Luke trudged through to the end of the dark and mysterious woods while thinking over everything that Eva had told him as she took him to the edge of her story's realm. He had a hard time trying to wrap his logical mind around the thought that he could actually be inside a book of fairy tales. Luke had never even contemplated the idea that magic could be anything other than a thing of make-believe. Now he was forced to rethink his whole stance on the subject. Magic or no magic, however, Luke knew that he had to find his cousins because if he had been pulled into this book then that meant that they had been as well.

Before she had gone her own way, Eva had told him of the other characters that had been in the book longer than she had been. If she was right, he'll find his cousins in one of the stories that she had indicated. Luke hoped that she was right; not only about how to find his cousins but the rumor on how to get out of the book as well.


Bo shook his head when he realized that he had no choice but to climb the enormous beanstalk ahead of him. When he had shown no interest in doing so the woman that claimed to be his mother actually took the broom to him and practically beat him over the head with it until he finally headed up the tree-like plant.

Reaching up to the next branch Bo was convinced that he must have hit his head somehow. That was it, all of this was just some weird dream and he'll be waking up any minute in his room that he shares with his older cousin. He just had to wait this strange dream out.

Looking off to the side, Bo spied a large bean pod and he figured that string beans just might be off of the menu for a while. Still, Bo kept climbing figuring that there was nothing else to do. He couldn't just hang out here on the stalk until he woke up. Could he?

After what seemed like a lifetime he passed what he could only call a thick layer of solid clouds. Yes, solid clouds. Bo figured that it was all just further proof that he was dreaming because everyone knew that you couldn't reach out and grab a hold of an actual cloud. Eventually Bo found himself above the odd clouds where there seemed be a lush cloudscape that resembled a white meadow.

Off in the distance Bo spotted a strange building up among the clouds that resembled a palace in a fairytale. Jumping down from the large beanstalk, Bo landed on the nearest solid cloud while praying that he wouldn't just fall right through. After all, it was a long way back down to the ground. Timidly, Bo took a step and then another. Nope, it didn't look like he was going to fall through. Shrugging, Bo figured that while he was up here he might as well as head toward the distant castle. Maybe who ever lived there could tell him just what was going on.

Hours later, Bo found himself looking up at the large palace in awe. The place was huge. The door alone had to be about a hundred yards in height! Bo felt like a mouse creeping up to the house and suddenly found himself looking over his shoulder for an equally large house cat that could pounce on him easily.

Nervously, Bo tried to figure out just whether or not he should knock on the heavy door. He never made up his mind since the door opened on its own only to reveal that a lovely, if not freakishly large, woman opened the door.

"Jack! I told you that you really shouldn't come back here!"

"Jack? Who's Jack?" Bo asked in surprise since it seemed as if the woman was expecting him.

"Funny," the giant woman laughed as she reached forward and picked Bo up carefully. "But since you are here you might as well as get a little something to eat before you climb back down the beanstalk."

"Wait a minute-"

"Shush. You don't want him to hear."

"Don't want who to hear?"

"My husband, of course. If he catches you here he'll grind your bones into a fine powder. Now, be quiet and I'll make sure you have enough food to last you until you get back home." So the giant's wife gave him bread and milk.

While Bo was eating (still trying to figure out why he hadn't woken up from this odd dream yet) the giant came home. Bo was once more lifted as he would a small kitten and was put up in the cupboard quickly and was shut up inside it just before a large mountain of a man that was even larger than the woman came bursting through the door to the kitchen.

"Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman. Be he alive, or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread!" cried the giant.

"Don't be silly! There is no boy in here!" said his wife.

"I'm not stupid woman! Where is he?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about. I've just been in here cooking your supper and I haven't seen a soul." The giant's wife set about to putting her husband's food on the table while glancing in the direction of where she had hidden her pint-sized visitor.

"The BLOODY HELL you don't! He's been here twice already. First he takes my gold and then he took my hen. Just what does he plan to make away with this time?"

The giant's wife shook her head as she began to steer her husband toward the dining table in an effort to keep him from getting closer to the small cupboard where she had stashed the small hide-a-way in. She knew that the only way to keep the young man safe was to prevent her husband from being able to zero in on his scent.

While the giant ate his dinner Bo leaned up against the cupboard's door and peered through the small crack and watched as the large over-sized man devoured his meal. Bo hung his head while trying to figure out just how he was supposed to get out of the fix that he now found himself in.


Luke fell exhausted to his knees as he jumped off of the giant beanstalk onto the cloudscape. He hoped that he hadn't just spent most of the day coming to the wrong story. He was worried about both of his cousins but for some reason he was more concerned about Bo doing something that would likely get him killed than he was about Daisy. If Eva was right about the stories that they could have been sucked into, just how much trouble could his female cousin get herself into locked away in a castle anyway?

