This is my second story. My original story is Harry Potter the One Who Can Change Everything. I've been in a kind of stump lately and hadn't found the time to write my next chapter for it. So for inspirations sake, I decided that I'd begin writing this story as well. I am an avid fan of avatar. I love the series and think it's awesome. I'm also still a beginner, so I'd appreciate it if you don't criticize me too bad.

Hope you like it and remember none of these character and settings are mine. Please review.

It has been 3 weeks since that time. Three weeks since both him and Appa had woken up from his hundred years of slumber. Three weeks since he had gone to verify if his people were truly gone and because of the avatar state, nearly destroyed the entire southern air temple. Three weeks since he realized that he could have stopped this and it was all of his fault. Now for the past three weeks, all he did was mourn. That is until the person who found him from what remained of the glacier, the person to whom he owed a great deal to for having sheltered and protected him ever since he had awakened from his slumber, spoke some sense into him. That person was Ursa, the Fire lord's banished wife. She not only convinced him to stop on dwelling on the past, but that he was still alive, and that no matter what horrible event may have happened, that there would always be hope. In summary, there was a reason why he survived and being the avatar only reinforced the notion. That is where she began informing him of everything regarding not only of her past, but of what she knew of the fire nation. She also began teaching him how to firebend. She also taught him various ways that he could improve his stealth and the importance of staying hidden. Within a month of constant drilling, schooling, practicing, and fire bending, he felt that he was ready to leave the small little island. He now felt confident in the possibility of encountering someone from the fire nation. His lessons in stealth led him to decide to change into a more un-airbending attire. With the help of Ursa, he chose to wear an outfit similar to his original one. Except not only was it a mixture of both grey and black, it also had longer sleeves and a hoody to cover his collar. He figured the coloring along with his airbending tattoos was the most distinct thing people would notice if they were aware of his confirmed existence. Normally he would be against this, but after seeing that his people were slaughtered due to his inability to accept being the avatar, along with Ursa's advice and teachings, he knew that it was best to do things this way. He also felt ashamed of being discovered and truly confronting the fact that his failures caused more than just the destruction of his people. From what Ursa's told him, he was well aware of the suffering of the other nations. So for now, one of his top goals was to find teachers for both earth and water and to help out whenever he could. Before leaving the island, Ursa decided to give him a few more parting words.

"Aang?" Ursa said. "What is it Ursa?" He asked curious. "Promise me you'll try to stay safe and that if you can, please save my children." She spoke with the care that only a mother would be capable of. He smiled, truly grateful for everything, she had done for him. He would ensure that he would at least try his hardest to save her children, by opening their eyes to the truth. He walked up to her and hugged her with all the emotion he could muster. He whispered to her "Of course Ursa, I owe you so much for everything you have done for me. I promise I'll try to save both Zuko and Azula. It's the least I can do for your willingness to help me" He finished. He heard her sob. "Thank you Aang, that's all I ask" she spoke with a sob. "Oh and when I come back for you when this is all said and done. You better have a boyfriend by then, because it's a crime to be so beautiful and waste it being unattached." He said playfully. She blushed at his comment, and a watery chuckle managed to escape her lips. She decided to play along. "What if I choose to stay single? What do you plan to do about it?" She said. He froze momentarily, not having expected that type of response. Then confidently while slightly blushing he said. "Then when I come back, I'll just have to take you out on a date!"

Completely thrown off by the comment, she blushed after realizing he was serious about the proposal. After an uncomfortable silence passed by, Aang decided to break the awkward moment. "Um… Ursa sorry, I shouldn't have said that. It's just you're really pretty despite your age, and I don't really care about that regardless. I just want the person who saved me to be happy and I…." he wasn't able to finish when a finger was pressed to his lips to shut him up. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she eventually spoke. "Aang, I'm really flattered that you'd seriously ask me that but I'd have to decline." Noticing that he was about to interrupt, she continued on before he could say his part. "Look Aang, you're a young boy despite being the avatar, you're still 12. You have your life ahead of you. I'm flattered that you'd consider me as someone to spend the rest of your life with. I truly am, but I'm not the one for you. You deserve better, and I promise you that the girl you are looking for is somewhere out there. Also don't worry about me; I can take care of myself. I haven't been the Fire Lord's banished wife for nothing. "She stated calmly. She noticed that his grip around her became tighter. "Ursa, I promise you that you are wrong about me not being happy you. Though I do understand where you're coming from. I swear that if you don't have someone to love by the time I come back. Either I will find someone worthy of you, or I will just have to find a young girl for myself and make sure that your life will be filled with many nieces and nephews. "He told her emotionally. They both pulled back from the hug, and she kissed him on his forehead. "Good luck, young avatar and I will hold you to that promise." Ursa said, she too emotional. After some time, they both released each other from their hold. Aang slowly turning around and then airbending himself on Appa.; Once he ensured he had everything, he turned around and waved goodbye to Ursa. After she was done waving, he called out to Appa. "Yip, Yip". He then flew off towards the earth kingdom.