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Location, Caverns situated near Coral Reef Beach

After having found a lake about 3 quarters of a mile from here, Aang returned with a decent amount of water within a 30 minute time-span. Now as he re-entered the cave, he immediately approached the unconscious girl to check how she seemed to be fairing. From the looks of it, she simply looked to be in a state of unconsciousness, which he sighed in relief that nothing worst had afflicted his new ally. "My first adventure after leaving the island, and I am already bad at handling people "he said with a sigh. "Isn't that right Appa?" he asked his flying bison. Appa happily grunted in agreement. Well I wonder if she'd be hungry when she wakes up. He thought back to himself. Even I'm starting to feel hungry, so I guess I should start preparing that vegetable stew I was supposed to have been preparing earlier. As soon as he finished his thoughts, he stood up and began preparing their meal.

Moments later after he got a fire started; the water in his make shift cooking pot was already boiling. After taking out his needed vegetable ingredients, it only took him around 25 minutes before he was finished making his meal. He was sure to make enough to last until tomorrow morning. Once he was done, he cursed his stupidity. He needed to look for some bowls within his pack, or he would have to eat from the pot itself. Standing up, he quickly walked towards Appa, where he kept his various other bags. Which bag was it in again? He thought to himself. Getting frustrated that all he managed to find so far was his clothes, various food provisions, his weapons, some air bending and fire bending scrolls, but no bowls.

Looking at a lone bag a little further from the other bags; he noticed that it was slightly moving. Curious, he decided to cautiously figure out why one of his bags was moving. Opening the bag, he immediately discovered where the bowls were and also where some of his stash of lychee nuts had apparently been eaten. "Momo what are you doing here? He told the flying lemur that seemed to be too preoccupied with eating the crumbs that were apparently stuck to the bowl. He removed the bowl from the lemur, though not without the lemur's small protests. After getting the lemur 's attention. "Didn't I tell you to stay with Ursa and keep her company? He asked the lemur with a sigh. The lemur couldn't really understand a word of what Aang was saying, but realized that his human was probably very disappointed with it. So he did what any good cute looking animal does when put in an unfavorable situation. He brought out the big guns and gave his master the lemur eyes. His pout was just so cute that Aang eventually relented and gave him some more lychee nuts, after taking the bowl from his pet.

After washing the bowls thoroughly outside, he then sat down in front of his pot and served himself some stew. If his stomach had feelings he surmised that right now, they'd be crying tears of joy. He was just so hungry after not having eaten since breakfast. While he was eating, he didn't realize that someone was already awake. "Looks like the avatar isn't as perfect and flawless when it comes to hunger now, is it?" He heard someone say from behind him. Turning slightly in the direction of the voice while he continued his hungry slurping, he noticed that his friend was finally awake, slightly smiling while standing up right. Excitedly he finished up the remainder of his soup and quickly put it down. After taking a different bowl and quickly filling it up, he approached her with the bowl in tow. "Hey, that's no fair. I was extremely hungry and besides table manners could have waited till my belly was properly satisfied." He said while smiling with a voice of false seriousness. She giggled at his antics "If you say so oh almighty avatar." She responded with a hint of sarcasm. Finally reaching the area of where she was currently sitting, he handed her the bowl of vegetable soup. "I hope you like vegetable soup." He said slightly embarrassed, since he just now realized that most people aren't really too keen on eating pure vegetables.

Noticing his embarrassment "No, it's alright. As long as it's food, I'm not really picky. "She replied with a smile while gently taking the bowl from his hands. Still feeling unsure of himself, he could only nod in acceptance. Slowly he returned back to his previous location. Taking his bowl and then refilling it, he began to continue eating once again. Both cave occupants were silently slurping. After some time while Aang was finishing up his third bowl, he felt a gentle tap from behind him. Looking up, he noticed that Sema was holding an empty bowl towards him. "How was it?" He asked. "It was very good Aang. Thanks again for everything." She said appreciatively. "It's no problem Sema. Where friends now, and that's what friends are for." He smiled. Looking at his smile felt really infectious somehow, because moments later she was smiling too. Sitting down with him, she decided to simply leave it at that.