Looking up in the distance, Luke saw the home of the giant that lived up among the clouds. Wishing that he had thought to figure out a way to bring some water with him, Luke wearily headed towards it. By the time Luke reached the large stone structure night fall had fallen all around him. From his vantage point above the clouds the stars seemed close enough to reach out and touch.

Luke took only a moment or two to appreciate the night sky before turning his attention to figuring out how to get into the castle without being noticed. Eventually, Luke spotted an open window and reached the conclusion that the only way in was to scale the wall to reach that opening. So for the second time in one evening he subjected his muscles to the strain of yet another climb.

Once he'd finally reached the window ledge Luke was able to take in the sight of a large kitchen setting. One that looked much like he'd expect to find in a fairytale; just one much larger than a man his own size could even hope to use. Standing on the window seal, Luke felt absolutely tiny. Not something that he was used to since, though he was shorter than Bo, he was over six-feet tall. Shaking his head at the absurdity of the fact that he was now in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk; Luke leapt off of the window's ledge and landed on a counter in the kitchen. Beside him was a large mixing bowl that had been set out to dry next to the sink.

Luke took a good look around himself before he ventured further away from the bowl and tried to decide just how he was supposed to find his cousin in the huge castle. After straining his ears to try to catch any stray sound, Luke began to quietly call out for his cousin in hushed tones.

He leapt off of the counter as he continued to call for Bo. Uncertain just where he could find his cousin, Luke crept along the wall while keeping an eye out for any sign of his blond cousin. As he made his trek from one end of the kitchen to the other, Luke passed dust bunnies nearly as big as a small dog and even some that would have come up to his waist. He figured that if Daisy or Uncle Jesse had seen the dust it would have sent both of them into orbit. The thought of anyone having such shoddy housekeeping skills wouldn't have set well with either of them.

Nearing the end of the room, Luke looked up at an immense set of cupboards with gigantic sets of china cups being displayed in the large glass panes that were set in the doors. He swore that The General could have fit in one of those blasted cups, they were so huge. Yet one more oddity that this unusual place had to offer.

Getting to the corner, Luke called out one more time for his cousin before he felt the ground begin to shake beneath his feet. Reaching out to steady himself by holding onto the wall, he began to search for any place that he could use to hide since the vibration in the floor could only mean one thing; the giant was on the move and heading his way. Looking around, the only thing that he could find that could hide him was the large over-sized broom so he dove into the bristles that reminded him of trying to get through the corn field while at its peak.

Sneaking a glance out into the room just beyond the large household cleaning tool, Luke spied a man so large that he got a crick in his neck as he tried to take his full height in. He wondered if this was how David felt when he met Goliath. At about right now, he'd give anything for a good slingshot.

"Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman. Be he alive, or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread!"

Luke swallowed hard as he slipped back further into the bristles of the broom while wondering where his cousin was at.

"I know that shrimp of a man is here, I don't care what my wife says. I'm not leaving out of here until I've found him," the giant said with a slight sulk. He then took a big sniff and began to turn his head as he sampled the air around him just as a hunting dog would while getting a scent for its quarry. "You might as well as come on out, I can smell you."

Luke swallowed hard as he slipped back further into the bristles of the broom while wondering where his cousin was at.

"I know that shrimp of a man is here, I don't care what my wife says. I'm not leaving out of here until I've found him," the giant said with a slight sulk. He then took a big sniff and began to turn his head as he sampled the air around him just as a hunting dog would while getting a scent for its quarry. "You might as well as come on out, I can smell you."

Luke watched as the giant stalked around the room as he continued to sniff the air about him. The closer the over-sized man got to him the more that he could hear his heart in his chest. With nowhere to go, Luke was caught between the choice of watching and waiting or making a run for it and praying that he could somehow slip past the angry man. Neither option really appealed to him since both were a certain death.

The giant stomped about the room, causing the ground to shake, and slowly made his way toward the oldest Duke Cousin. Luke held on tight to the bristles of the broom as the giant picked it up while looking for the man that he knew was in the area, even if he didn't know where he was exactly. Luke was sure that he was going to fall as the broom was swung wild as the man turned first one way than another while holding the broom. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that a large over-sized glass was suddenly knocked over in the china cabinet, causing the giant to toss down the broom in his haste to see to the fallen crystal, Luke was sure that he'd lose his hold onto his hiding place.

The giant looked the cabinet over searching for the cause of the sudden crash of the glassware but found none. Meanwhile, Luke had slipped away from the broom and had found a place to hide in a crack of the wall. After several moments of fruitless searching, the giant finally left the room since it was time to tend to his livestock while muttering that he'd just have to return and tear the whole place apart if need be until he found the intruder that he just knew was in his kitchen.

Moments after the giant left, Luke was still catching his breath from his close call as he swore that he heard his name from overhead.

"Bo?" Luke poked his head out of the crack that he'd been hiding in and looked up to see Bo waving at him from the top shelf of the china cabinet. "Bo! What are you doin' up there?"

