I really think that poor Hatori got a raw deal. So many people give him grief because of his character being turned into a rapist; which wasn't in the manga in any way. Because of that issue (which rape seems to be a common place occurrence in many BL mangas) he tends to be looked down on. So I thought he needed some fluffy stories to bring out his loving nature (I mean, really, who spends 28 long years being in love with someone, offering to take care of them, and actually taking care of that person without being an absolute saint?). These one-shots will not be regular, but whenever my muse hits.



Moments Like These

Strangely enough it felt as if his cheek was damp from crying or the like. That didn't really make any sense though as he couldn't remember crying. So why was his cheek damp and better yet, why was it damp when the man was supposed to be asleep.

Hatori's eyes opened lazily and he fought the urge to curl up and fall back asleep, especially since it was his one day off in what seemed like ten years. It would have been nice to let slumber overtake the senses again, but there was still the mystery of why his face was wet. Even in a hazy state the editor was still coherent enough to let curiosity overcome the desire to fall back into dreamland.

Strength was slowly coming back to his person, so he was able to move slightly and that was when he felt the dead weight next to him. Hatori rolled over and came face to face with Chiaki and knew exactly why his face was wet. The two must have been facing each other while in the deep recesses of sleep. During said sleep the smaller man had apparently drooled and thus the wet pillow and Hatori's wet cheek.

Most people would have been slightly disgusted with waking up to find themselves having slept on someone else's drool. Not Hatori. He rather ignored that little bit of information since it was Chiaki and it really didn't matter what he did because Hatori would love him till the day he died. It wasn't as if the two hadn't exchanged saliva before, so sleeping with it was no big deal anyway.

Hatori didn't want to wake his partner since the peaceful look on the man's face brought a smile to his own. How beautiful those eyelashes were as they lay against Chiaki's skin, eyes darting back and forth under the eyelid. No matter what, he'd always thank fate that he and Chiaki were tied together. The bond between the two transcended more than just lovers or partners, they were able to add friends to that list which turned the covalent bond between the two into a double covalent bond. As Hatori saw it, they were bound together for the rest of existence and that was just fine by him.

"Ha…," Chiaki mumbled in his sleep, causing his lover to look at him with wide eyes. "…tori."

An even bigger smile (which wasn't really all that big anyway) spread across the man's face when he realized he must have been the subject of the dream. Many a night had been spent dreaming of Chiaki, even before the two had become a couple or consummated their love. Hatori could vividly recall some of the dreams he'd had in high school that ended up with him plastering the sheets with a nice sticky substance. No one would ever find out that he had become so good at laundry in order to keep his mother from finding out that he'd spurted a load onto his clothes, sheets, and blanket.

"Love…," Chiaki continued mumbling, drawing Hatori from his present thoughts of embarrassing high school boners. "Ha…tori."

"I love you too, Yoshino." Hatori whispered as he kissed Chiaki's nose and pulled the man closer to him.

Drool be damned if it was going to come between a moment when Hatori could pull his lover closer to him without being pushed away in embarrassment. He smiled in wonder as he felt Chiaki settle down and grip his pajama top like a baby grips a finger. Moments like these reminded him of why he loved the man as he did.


"You spend too much time doing laundry, Tori. We should go out and do something, it's so nice." Chiaki complained as Hatori finished hanging his now clean and drool free pillow case on the drying rack.

"I had to clean up your little mess Yoshino. Drool leaves a nice white, chalky residue on my otherwise clean pillow cases." He responded evenly.

"I do not drool!" Chiaki sputtered, completely scandalized. "How do you know it wasn't you?"

Hatori sighed; sometimes it really was just like being in love with a child. Then again, other times it was definitely like being in love with a man, especially when it involved certain bedroom antics that shall remain undisclosed for the time being. Either way, he loved all that was Chiaki, so he took what he could.

The editor walked over toward his lover and placed a finger on the corner of the other man's lips, right where the lower and upper lips connected. He ran the soft pad of his fingertip over that spot and felt a slight shiver come from Chiaki's body. Any sort of physical contact between the two usually ended with the younger shivering. This reaction to his touch pleased Hatori more than he would ever let on.

"Because, Yoshino," he deadpanned. "You still have a crusty drool mark that runs from here to here." He indicated the line of dried drool on the other man's face.

Chiaki batted the hand, which had become an offending article, away from his face and scowled. "You are not nice, Tori." He huffed in indignation.

Hatori patted Chiaki's head and used a napkin dipped in water to clean the mark off his lover's face. "I love you, Yoshino."

The other man nodded slightly and allowed Hatori to cup his face and place a gentle kiss on his forehead. Another kiss was added to the smaller man's nose, followed by a much longer one on the newly cleaned lips. Chiaki groaned into the kiss and opened his mouth. Hatori took the invitation and deepened the kiss.

Mornings like these were common place when it came to the editor's life. As long as he could wake up with Chiaki in his arms and kiss the person he loved every morning, there was nothing else he could desire. Love had bound the two together, and no amount of drool was going to come between them.