Hey everyone! Thanks for reading! :) So minor Fluff Alert (of a very very mild sort)! This is more of Vegeta and Bulma, I wanted to experiment with them just a bit and the story seems to be heading in this direction, I just wanted it to be realistic and not ignore the drama that would be there, But i still want it to be funny so I promise the next chapter will be based on the Boys and their shenanigans! amazing word! :)


"Listen well. You will not endanger one of the only things that has brought me happiness." told him, voiced filled with malice. With one last crush against the wall he let his younger self drop to the floor and walked out of the room. Vegeta stared after his elder counterpart and frowned. He was supposed to be strong - a super Saiyan, and yet here he is sprouting nonsense like Kakkarot. Mate with a Human, and out of all of them, he picks the most annoying one! No. He would not.

"What! NO! You have to end up with Vegeta! Otherwise Trunks wont be born!" yelled, she much like Vegeta was panicked by the thought of loosing their son.

"Why! It's my choice, I love Yamcha, and just because you had an obvious mental breakdown and slept with a lunatic does not mean I will. Its sad that he might not be born but maybe my and Yamcha's possible children might not exist because of your choice! I will make my own choice and it wont be Vegeta!" Bulma yelled

M. Bulma stood from the bed she was sitting on beside the angry younger Bulma,

"I will not be with Vegeta, I wont have you decide who I'm going to be with, even if you are me!" She told M Bulma angrily. M. Bulma gave her a hard stare, who knew I was so stubborn! She chastised herself. She knew nothing she could say would change her mind at the moment. But she would be damned if she let herself pass up a great opportunity of a son and a great, okay maybe not great, husband but certainly a man who could make her happy, for Yamcha! Yes she remembered how much she cared for Yamcha, but looking back all it was, was heartache! She thought angrily. Her fear for trunks did take on a strange thought, what if she did have kids with Yamcha? How much good did Trunks do with his strength? He played a lot of important roles! She would make herself see light eventually. For now though she should let herself cool off. Thus M. Bulma stood and turned to leave,

"You need some time to think, seriously think. Don't just put all of what I told you away and do the opposite because your angry. Its childish and you need to grow out of it, it leads to a lot of trouble. I'll sleep in a capsule house on the lawn tonight, I'll see you in the morning we can talk then. And don't mention this to anyone else, especially not Yamcha. Please. This isn't something to take lightly." She saw the angry gleam in Bulmas eye,

"Promise me." M. Bulma said, knowing if she did she would stick to it. Bulma hesitated for a minute.

"Yamcha deserves to know." She replied

"Maybe, but not right now. Not until we talk about this seriously. Now promise me." She persisted. Bulma looked up at her older counterpart and recognized the fear and seriousness in them, this really was a serious matter. Bulma sighed,

"Fine, I promise no one will know of what you told me, at least not yet." Bulma promised reluctantly. M. Bulma nodded and opened the door,

"Good night, see you in the morning."

M. Vegeta felt M. Bulmas Ki separate from the younger and exit toward the back courtyard. Pushing off of the wall he was leaning on he made his way to her. He hadn't had much luck with talking to himself, and judging form the fact she was out here, neither did she. This was not going well.

When he reached the courtyard he saw a capsule house which he knew had not been there before considering they had to fly over the are earlier. Feeling Bulmas Ki inside he ventured in as well.

(A/N since its just the two of them in the house I'm gonna drop the M., I'll resume it again when they leave. )

Bulma turned to see Vegeta enter the small capsule house,

"Did you have any better luck with talking to you?" Bulma asked reluctantly. He shook his head and approached her where she was standing in the mini kitchen leaning on the counter holding a fresh mug of tea.

"Well that makes two of us then, I blew it pretty bad Geta, She said making a face, "you know how bad I was at that age, I was vindictive and stubborn, if you say no then I do it." She sighed.

"At that age? Woman as long as I've known you you've been vindictive and stubborn, and that's yet to change." He told her slyly. She snorted and slapped his chest lightly. Sighing deeply she looked at him seriously.

