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After hours of continuous flying, Aang began thinking back to the simpler times when he wasn't aware of being the avatar. Back then, it was just him, Appa, monk Gyatso and all the other fellow air nomads. He remembered the excitement of creating the air- scooter, the simple fun of playing Pai Sho with his favorite mentor/father figure, as well as the easy going fun he had of befriending people all over the world. Though now all of that was gone. Not only was he the last of his people, but he had to face a war against the fire nation that had been continuing for the last century. Don't forget that he had to be a fully realized avatar and that required that he had to master the four elements. Add to that, it was also his sole responsibility to father children to ensure the revival of his people. There was a lot of pressure that he was currently feeling. He sighed; trying not to let his negative thoughts affect him too much.

Remembering of Ursa's encouragements, as well as advice that held years of wisdom behind it; he thought of all the positives things that had happened to him in his life so far. One thing that will always influence him was the times he spent with monk Gyatso. To him, the times he spent with his mentor, as well as all the teachings and principles he had learned from him, was worth more to him than even all the riches in the world. He was the most influencing and important person that Aang had ever had in his life. Then there was Appa, his animal guide, and closest friend. They have known each other since Aang's earlier childhood. The bond they share is simply irreplaceable and he was glad that he still had him as a connection to his people. There were also his friends that had lived almost a century ago. He was certain that most of them had already gone on to the afterlife and he will certainly miss them.

Though when he considered what person to him was the most or at least the second most important in his life as of right now was. The person who helped him cope with all of the pain of knowing you're the last of your people. That it was his duty and responsibility as the avatar to bring balance to the world. Then it was Ursa. She was there when he needed somebody the most. She was to him, a teacher, a mentor, a mother, a sister, a best-friend, and so much more. She had told him everything there was to know about her life. He knew that her great-grandfather was avatar Roku, the avatar before him. He found out the hardships she had of being married to Ozai, and the reasons to her banishment. He also knew of the utmost love she held for her children.

That was why, when it was time for her to teach him firebending as well as anything else she felt important to teach him. He was very focused and determined to learn everything he could. By the end of the month, he had memorized at least a large portion of Fire nation History, was at best above average in firebending, quite adept at stealth, and was decent with a dagger. He knew that aside from both earth and water, he still needed to improve in his firebending, but he decided he should follow learning the cycles properly. Since he was born into the Airbending cycle first, then he had to master water, then earth, than afterwards fire. At least he was quite adept at manipulating fire now. Though Ursa had warned him the dangers of controlling fire and he knew that her warnings should never go unheeded. That was why he felt it more appropriate if he followed learning bending in order of the elemental cycles, before depending on his firebending.

Snapping out of his thoughts, he noticed that land was beginning to appear in the distance. As the land seemed to get bigger and clearer as he got closer. He discovered that he was somewhere in the Earth Kingdom, though it looked to be currently held by the fire nation. Seeing as it was nearing night time and that the city's lights were slowly beginning to light up. He grabbed Appa's reins and directed them to a vacant looking beach area southeast of the city. The beach stretched out for miles on end. From a particular cliff side he noticed that there was a cave over in the direction further south. So he steered Appa carefully over to that part of the beach. After landing, Aang airbended himself onto the sand. Looking around, he noticed that the beach was empty, so it was safe at least for now to move forward. "Come on buddy" Aang said to Appa. "Let's see if we can stay at that cave" he spoke to his bison. Hearing a small grunt of agreement from Appa, he began walking towards the cave with Appa behind him.