Once the two of them were finishing eating, they began conversing about everything and anything that had happened in their lives. Sema got a better understanding of what was it like to live as an Air Nomad and their teachings, while Aang learned about some of Sema's past and how her family came to live in an Earth Nation city being that they were Sand Benders. It wasn't as different or difficult as most people would have thought for being benders to something a little different from the norm. Apparently sand bending was simply a more different, slightly more complicated form of earth bending. So when both her father and mother had moved to the city all those years ago, they had simply altered the way they bend sand to that of earth; That is, through adaptation. So that being said, it all turned out very good for Aang since he managed to find and then save her. Since both her parents were originally sand benders who had to learn how to adapt to earth bending. It shouldn't be so surprising to discover that Sema's mother decided to teach her both styles of bending and how to effectively use it. Of course she was no master at either, but with Aang's help, she could not only teach Aang what she knew of both styles of bending, but they can also help each other to improve in both departments.

2 Weeks Later

In these past two weeks, the two had traded many interesting info and personal knowledge of not only their lives, but on what they knew of the war and what had currently been happening in taken over cities like Sema's. For instance, within close to a decade, many of the chief fire nation leaders in charge of the city, had been hotly debating on how to put a stop to these various small earth bending rebels, who continue to keep causing problems for the fire nation. Many of them wish to simply put the various earth benders that keep causing those problems to prison and simply be done with it. Though some other ambitious members who have no qualms with taking advantage of non- fire benders wish to follow some of their predecessors and capture all earth benders; to then utilize their abilities for collecting vital material such as coal for the glory of the fire nation. That was why after they had discussed what Aang and Sema was possibly up against, since being the Avatar made it so that it was his job to restore order back into the world. They both agreed that they would train for the time span of around two weeks, in order to get stronger and improve.

Currently Sema was facing Aang in a calm and calculating manner. While Aang could be seen tightening his grip on his dagger. Then as quickly as it went, Sema suddenly charged towards the Avatar. Bending and weaving sand, then sending it towards the Avatar. Meanwhile Aang continuously began dodging the blast of sand that was aimed towards him, while also turning most of it into glass with his firebending. Sometimes Aang could be seen breaking the glass with his dagger in order to get most of it out of his way as he continued to dodge. This continued on for some time, until Aang suddenly airebended himself high into to the air, with the sand hot on his tail. Taking out his air glider, he flew away from what had remained from the approaching sand. Seeing that Sema was getting tired, he landed as quickly, yet safely as he could onto the sand.

Then he began his on-slaughter. Putting his weapons away, he began forming a wall of sand, then once he somewhat had it compacted as to not hurt her that badly. He blasted it towards Sema's direction. Being as tired as she was, she was barely able to dodge. Though when the mass of sand had passed her, she couldn't find Aang anywhere; before she could even try to attempt looking for him, she felt something sharp press against her back. Feeling someone's hot breath panting heavily behind her ear, she felt somewhat lightheaded when she had realized how close Aang was to her. "I won this round" Aang said happily though his fatigue could be heard in his voice. "Really now?" Sema said not too convinced while slowly without him realizing it, started bending sand behind the both of them. She could practically feel his smirk forming behind her. "I'm pretty sure, I won Sema. Though honestly it was a pretty close fight considering that all you used was sand bend….." He yelped in surprise when a tendril of sand latched on to his foot and pulled him off the ground.

His knife falling onto the ground, and he was still too tired from all that dodging to bend anything further. Seeing her turn around with a smirk of her own on her face, slightly irritated him, but at the same time made him more excited that she could be such a great sparring partner. "Hey! No fair!" he protested. She just simply continued to smirk and look at him with victory clearly seen in her eyes. "Cheater" he said lamely. Hearing that only caused her grin to widen even further. "You know there is a saying when one does battle." She finally spoke. "Anything goes when in a fight. Especially for me since I was up against the all mighty Avatar. "She said rather sagely. His answer to that was to childishly glare at her and try to regain whatever pride he had left, which wasn't much when he was still being held upside down. "Oh I almost forgot, do you yield oh handsome monk" she cooed in a way that sent shivers down his spine. Whether they were good shivers or bad ones he honestly couldn't tell, especially the way her sweat made her work out clothes cling to her body in a way that really drew his attention. "Yes" he said. "Yes what Aang?" she said still smiling though she did finally let him back down gently.

