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Draco's face flushed with indignation as he sat down again, humiliation boiling within as the other's that had witnessed the exchange and heard Sakura's response laughed. Though the look was soon filled with delight as a shadow cast over Sakura's place.

"Haruno." The smooth voice of Severus Snape hissed.

Sakura sighed, "Yes, Professor?" she asked, turning to give the dark man her attention.

"My Office."

Sakura grinned at that, "Of course." She answered and stood walking from the hall the dark professor following behind her as a rather intimidating shadow.

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Chapter 13: Slytherin Plans

Sakura gazed around the familiar office casually as Professor Snape seemed to be glaring a hole in her head, "Explain to me why you were with Potter and Weasley tonight?" he sneered.

Sakura smiled at him, "I saw them flying the car when I was on the express, I stayed outside to make sure that when they arrived they wouldn't kill themselves in a most stupid way." She replied lightly now meeting the professor's gaze.

Snape scowled, "As you are now somehow part of my house—"

"I asked the hat to put me here… or more he read my decision long before I had actually made it." She cut him off earning an even more acidic scowling. "Someone has to whip this pathetic house into shape if a wars coming and root out your mini-death munchies."

Snape stared at her his face schooled but she knew that her words had shocked him, "The walls have ears professor, I have heard Dumbledore mentioning last year and how Voldemort," she paused momently at his wince, "Had possessed one of the teachers as a spirit and had escaped after Harry unintentionally killed the professor." She told him. He was scowling again.

"Wouldn't those headstrong Gryffindor's be a better house to execute this plan?" he sneered.

"Not at all. They won't listen to my direction no matter what, as you said they are too headstrong. They may listen to Potter but only if it suits their Gryffindor needs." She answered, "I would be a lion at this moment if I hadn't asked not to be. Slytherin's will follow if I've got their respect." She ended again smiling at him.

"Even though you know less than they do?"

"That's where you come in Professor… I'll be asking McGonagall and Flitwick as well for extra tutelage where my physical training doesn't fill my schedule. Besides in all honesty, back in my time I was more of a paper ninja than an physical one, though that will be rectified, reading up on your culture and customs is no problems I just need help in the spells part."

"What of Lockhart?" he sneered at the name.

"That pansy isn't worth even my time." She grinned.

Snape couldn't stop the twitching of his lips at the comment, a comment far too true than any of the dragon shite the DADA professor called his books.

"Well what do you say Professor? Care to train me for war?"

He shook his head in exasperation, "Hn… Ask me again at the end of the year… then we shall see." He muttered turning away, "Now get out, you know the way to the rooms and the password is Pureblood." He muttered.

Sakura grinned and stood, "Of course Professor." She left the office swiftly heading for the Slytherin commons, giving the password to the blank wall she stepped through once it moved and walked down the short hall that soon expanded into the common room. She glanced around noting that a number of her year mates were lounging around by one of the glowing fireplaces. She tilted her head to the side noticing the blond Draco Malfoy glaring at her.

She smiled right back at him, causing a most confused expression to fall over his face before he was up and storming up to her. "What's your game!?" he sneered practically spitting in her face.

Sakura blinked, "I have to have a game?"

He glared, "Don't mock me! You mud—ghaa!"

Sakura's fist retracted and she smiled at him again though this one was icy, "What was that blondie? I didn't quite hear what you said? My name is Sakura, Haruno, Sa-ku-ra, Har-un-o. Not the name you were just saying." She said in a cheery voice.

Malfoy was once again holding his nose though her fist hadn't collided as hard this time as the first. "You'll regret that Haruno!" he snarled as he and his two goons drew their wands.

She smiled at them, "How cute…" her wand flashed out of its place at her hip and the spell shot off her tongue as she swiped it in an arc at the three, "Mucus ad Nauseam!" none of the boys had a chance to move before they were keeling over groaning as Goyle coughed then spat out a rather disturbing bogie. "Do have fun with the colds." She said sauntering away to her room. She wondered how her new roommates would like her. Probably not very much.