I'm warning you now, this is going to be terrible don't shoot me. This is a rant from Demy to Bomba.

Disclaimer: If I did own Cats (which I don't) there would be a lot more Dem and Munk!

Bombalaurina! Why are you so in love with Tugger? Why is anybody? You're better than that oh wait...your not together anymore? Figures, you were always a flirt like that, maybe you never loved him in the first place. Maybe this was just a faze like she was. I still can't get that image out of my head!

Wait now you guys are back together? Facepaw! Why couldn't you chose someone nice and respectable…like Munkustrap. He's nice and kind and funny and sweet...Wait, are you serious? He likes me? Oh my Everlasting cat! How long has this been going on? Really? Oh there he is, how does my hair look? Hi Munk! Oh crap I blew it didn't I?

Why did I ever leave Macavity? Oh now I remember, because night after night of agonizingly painful…Never mind me I'm just going to have a panic attack now...What if I end up like Grizabella? I'll be a social outcast, and everyone will hate me, except Jem and Vicky, but no one ever listens to bunch of kits.

Oh crap they heard that didn't they? Now i'll have no one to invite me back into the Jellicle tribe when I am forced out by my peers...What a crazy world we live in huh? Bomba...Bomba? Wake up!

Okay, like I said that really really bad. But it now its over so please leave a review, I don't care if its a smile face, I just need something in my inbox, its like crack to me. Please give me thi