As they entered, Aang noticed that the cavern was pretty deep. It seemed to range around 16 feet in height and around 19 feet in width. Aside from being quite roomy, he noticed that a part of the cavern actually had a deeper looking entrance that went further into an unknown path. Deciding he'd go and check that out at a later time. He began setting up there camp for the night. After removing Appa's saddle, he began looking through one of his packs Ursa had given him. He found that he had some fruits and vegetables in his pack. He for a brief moment wondered what he should prepare. From Ursa he learned a few recipes he had become quite good at preparing. One of his favorites was recipe for a vegetable stew, but first he needed some fire wood, and some fresh water to start cooking. "Appa, I'll just be going out to get some fire wood and some other ingredients. Just stay here and wait for me okay. I'll be back soon. " Aang called out to his bison. Hearing a grunt in return, he set out into the nearby forest after taking an empty pack and canteen with him.

Pulling his hood over his head, he cautiously walked into the forest. Every so often he'd find a fallen branch or twig, and after breaking it to a more manageable size, he'd then put it into his pack. As what felt like an hour past, of him going through the forest searching for wood and a possible a fresh water source. He heard a twig snap in the distance. Silently airbending himself up into the tree tops, he looked towards the approaching light headed towards the area he was standing on earlier. As the sounds of footsteps seemed to get closer, he noticed that there was actually a group of people, and all of them were of the fire nation. Looking closer, they seemed to be carrying something, a cage of some sort. After having squinted his eyes, trying to find out what they were holding in there.

He was somewhat surprised, when he found out that it wasn't an animal they were carrying, but a human girl. She seemed to be around fourteen, and as he looked closer, seemed to be glaring at all the fire nation soldiers all around her. "Why don't you quit your glaring girly? Nothing's going to help you from escaping." He said. Another one looked at her and sneered. "Serves you right you sandbending brat. You'd think after a decade of having occupied this earth kingdom city, people like you would just stop creating a ruckus for us of the fire nation. But no, people like you have to steal food, clothing, and other stuff from us and at other times, you type of scum even have the nerve to resist arrest." He said angrily. All she did in response to his outburst was give him a cold glare. "Give it a rest Zun" A different soldier said. "She may have escaped arrest various other times, but this will be certainly her last" He finished. They all quieted down after that, and continued on with their walking further into the forest. Meanwhile, Aang looked at the situation with interest. He was considering whether to save her, or leave her. Apparently she was a thief, but then again they were the fire nation.

Looking closer at her, he noticed how dirty and malnourished she looked. Wasn't his job of being the avatar, to protect people? Even if she was a thief, she probably wouldn't be in that situation if only he stopped the fire nation 100 years ago. She probably doesn't even have a family, he thought. He sighed; he decided saving her was probably the best course of action. Taking a cloth mask from his bag, he tied it over his mouth area, while leaving the eyes exposed. Then after pulling his hood over his eyes, he decided to act.

The five fire nation troops were too busy focusing on transferring the prisoner to discover that Aang was closely following them. When they finally decided to take a rest, and lay the cage down. That was when he decided to attack. "Hey Goazeng! What's there to eat around he…."He couldn't finish as he was knocked out unconscious. The others were quickly alerted to the sound of their comrade following to the ground. They all immediately went on the defensive. Aang smirked as he stealthily disappeared back into the trees. He waited for two minutes just to keep them on edge. Then he airbended the bushes behind them, so that they'd avert their gaze away from his direction. As soon as they turned around in search of their enemy. Aang used airbending to propel himself towards the group, from behind them. He knocked out two as he tackled them, and averted their firebending back towards them. As they were momentarily surprised that they were being attacked by a fellow firebender. He used that brief amount of time, to do the finishing blows on the remaining two.

As all of them were now tied up and unconscious. He began looking through their pockets in search of something. As he pulled out the key, he was so excited at thought of what he had just done and accomplished that he momentarily lost his composure, by screaming in joy. "I did it, I did it. Haha you fire nation losers. You were just defeated by a twelve year old "he proclaimed. Then shaking his butt, dancing he said "Who's the greatest? I am!" For a brief whole minute he just kept on dancing. Then sudden he froze in mid butt shake. Slowly realization hit him. The girl he planned to save was staring at him with a mixture of awe, mirth, and finally fear. He blushed in embarrassment, though it couldn't be detected because of the scarf mask he was wearing. He slowly walked over to the girl and without hesitation opened her cage. Surprised at her mysterious hero's actions, she hesitantly stepped out of the cage.

