Salve! This is the beginning of my very first story! This is actually going to be a collection of one-shots. Any story I write will be about Dreamworks movies because they are so awesome. As mentioned in my profile, my English skills are not fluent as of yet. An English-speaking friend of mine is going to be the person to correct my writing if it does not make sense. I hope you enjoy my writings!

Chapter 1: Circus Stick Together

It had been a week since the incident at the zoo with DuBois. The hatred for the zoo animals' betrayal had worn off and everyone was getting along nicely. Well, almost. Gia and Vitaly were still hesitant to fully trust Alex and the others.

"Let us see if they are indeed...circus material," Gia whispered to her tiger companion, peering from behind a curtain and watching Alex interact with the circus animals.

"Yes," the Russian tiger agreed, "A final test to see if we can trust Lion and friends."

Gia smirked and flicked her spotted tail, releasing her hold on the curtain to go locate Stefano.

The next morning, Alex and the others were just waking up and stepping out of their train car.

"Man," Marty exclaimed, cracking his neck, "we really need to make those wooden floors more comfortable."

"Yeah, and the ceiling. Just look at the way my neck is twisted!" Melman pointed out, exaggerating the angle of his extremely long neck.

"We'll just have to talk to the penguins about it," Alex said, rolling the knots out of his shoulders.

"Hey, where is everybody?" Gloria pointed out. Everyone looked around, slightly surprised that they hadn't noticed the absence of the circus animals.

They walked over to where the equipment was set up. Nothing was moving. No one was there. They decided to return to the train and wait for their circus friends.

All of a sudden, one of the train cars further up burst open and half of the circus came tumbling out. Gia leaped over the mass of animals and bounced over to the zoo animals, sporting her normally bright smile.

"Buongiorno! Good morning!" she greeted happily.

"Morning, Gia. Mind telling us why you were all scrunched in the train cart?" Alex asked, pointing to the animals standing up behind the jaguar. Stefano and Vitaly came walking up behind her after they stepped around the retreating animals.

"No reason. Come, we have much to do," Vitaly said, ushering the zoo animals towards the circus equipment. Gia followed, her paws behind her back and giggling as she followed.

As Melman and Gloria made their way to the tight rope, Vitaly quickly threw and unsuspecting Mort up into the air. The frightened lemur shrieked and clutched the rope, screaming for help.

The giraffe and hippopotamus looked at each other and ran for the ladder, beginning to climb to Mort.

"Don't worry, baby! We're coming!" Gloria shouted. She reached the top and pulled her love up the rest of the ladder pegs. She backed up and put Melman's hooves around her neck and began dancing to the terrified lemur. The giraffe spun his partner around and let her fall back to reach for Mort.

"Climb up, sweetie!" Gloria ordered. Mort took no time in clutching himself to her arm, sobbing hysterically. The tight-roping partners began to dance back to the ladder, the only way they knew they could safely return to the ground. Vitaly, who was watching from the ground, looked over to Stefano at the cannon and Gia at the trapeze to give them a thumbs up. They nodded from afar and went back to business.

Stefano, with Vitaly's thumbs up, loaded himself into the cannon and ordered the penguins to shoot him to the nearest cliff. The sea lion shot through the air with a dramatic scream and struck the rock with a loud bang.

"Help-a me!" he begged to Marty, who was making his way over to the cannon.

"Stefano! Not again, man!" the zebra shouted. He ran to the cannon and jumped in. The penguins shot Marty out of the cannon at Stefano with no hesitation. He landed slightly above Stefano and lowered the rope to the sea lion yet again.

"You know what to do!" Stefano wrapped himself in the rope and began to be lowered to the ground. As he was approaching safety, he looked over to his feline friends and gave them a thumbs up, just as Vitaly had. They nodded and went back to business.

Marty jumped down and landed beside Stefano once he was safe.

"Thank-a you!" the sea lion cried, kissing the zebra's cheeks.

"Uh...You're welcome. Try to be more careful, man."

Gia turned her attention back to the lion at her side on the ledge in front of the trapeze. This was the final test to see if the zoo animals were worthy to be circus. While Alex was preparing himself for the swing, Gia grabbed the bar and swung herself out. When she should have grabbed the other bar, she purposely let go and began plummeting to the net.

Only, there was no net. Whoever set up the trapeze forgot to put the net and the jaguar failed to notice. Now, she was plummeting to certain death. Or at least major body harm.

She began to scream. This was not a normal, fake scream such as Stefano had made. The circus animals whipped their heads over to her cry. Vitaly's eyes widened as he watched helplessly as his jaguar friend was falling to the ground. Alex heard the desperation in her voice. He turned around swiftly and grabbed the bar with no hesitation, leaping from the ledge.

Why am I so stupid!, Gia thought, bracing for impact. We have gone too far.

She closed her eyes and waited to feel the solid ground break her fall when she felt herself being cradled in soft, furry arms. She opened her eyes to find Alex staring down at her, his legs secured around the bar. "I got you."

He swung to the other side of the trapeze and landed softly. He placed Gia on the platform and held her up, for her legs were shaking far too much to support even her small amount of weight. She turned around to face her fellow circus animals, still in the hold of Alex and raised her paw in the air.

"They are circus!"

The animals cheered and looked at Gloria, Melman, and Marty within the crowd. The three animals were shocked and touched, but gladly accepted the praise they were receiving. Up on the platform, Alex turned to Gia, still supporting her weight.

"What was all of this about?"

"We needed to be sure you were circus. You are circus," she explained, a smile breaking out on her face. Alex smiled and pulled her into his embrace. She giggled cheerfully and returned the hug.

"Fur-a Power!" Stefano shouted from the crowd, causing everyone to repeat his statement happily.

Alex and Gia also repeated the phrase, her accent shining through immensly in the words. She smiled and kissed Alex on the nose.

"Circus stick together."

It is finally finished! The story has been corrected and read over to make sure there are no mistakes! I added a little of characterized dialogue from how I observed them speaking in the movies. It helps me imagine characters better. I have numerous chapter already thought up, so they will be posted soon, I assure you! I look forward to meeting people, so please do not hesitate to say hello! Ciao!