Slightly sighing, he went on his knees and bowed his head to the sand. "Yes oh almighty sand bending goddess of only 13. I, despite being the avatar, was no match to not only your beauty but also battle prowess. "He finished feeling that if his past lives ever managed to get wind of this, he might possibly be punished for having ruined the avatar's reputation in such a way. "You may rise then now that we have finished here. Now that we are done, it would be in your best interest to begin preparing your mistress her first meal of the day." She said in false queenliness. He smiled. This time he bowed jokingly "I live to serve you my liege; if it's within my place to ask, may my queen simply lead the way so that I as her servant may follow?" He questioned her still in his false seriousness. She couldn't help it anymore, she just laughed right then and there. Soon Aang followed suit and they were both holding their stomachs laughing like most children around their age without having to deal with war torn countries should.

When their laugher finally died out, they decided to head back to the cave. After Aang finished preparing the two separate meals, one being grilled fish cooked in the fire, and the other some heated tofu that he had as well as what remained of his lychee nuts. After they finished eating, they both simply sat near Appa with their backs against his fur. Momo was currently situated between Sema's lap while she began petting him. They simply basked in the silence that their comfortable situation had provided. It was finally broken when Aang decided to speak. "Sema?" he asked. "Yes Aang?" She responded. I know that the comet's going to come soon in about 7 months so we'll both need to not only master our respective elements, but find possible allies." He told her. She simply nodded though she still had not understood where he was going at with this. "What I wanted to ask you was what would you like to do about how we go on with this? I mean right now I know what we have to do, but I'd like your input on the matter cause I feel like so far I've just sort of been winging it until you came along." He told her truthfully.

Ever since she came into his life, most of the planning and info he had acquired would have been impossible for him to obtain if he was still alone in this. He was honestly very grateful that she was here to keep him grounded when the thought that the world was on his shoulders were being too much. He really treasured her simply being there for him as a close friend. As for her, she felt touched that Aang not only trusted her opinion, but looked to her for some sort of guidance. He would never know how much she felt she owed him just for having accepted her request to join him. If he wasn't there to save her like how he did that day, she probably would either be rotting in prison right now or possibly had already starved to death in the streets. After having spent such a time with each other, they both couldn't fathom the idea of going back to the lives they both had before they had each other. Normally two people don't get as close as these two had in the time span of two weeks, but when one not only shares personal info regarding their lives, goals, dreams, doubts, sorrows, ambitions, etc. Along with the fact that they practically eat, sleep, hang, and converse most of the time in the same area; no amount of personal barriers could withstand two hurting souls reaching out towards one another.

Finally coming out of her thoughts moments later, she finally responded. "I think that right now, we should focus on gathering allies first, along with of course finding you some teachers for bending and the like. " She told him. "That's a great idea!" he said in his normal enthusiastic manner just always seemed to make her day better. She then continued, it also wouldn't hurt if along the way we try to help as many people as we can. Maybe we could find more people like the way you did me and maybe even convince them to possibly join you" She finished. "I hope we don't encounter anymore like that though, if only for the fact that if I wasn't there you would have definitely suffered in some manner at the hands of the fire nation. Though now that you mentioned it, I know that's wishful thinking and I plan to save as many people as I possibly can regardless of whether they want to join me or not. As long as your're there with me Sema, I know I can do this." He said in a way that left her speechless. He suddenly blushed when he realized what he had just said and spluttered while trying to explain and then reassure her it wasn't like what it had apparently sounded. She giggled at his antics. He went from being serious to childish all in the time span of a few minutes. "Well…" he said rather awkwardly. " Now that, that's settled, I think we should leave tomorrow morning on Appa, and head towards the South Pole before having to go to the North Pole. Seeing as that I still want my identity kept a secret, Appa would definitively be seen if we cross by air across the entire earth continent." He told her. She smiled in his direction in agreement while slowly still petting Momo affectionately. The lemur was currently on his belly kicking his leg a bit like a polar bear dog when their bellies were being scratched. "I guess we finally have a plan", Sema said" while looking at Aang. "I guess we do" he responded. "Let's go start packing our things then "he told her. "Yeah sure thing" she said.

The very next day, the both could be seen on top of Appa getting ready to take off. "You better hold on Sema, riding on a flying bison could get pretty scary the first time around." He told her. She was currently hiding under the safely secured bags when she said "no kidding". His only response to that was to laugh a bit while Momo was currently on his shoulders. "Appa, Yip Yip" Aang shouted happily. As they flew into the morning sunrise, a girl's scream of flying terror could be heard into the distance.

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