whaaat?" She groaned, turning her head to eye Wally in his bright red onesie with the flash insignia printed on the chest, "Congratulations," She told him blandly.

"Well, I'll see you guys later. Bye Kid!" Barry waved as he headed towards the zeta beams.

"Bye Flash," Robin said as the others waved, "Thanks for bringing all the junk we needed,"

"What!" Wally squealed, running to his uncle, "Unca Barry don leave!"

"Sorry Wally," Barry said, kneeling down to hug his nephew, "You know I'm too busy to take you with me," Wally bit his lip in sadness, "Your friends are gonna take care of you," He explained, turning the kid around to face his friends gathered around the living room.

"Imissyou," Wally said quickly, smashing his face into the Flash's suit. Barry laughed.

"I'll miss you too Buddy," He patted Wally's back before standing up and heading again towards the zeta tubes.

The computer announced his leave and Wally turned around, the indecision swirling behind his eyes. The team didn't need to communicate telepathically to know they were all wondering who the next victim of Wally's attention was going to be.

"I hungry," He announced, looking at all of them expectantly.

Artemis sighed.

They'd left her alone. With Wally.

Those fiends.

She was pretty sure half of their excuses for leaving were fake too. And now she was standing in the kitchen with a hungry speedster at her side.

"Pretty Arty," He whined, "Food,"

Artemis frowned and mindlessly placed her hand on top of Wally's messy hair.

"What do you want?" She asked as she perused the pantry.

"Has ta be yummy," He said. Artemis rolled her eyes.

"How about a peanut butter sandwich?" She suggested. Wally grinned and nodded.

"Jelly too," He said, scrambling up the side of a chair to sit at the island where Artemis was preparing his sandwich.

Artemis paused after she had made one sandwich and slid the plate over to Wally. The speedster usually had to eat large amounts of food, he would probably need more food than a regular child too.

"Still hungry?" She asked as Wally finished up. He nodded and Artemis started working on another sandwich. The archer grabbed a bag of chips from the cabinet and tossed them in front of him to eat too.

Five sandwiches later and he was still going.

"Hungry," Wally complained, holding his stomach.

"Wally I think you've eaten enough," Artemis told him firmly, and instantly regretted it.

Wally's lower lip quivered and he stared at his empty plate, "Never enough," He sobbed, wet tears starting to accumulate on his lashes.

And Artemis was forced to remember that Wally wasn't always just a happy, joking, skirt-chaser. Because kids were just emotions personified. Just people before they learn to hide their insecurities and problems in adulthood.

And that maybe, this wasn't just a smaller, more annoying version of her teammate. But that he was also a more open version; more honest and vulnerable than how he normally was.

"I'm sorry Wally," Artemis spoke softly; petting his hair back affectionately as a few tears slipped down his freckle-dotted cheeks.

"Can I...Hic...have..Hic...little more?" He asked between small sobs. Artemis nodded and got some apples from the refrigerator to cut into slices.

Wally munched his way through them quickly as Artemis sat quietly by his side.

"Still hungry?" She asked again.

Wally nodded, "Normal hungry," He described before hopping down from his seat.

Artemis smirked, waiting to see what he would do as his eyes looked around the cave mischievously. Then his face scrunched up and he narrowed his eyes before a look of decisive happiness appeared.

"Play outside?" He asked, running back to Artemis. The archer sighed as she thought it over.

Wally definitely wouldn't be able to control his speed. But she didn't have to take him anywhere public. She could just take him to the beach, it was still early enough.

"Alright, Kid," She smirked, "Let's get you into a swimsuit,"

Wally gasped and his eyes filled with excitement. Artemis resisted laughing as he began running around her, cheering with his arms in the air.

"Yay! Beach!" He squealed. The blonde nudged him toward his bedroom where Barry had left the duffle. She knew he had packed a swimsuit for bathing purposes.

Wally ran ahead.

Artemis walked.

Wally ran back to Artemis.

Artemis smirked and continued to walk to his bedroom at a normal pace.

Wally ran back to his room.

Artemis continued walking.

Wally showed up at her side again.

"Pretty Arty slow!" He declared, folding his arms across his chest. Artemis chuckled and ruffled his hair, causing him to pout as the finally reached his room.

She dug through his duffel until she found a pair of the Flash swim trunks. "Why am I not surprised?" She muttered to herself, "Alright," She turned to the bouncing kid waiting behind her, "Put these on, I'll be right back," Artemis ordered, slipping out of the room to grab some sunscreen from the bathroom.

"Done!" Wally declared, surprising her by running into the bathroom after her.

"Great," Artemis smirked before surprising him by picking him up under the armpits and standing him on the bathroom counter. Wally giggled at the ride before frowning at the white substance Artemis had in her hands.

"Yuck!" He blanched, leaning away from her touch as she began to apply his sunscreen. Artemis laughed at the face of utter disgust he was pulling.

"All done," Artemis smirked. Wally cheered and jumped to the floor, slipping a bit on the tile. The archer swiftly caught him before he hit the ground.

"Tanks Pretty Arty," He beamed up at her before taking off towards the door to the beach.

Artemis smiled, walking at a leisurely pace to her room to grab a book to read before meeting the impatient redhead bouncing at the door that wouldn't open for him.

Wally laughed when the door opened at Artemis's authorization and he ran out excitedly on to the sand before running straight into the water and the waves. She laughed as he got a face-full of water in his mouth because he had been squealing as he ran.

The speedster spluttered for a bit, but quickly recovered and began splashing through the shallow waves some more.

Artemis sighed and propped herself up in a beach chair that had been permanently left out.

"Don't go too far. No water above your hips," Artemis called out to him.

"Kay Pretty Arty!" Wally laughed in response, jumping and squealing when the waves passed him.

Artemis allowed herself a small smile before relaxing into the book she had brought with her. Maybe taking care of the kid wasn't so bad after all.

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