I was asked by Silvershadow123 to show how Hatori knew he was in love. Let me tell you; that was hard. So I came up with this little bit of fun.

Thank you so much for everyone who reads and comments on this series. I have put it as complete, but I may add more at I see fit. Cheers, mates!


Together Forever


One of the first words Hatori Yoshiyuki claimed to know and like was the color blue. From the moment he'd set eyes on the blue eyes of Yoshino Chiaki, he knew he was in love, even if he didn't know what the word meant. He was just a baby, after all, but for as long as he could remember he loved the color blue.


Hatori hated that word. His mother and Chiaki's mother were always saying it to the two of them, but when Chiaki had started crawling, he had always crawled away from Hatori. Yes, he hated the word crawl because it took the one with the blue eyes away and he didn't like when Chiaki went away.


Yoshiyuki loved Chiaki's smile. It was always followed by a giggle, which made his tiny heart beat faster in his chest. He didn't know why he loved the Chiaki's smile, but it always made his blue eyes shine brightly. And when those blue eyes shone, he felt something in his body that made him want to crawl after the other.


Hatori started walking before Chiaki. Now the other couldn't crawl away because Hatori would follow those blue eyes all around the house. Whenever he walked after the crawling one, he could hear Chiaki laugh and eventually see the smile that permeated the other's face. Still, Hatori didn't know what he felt when he was with the blue-eyed, smiling boy.


Hatori despised the playpen. After he'd learned how to walk, his mother had seen fit to put him in a playpen so he'd not try to go up the stairs. The blue-eyed Chiaki had learned how to crawl out of the playpen, which meant he was left in there by himself. Chiaki would smile and giggle while crawling away, yet again. Just out of reach.


That was what they were, friends. He'd heard his mom and Chiaki's mom say the word friends. His blue-eyed, smiling, smiling friend, who had finally given up crawling to walk had shown him how to escape the playpen. Now they could walk around together without being separated.


Hatori always let Chiaki hold his hand when they walked because Chiaki would stumble at times. Each time he stumbled his blue eyes would widen and he'd smile as Hatori, not too good on his own feet yet, would help him back up. Friends didn't help you crawl or out of the playpen. Friends helped you walk, hand-in-hand. Yoshiyuki liked Chiaki's hands.


He didn't know what that red line was that connected him to his blue-eyed friend. It appeared not long after he'd started holding Chiaki's hand while they walked around the house in order to avoid the playpen. Sometimes when they wanted to hide they'd crawl, always Yoshino first and he second, but he could still see that red line that connected them together. He wondered if the smiling Chiaki could see the red line, too.


Hatori Yoshiyuki was in love. He finally had a word that fit why he was infatuated with the blue-eyed, smiling Chiaki, who had a red line that attached the two of them emanating from his body. Whenever they were together, holding hands, walking, crawling, or stuck in a new playpen, he wanted to keep his friend around. He was in love with Chiaki and nothing was ever going to change that, not even age. They would be together forever, no matter what anyone else said. So he just held the other's hand tighter and smile as the red line grew darker.