After rubbing some dirt off of her clothes, she then found the courage to speak. "Who are you?" She asked curiously. "I'm Kuzon" he said. "At least that's the name I go by when I'm in an area with the fire nation involved." He spoke kindly. She realized that there was more to him than just saving people apparently. Looking back at the soldiers and noticing that they might wake up any minute now. She had no one to come back to here. So she made a decision, then and there. Hopefully her savior would accept her request. "Kuzon, thank you for saving me. I know that this might be an impossible request to fulfill, but can I tag along with you?" she asked. Noticing that he was actually considering the offer, she continued on. "I have no one else to turn to. My dad died fighting the fire nation when I was around 3 years old and my mom just recently passed away from her sickness. Since then, in order to survive, I've been forced to steal and eat food scraps whenever I could. I'm tired of this life and I don't want to spend the rest of my life this way, so please I beg of you?" She said close to tears while she was on her knees pleading. Aang's heart really went out to her. He knew that if he turned her down, she would most likely be sent to prison, or worst case scenario die. Taking her hand, he looked on at her calmly. "Fine" He said. She was so happy when she heard that, that she almost kissed him. "First follow me, and I shall explain to you who I am. From there we'll decide if you still feel up to the task of accompanying me on my journeys." He told her.

She was surprised and really doubted that anything he told her would convince her to choose prison over accompanying him. Not being able think up an appropriate response, she simply complied and followed him. Moments later, after he retrieved his bag from a random bush, they finally arrived at the cave. Before they entered, he pulled off of his mask and removed hood. "I'm the avatar" he told her as she got a brief glance at his tattoos. She was shocked. Never would she have suspected that she'd ever meet the avatar. There were so many nights when she'd spent being cooped up in her little room, cursing both the fire nation and the avatar. She blamed the avatar for not being there for her….. for the world. She didn't know what to feel…Anger, confusion, hate, loathing. Though when she looked into his eyes. His grey expressive eyes. She felt ashamed for having hated him for something out of his control. He was just a child; A little younger than her, but a child nonetheless. She saw pain, suffering, fear, and self-loathing, though the most prominent emotion she could see within his eyes were hope. The hope for a better future, a bright and happy future. Suddenly being brought out of her thoughts. " I can understand if you no longer wish to travel with me. It's my fault, that the world is so out of order. If it wasn't for my fear of being an avatar, I probably could have saved my people." He explained, almost falling to the ground at the amount guilt he was currently fearing.

"Kuz…I mean avatar… I don't know how I should react on this matter. I've blamed you for so long, and now I can't even find the energy to hate you….. What I'm trying to say, is I still wish to join you. That is if you'll have me?" she asked. Aang immediately smiled a bright grateful smile at hearing that as he stood up straighter. She immediately felt even more ashamed when she realized all those times she cursed a child to save her and her family. "Of course I will…miss." Aang responded. " Yuki…..Sema Yuki." She replied. He smiled even brighter at her. He didn't realize how much it meant to him to not be hated for having disappeared for a century. Now he couldn't be happier. Taking her hand, he began pulling her towards the cave. "Come on Sema, I'll introduce you to Appa. Let's go. " he said enthusiastically. Who's Appa?" she asked. He's my flying Bison." He said, still dragging her. "What's a…." she fainted not being able to finish her sentence. There moving in the dark, was a large hairy, monster! Also known as Appa. "Sema! Sema! Please wake up!" Aang said worried. He should have known she'd freak out. After taking a breath and calming his frantic heart. He rushed outside after emptying his pack of all of his sticks and branches, even more determined to get some fresh water.

If your wondering why I added an OC character, I just thought that it'd be cool to have a sandbender who just so happens to be a girl. Though she will have an important role soon enough. Thanks for reading. Till the next chapter.