"What are we gonna do? What if we screwed this timeline up royally? What if we don't get together and Trunks isn't born? Will they defeat the androids and Cell? what about Buu? Trunks and Goten had vital parts!" Vegeta could tell she was starting to panic. In these times when no one was around he allowed some his walls down, even to her she never really saw just him. But he would allow her to see more then anyone ever would. He reached out and took the Mug of tea from her and set it on the counter and pulled her close for a comforting hug. Resting her head under his chin he sighed deeply,

"We still have time, although I think we might have to find a different method to this, we're both stubborn and were just told that our fates were to be followed. Ones that we may not have been comfortable with. Our reactions should have been expected." He told her with surprising insight. Bulma nodded and softened into his embrace. How were they going to fix this mess. Then an idea hit her so hard she jumped form Vegetas arms, surprising him.

"I think i may have our other 'method'!" She told him slyly but with a hint of utter deviousness that he found extremely attractive. He waited for her to continue.

"Well, Think about it, what do we have at the moment that is the perfect tool for everything from deviousness to utter humiliation?" She continued when she saw the twitch of his left eyebrow signaling he didn't know what she was talking about it.

"The one thing that everyone in our time strives to avoid, the thing that brought us here. Although 'Thing' is hardly the right term."

"Enough with the games woman, get on with it. This is serious." Vegeta grumbled.

"The boys." Bulma replied swiftly, and assuredly as if it was the only answer ever needed.

Vegeta took a second to ponder this. Of course Trunks and Goten were trouble alright but could they be orchestrated chaos? Could they use them? and how? Although Vegeta understood where this was going he still looked at her for more answers, did she have a plan already he wondered.

Bulma started pacing around the kitchen thinking the best way to do this, as of right now they were in some serious trouble and Vegeta was right, simply yelling at them and telling them what to do wasn't going to work. They had needed time, not simply a night and a command. They had backtracked the time change farther then their time, they had found out about Trunks later, in this time before he was born. Lets hope theres not another time travel any farther back or this is going to get even crazier!

"Okay, well we have two options, well three really. We could let them be with this and watch as our younger selves purposely avoid everything to do with each other simply out of spite, continue to yell and try and persuade them, or we could let loose the hell hounds and see if they can do any better." She told him. Vegeta considered these, he was on the same page as her now, he knew how bad their younger selves were and any feelings they might have had for each other would be squashed by their pride now. Simply lecturing and yelling would also land on deaf ears. So the third option was to torture themselves. Vegeta sighed.

"Very well woman, the third seems the best. Those little monsters have a strange and excessive luck about them." He returned

"Yep, and with Trunks deviousness and Gotens utter luck and cuteness surely they can manage at least something? I would say just going back in time to fix it but we would only be creating paradox's running into ourselves and get us nowhere." She told him, Vegeta nodded and reached out to grab her again and pull her close to him,

"Your pacing irritates me." He told her as he wrapped an arm around her waist so that both of them were leaning against the counter side by side. He handed her back her tea.

"Well were leaving tomorrow, so maybe we should talk to the brats now." Vegeta stated.

"No, they'll be asleep by n-" Bulma started,

"They're not, their Ki skyrocketed when they heard us yelling and they've been fluctuating since, if they were asleep it would be steady." He told her, she turned to look at him smiling,

"Maybe we should then, that way they can plan and we can say good bye then and let them sleep in tomorrow, plus its not that late anyway." Vegeta simply nodded in response and watched as she sighed dumping her tea down the drain and followed him to the door.

(A/N since its also just the Mirai Group talking I'll keep the M. off, I'll start it next chapter again.)

"Why don't we just go see Gohan!" Trunks asked angrily, ever since he heard his parents yelling he wanted to go and check on them. Gohan shook his head,

"No we cant, they're having important conversations now, important especially to you Trunks, so leave it for tonight. I'll ask in the morning and tell you okay?" Gohan told him patiently. Honestly he kinda wanted to go as well and see if he could help with any of this, but he knew both Vegeta and Bulma and they would seriously need some time to process this and who better then to talk to then yourself?

"But Nii-chan, how do you know?" Goten asked innocently

"Because Goten, I knew that they were worried about their younger selves finding out, and honestly its just their nature to tackle a problem head on. That and the yelling gave it away, I'm just glad none of the other guys were staying otherwise they would start to put more together as well." he told Goten quietly. He had struggling to keep them quiet and in the room ever since they shouts, but everything had quieted down so he hope it went well.