Bo glanced around and started his decent down the various shelves of the cabinet behind the glassed in front until he finally made it to the lowest level before slipping out from behind the door. When he finally made it to the floor, his cousin was there waiting for him while keeping one ear out for the giant. Luke knew that the blond was bound to have a lot of questions about where they were and how they got here but for now he hoped that he could get him heading toward the beanstalk before their company returned. They'd have plenty of time to discuss their predicament while they were making there way back down to solid ground.

"Boy, Luke, you have no idea just how glad I am to see you here. I thought that I was going out of my mind-"

"Bo, you ain't crazy, and yes you really are in the story Jack and the Beanstalk. For right now, just don't ask no questions and lets get out of here. I don't want to still be here when Goliath gets back."

Bo gave his cousin a questioning look but didn't have much choice but to follow him as Luke headed off toward the hallway of the castle. Luke didn't see how the two of them were going to be able to climb back up to the counter and then the window before the giant returned so he figured that they'd just have to find some other way to get out of the gargantuan home.

"Luke!" Bo ran to catch up to his cousin, the only person in this place that seemed real to him at all, and turned him to face him while he had to ask, "What do you mean that we're in a fairytale? This has got to just be some weird dream and we just have to figure out how to wake up, right?"

"Bo, I know that it seems impossible, I'm not exactly sure how to explain it to you since I'm still trying to figure it out myself. But like I said, we need to get out of here before your friend gets ba-" Luke was cut off by the vibration of floor that signaled the approach of one of the two inhabitants of the castle in the sky. "Oh no."

Bo joined his cousin's groan before the two took off at full speed down the cavernous hall. He hoped that perhaps it was the giant's wife, figuring that since she seemed so taken with Jack thus willing to help them if nothing else. No such luck.

"Fee-fi-fo-fum, I see two Englishmen! Though you're alive, you'll soon be dead and I'll grind your bones to make my bread!"

"Great!" Bo sprinted faster as he and his cousin did their best to keep their footing with the ground still shaking beneath them. "Any idea how we're supposed to get out of this?"

"It's been a while since I've read the story," Luke said through gritted teeth. "Let's just get to the beanstalk and hope he doesn't follow us."

Luke knew that it was a slim chance but it was all he and his cousin had at the moment. After running to avoid the giant's grasp several times, the Duke Cousins finally made it to the front door and luckily for them, there was just enough room in the doorframe for them to slip in and slide out to the other side before the giant ever reached the door.

Panting from the exertion, Bo glanced back just as the giant busted through the door. "I don't think that we're goin' to be able to stay ahead of him for very long, Lukas!"

"We'll have to split up! Just keep heading toward the beanstalk! And try to stay hidden in these clouds. As this as they are, hopefully he won't be able to see us very well out here!"

Bo nodded as he veered to the right slightly as his cousin did the same to the left. The giant continued to run in the direction of the beanstalk but came up short when he could no longer see either of his prey.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are. You can only hide but for so long! After all, I know where you're heading," the giant called.

Bo kept running toward the beanstalk and hoped that he and his cousin got there before the other man did. If they didn't, he didn't know how they were going to get out of their current predicament. Of course even if they did, he and Luke were still going to have to climb down the stalk before they could even think of being safe from the giant's wrath. Right frankly, he was already exhausted from his climb up the stalk, then his climb down the china cabinet, and they from the chase with the giant. He wasn't sure just how much more he could take.

Once the stalk was in sight, Bo somehow was able to find more speed and raced toward it and got to it just as his cousin did. In tandem, the two jumped onto the stalk and began their hurried decent as the giant cried out his frustration at his quarry getting away. He was quick to follow the smaller men onto the stalk but found that the stems branching out from the main stalk wouldn't support his large size. The stems collapsed under his feet while the branches slipped through is hands as he slid down the stalk as if it was as slick as a fireman's pole.

As the giant slid past them, both Bo and Luke nearly lost their own grip on the plant as they held on for dear life. It was only once they heard the giant's scream come to an abrupt stop that they realized that he hadn't made it to the bottom of the stalk safely. As the two made their way down the stalk in a slightly more sedate manner than they would have had they still had the giant chasing them, Luke did his best to explain what Eva had told him about the sorcerer as well as the magical book that they now found themselves in. The whole time, Bo gave him a look that clearly told him that he thought that his cousin was suffering from some sort of weird delusion. But then he decided that if Luke was then he must be as well. After all, wasn't he climbing down the same over-sized beanstalk that defied normal human reasoning?

Once Bo's feet finally touched the ground, he couldn't help but sigh at the knowledge that he was once more on solid ground. That sigh was cut short as he noticed that the woman who had claimed to be his mother was rushing up to meet him. And of course, she still had that blasted broom that she'd nearly beat him to death with before he'd gone up the blasted stalk in the first place.

"Jack, you're back. But where is the goose?"