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Chapter One:

Coffee, Reapings And Promises

I can't hide my enthusiasm- though on a day like this I don't think it's that bad. Everybody's probably excited. Even though I'm kilometres and kilometres away from The Capitol; I think I had put a little too much sugar in my Coffee.

My mother used to hate coffee a lot. Being sweet and old-fashioned: she confuses me- because she absolutely adores the new trends of leather heels (which I ordered a pair of about two weeks ago; I decided it'd be good for going out at night because the heels have those almost laser glowing effect). But my mum also hates some other things that she's not been accustomed to for a while: like Coffee or big thick, tiger-like hair. Which is also odd- because she likes the new colours made and released only a few days ago.

Mum tried to adapt to coffee, but it's just something she plain doesn't like. She prefers tea. Which is fine. I used to like tea- green tea with a small spoonful of milk. But then... I started using coffee in hope to keep me awake. This was a year ago. Life wasn't so splendid... But then was then and this is now. And now I've grown obsessed with coffee and I need to go to the toilet because only an hour ago I've had two coffees both filled with sugar. I wish I could go to the toilet- I want to check my makeup, my hair...

I think I'm okay. I think this is the most perfect outfit. And I'm up in just...


It's brilliant. It's amazing: the adrenaline through my body as I'm ready to announce the tributes. I dont think anything can ruin this moment: not even if i step in poop.

My worries of stepping into poop vanish, because I'm standing in the middle of the stage. The attention on me and I'm talking to a silent, anticipating audience.

And then he appears. I might've liked him- I'm pretty okay at liking people. He looked like an okay guy with not too bad looks as he stumbles onto the stage. And then I see the look on his face and it's completely obvious he's drunk.

It's absurd! I've never been drunk in my life! It's rude and distasteful. Besides, I don't understand why Haymitch Abernathy would need to get drunk. He should be more thrilled than I am- was- now! He's had not only the privilege to enter the Hunger Games; but the honour to win them! He has the chance to celebrate that... And a new select of tributes of these games... now! It's so disgusting: I can only pinpoint it that he wants to seem cool. I can't even-

I stare at the male as he stumbles, stops and then vomits. I'm frozen to the spot, amazed at how something so amazing can be ruined like this. And I worry about his shiny hair. I hope it doesn't get vomit on it-

The thought doesn't even seem to pass Haymitch's mind as he stands almost straight again and walks towards me. I don't know what to do, but when his hands reach around me in an half hearted hug, I gasp. He doesn't seem to register my reaction as he stumbles the opposite direction, pauses and then suddenly falls over the stage. Nobody seems to even care. Some laugh. A nervous laugh. I wander why- it's not like he landed on anybody. Why would anybody be nervous?

And then it hit me. Their nervous because this honorable event has been tainted by this drunken moron. Their just as upset as me; and that's even more upsetting! Our crowd should be joyful!

I remain calm. This man doesn't understand. It's okay, I remind myself. I'll just have to talk to him privately- and there'll be plenty of time for that on the train!

Rewatching Haymitch fall off the stage again, on TV, was hard. I couldn't help but say, "Your mentor has a lot to learn about presentation. A lot about televised behaviour."

What I hadn't expected; happened again- Peeta Mellark started laughing from the dinner table on the train. "He was drunk," He says to me- as if I didn't realise. "He's drunk every year."

"Every day," Katniss Everdeen added.

It suddenly hit me that these two tributes have no idea who they are: tributes. They don't seem to understand. I'm going to have to teach almost everybody on this train: Peeta, Katniss and Haymitch! "Yes," I hiss. "How odd you two find it amusing. You know your mentor is your lifeline to the world in these Games. The one who advises you, lines up your sponsors, and dictates the presentation of your gifts. Haymitch will be the difference between your life and your death-"

"I miss super?"

Everybody looks up- Haymitch himself has staggered into the compartment. Before I could say, do or hope anything, he vomits over the carpet. The expensive carpet.

I feel like throwing my arms up in the air- this is insane. I'm the only sane person on this train! How am I ever going to change Haymitch? Somehow I hope it'll work. I think maybe soon it could- Haymitch might need change. He might even want change- who likes to vomit themselves every day? Drown themselves into something that's killing them, in a situation like this- where he could help these tributes? Nonetheless, I leave the dinner table, and carefully walked around Haymitch and his vomit.

Both Katniss and Peeta are with their style team- getting improved. I hunt around- desperate to look for Haymitch. I'm beyond hoping that he'll be okay, maybe even a little happier than he normally is, when I find him. That's why, when I eventually found in a hallway, my hopes busted and I felt like crying.

Haymitch isn't drunk- which seemingly isn't normal for him. Maybe he's fighting a hangover. Maybe he's trying; maybe he's trying to keep his deal with the tributes- control his drinking. But how am I not to know that he was walking down this hallway just to grab a bottle?

"Hello there, Effie!" He says, and I think it's in mock excitement.

I don't know how to react to it, so I say, "Haymitch, will you do me something?"

"Oh, yes, and what can I do for you as well?" He says, like he expected me to say that.

I shift on my feet, feeling his eyes burning through me. His nice eyes. He drinks so much- maybe the liquid can change your eyes, because his eyes are irresistibly shiny and it looks abnormal. Of course I know that is impossible, but it's a metaphor I couldn't help thinking of. His eyes are gorgeous- but of course, everybody's eyes look gorgeous. It's all so unique-

"Would you mind hurrying your voice box, Effie?" Haymitch says.

"You frustrate me so much!" I suddenly snap. "What is wrong with you? These are children! Why can't you behave as well as they are?"

Haymitch stops. He pauses. He stares at me. I catch my breath. And then, he says, "For God's sake, lady! Open your bloody mind- they are nice, naturally, and their about to be shoved into hell. They are probably shell-shocked. I'm not about to act like a moron and tell them they'll win and they'll be okay. Cause they won't. And they definitely won't win if they survive the games, alright? Get off my case. Maybe you'll understand one day. Until then, I'll count my drinks."

He pauses again, and I'm trying to wrap my mind around what he's saying. "Oh wait. Of course, until after. Because I'm such a gentle-man, I have to wait; because I need to be sober to see my tributes die again." He motioned to move, saying, "Excuse me."

My mind still spinning with thoughts, I turn around to face him and snap, "Haymitch! You fool- you don't understand- They have a chance, a better one if you'd-"

"Do yourself a favour, Effie, cause your going to regret it one day, not doing so. Think of this; if you were put into the arena, faced to kill people you knew, and you won... Would your polite brain still wrap itself about a mind and think; 'Wait... I need manners.' Come off it, Effie. No... Because you'll never think of manners after you kill. It doesn't work. So get off my case or go into an arena yourself, cause that would be something to see- You volunteering for a tribute."

And he walks away, laughing.

I'm speechless.

I think to myself- he definitely wasn't drunk then; was he?

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