"But if I was there maybe it would make it easier! I mea-" Trunks tried again,

"No! Trunks I know your worried okay? But just relax and go to bed, in the morning we can see whats going on and" He was interrupted by a knock on the door,

"Great, were being so loud they've come to tell us to shut up" He whispered angrily to the boys.

Gohan sat up from the large bed where he and Goten were sitting and made his way to the door opening it slowly while he tried to look as apologetic as possible,

"I'm sorry if we were being loud-" he started before realizing who it was, then he mentally smacked himself for not reading the Ki.

"Looks like your getting rusty brat if you couldn't tell it was us." Vegeta told him condescendingly. Never one to miss an opportunity Gohan thought amused, long used to the treatment.

"Sorry, was pre-occupied with the boys, what is it? Is everything okay?" He asked seriously.

Bulma and Vegeta shared a look,and made their way past Gohan and into the room.

"Mom, Father! What happened?" Trunks started and ran over to stand in front of his parents,

"Everything's fine honey, well we're all fine but I think we need some help." Bulma told him calmly. Gohan shut the door and stood with them.

"Need our help, what is it?" Gohan asked, this didn't sound good. Bulma and especially Vegeta never asked for help!

"Well" Bulma started, "We kinda screwed up with telling ourselves a bit about the future. They apparently didn't like the idea of being married." Gohan nodded understanding, Trunks was angry and sad at this news, and Goten was just confused.

"But Why?" Goten asked innocently, "Don't you love each other?"

Vegeta sighed and looked away,

"That's besides the point kid, our younger selves don't so much as like each other now."

Bulma nodded and crouched down to eye level with Trunks and Goten, she stared at them conspiringly,

"Thats where you guys come in. Now Trunks I know this is weird, but I need to you be strong about it and help us. Goten and Trunks you two." Goten nodded enthusiastically at Bulma. Gohan stared at them,

"What do you need our help with?" he asked. What could they do? And how bad did they screw up the timeline?

Bulma still stared at the younger boys,

"Well, You like pranks right?" Goten and Trunks shared a look, Of course they liked pranks but no one ever wanted them to play them,

"Does this have to do with the pictures of Gohan and Videl?" Trunks asked slightly worried, he didn't know where this was going but he knew that they had yet to receive punishment for it. Gohan groaned and gritted his teeth,

"Don't remind me!"

Bulma chuckled and nodded, "Yes it does. Now me and Vegeta are going away for a day or two to get parts for the time machine. Now we messed up with trying to get our younger selves together, but maybe you can help. We want you to do everything you can to get Vegeta and Bulma alone tomorrow okay? Lock them in closets and rooms, keep Yamcha away and just plain get on their nerves together alright, if they have a focus maybe they wont be so angry with us and each other."

"So we're gonna be scape goats?" Trunks asked his mom curiously, she had never told him to prank before, and herself no less.

"Well, yes actually" Bulma chuckled. Goten and Trunks shared another look and their smiles grew more pronounced,

"We're in!" they chirped together.

"Great!" Bulma smiled and pulled them in for a hug before standing up and turning to Gohan.

"Maybe you can help somehow, you don't mind do you?" She asked, she didn't think so but it was rude not to ask.

"Of course not, I'm more than happy to help. This is Trunks were talking about." Bulma smiled at him and pulled him into a hug as well.

"Thanks Gohan, your always so good to me. So tomorrow babysit them by not babysitting them. We're gonna drop the pretense around our younger selves but not around the others, we don't want them knowing yet. Piccolo does though. Oh," She turned to Vegeta,

"What about your younger self? I got me to promise not to tell but-"

"We don't have to worry about that, the idea alone was startling enough not to mention it, and I wouldn't want to acknowledge it even happened, especially if I decided it wouldn't." Vegeta told her calmly. Bulma nodded and they turned to leave, " We're gonna leave early in the morning so we'll see you in a few days, she hugged them all once again and before she left the room she turned back to the boys,

"So this is officially a free chance to prank; take advantage and do whatever it takes to get us together got it?" She smiled at them when Trunks and Goten stood at attention and saluted her with a 'Sir Yes Sir!' Gohan smiled at them as well and nodded. This was strange but hey, his entire life was, and he wouldn't change it.

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