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Fauna was hesitant as she walked through the crowd of what used to be goblins. The creatures had been twisted over the centuries at Maleficent's will.

And as she approached the dark "fairy's" throne, Fauna made sure her mental shields were secure. It wouldn't do for her old friend to discover Flora's plan to hide the young princess. Fauna just hoped she could talk Maleficent down.

Maleficent smiled as Fauna came to stand in front of her, idly stroking her latest familiar. The raven Diablo was very different from Maleficent's first familiar. "Fauna," Maleficent greeted cheerfully. "What a pleasant surprise. I had thought you'd forgotten where I lived, what with the lack of visit's of late."

Fauna gazed defiantly, an uncharacteristic trait from her now, but one that had been common when they had been younger,at the other woman. The years had certainly been kinder to Maleficent than they had been to her. "You know why I never visit...Harriet."

Maleficent grinned. And with a wave of her hand, she dismissed her minions, who instantly fled, in terror of their mistress' wrath should they not obey. Once they were alone, she spoke, "As a matter of fact, I don't Hermione. Perhaps you could enlighten me. I understand why Ginny and Tracy would never visit, but not you...my oldest friend."

Fauna snorted. "Then maybe you shouldn't have declared yourself 'Mistress of All Evil,"

Maleficent stood. "But I am," she explained. "After we defeated Voldemort, I had no need of a job, no desire to be gawked at. And there were all those...books," she grinned, "...just sitting in the Black Family Library, waiting to be read. I would think you of all people would understand. I learned so much, and I enjoyed it. After the...catastrophe, I found even more, just laying around in the abandoned manors. What else would I be? Especially after I conquered the goblins?"

"What happened to the girl I went to school with?" Fauna asked. "The girl that saved me from a troll, that defeated Voldemort?"

"I changed," Maleficent said, indicating her horns and green skin. "Just like you, Ginny, and Tracy did. Only I wasn't lucky enough to have an appearance that didn't frighten others. All you three got were wings, I got these. People didn't want me around, so I obliged them."

"You could have removed them," Fauna insisted.

"You don't think I've TRIED!" Maleficent boomed. "I was in the ministry when it exploded, at the epicenter of the catastrophe. You were miles away, in Paris on your honeymoon. I don't even know where the other two were, to be far enough away that they gained wings like you." She sneered and sat back down in her throne. "What do want Fauna?" she asked, saying her present name as though it were a taunt.

Fauna looked at the the other witch, and for the first time in centuries realized that her friend, Harriet Lilith Potter, truly was dead. She had been replaced by Maleficent, and would never return.

"I ask that you reconsider your 'gift' to the princess?" Fauna replied, knowing that her request would be denied.

"You are wasting your time," Maleficent told her.

"I know, but I had to try." Fauna turned and began to leave, but not before saying, "Goodbye Maleficent," over her shoulder.

Maleficent walked her old friend walk away, but it wasn't until the good 'fairy' was gone that she spoke, her voice laced with regret.



Hope you enjoyed.

The idea is that something happened, the catastrophe, that sent the world back to the dark ages. But changed a select few, the fairy's.

Maleficent – Harriet Potter/FemHarry

Flora – Ginny Weasley

Fauna – Hermione Weasley 'nee Granger

Merryweather – Tracy Davis

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