Swapping Numbers with My Maiden:

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"Boku no turn! Draw!"

It was a two against one duel, and the latter was two pre-teens, also known as Yuma and Kotori were standing down against a new Number Holder. He had a set of green smooth hair, purple jacket, with a purple vest, turquoise eyes, lime green eyes, and a black undershirt was staring them down with an ocean blue number "68" glowing in his hair, as well as a dark aura surrounding him. On his field, he had no facedowns, and 2 monsters on his field, while Yuma and Kotori had only 1 Xyz monster on their field, along with 2 facedowns from Yuma.

Dark Blade, Level 4, Warrior, DARK:

ATK: 1800
DEF: 1000

Alligator Sword, Level 4, Beast-Warrior, EARTH:

ATK: 1500
DEF: 1200

Yearning Freesia Maiden, Xyz, Rank 6, Spellcaster, LIGHT:

ATK: 2700

DEF: 2200

2 level 6 Monsters

Once per turn, you can detach one Xyz material from this card to send one card your opponent controls to the graveyard. This card then switches positions after this effect. This card cannot switch battle positions, except with this card's effect.

"Majikku Kaado hatsudou, Turtle's Oath! I can offer a tribute for one of the monsters inside my hand, Gishiki Shoukan! Crab Turtle!"

A grotesque turtle crab hybrid monster with one eye then broke out of a shell with a rope tied around it,

Crab Turtle, Ritual, Level 8, Aqua, WATER:

ATK: 2550
DEF: 2500

"Turapu Kaado hatsudou! Call of the Haunted! Yomigaeri, Cosmo Queen!"

A queen with a red robe, green armor, a gold crown, and purple skin rose out from a purple portal, giving a sinister grin.

Cosmo Queen, Level 8, Spellcaster, DARK:

ATK: 2900
DEF: 2450

"Finally, I tribute both Alligator's Sword and Dark Blade, Ikinie Shoukan! Darkstorm Dragon!"

From a black tornado, a dragon with raggedy scaly brown wings and black body, had its body made of the same dark tornado, giving a fierce roar.

Darkstorm Dragon, Gemini, Level 8, Dragon, DARK:

ATK: 2700
DEF: 2500

This card is treated as a Normal Monster while face-up on the field or in the Graveyard. While this card is face-up on the field, you can Normal Summon it to have it be treated as an Effect Monster with this effect.

Once per turn: You can send 1 face-up Spell/Trap Card you control to the Graveyard; destroy all Spell/Trap Cards on the field.

"Finally, with these three monsters, I construct the Overlay Network! Ekushiizu Shoukan! Arawareyo, Nanbazu Rokujuuhachi! (Come Forth, Numbers 68!)

A number "68" flashed in ocean blue, followed by the number's sealed form. It was an egg that appeared to be made of water, with a floating red core visible within. Yellow dots lined the top in a ring fashion. There were visible black bubbles floating within the structure of the egg, as well as the dots turning to the same color as well, eerily flashing visibly within seconds. Soon enough, the red nucleus expanded as wide as the egg size itself, spreading the water onto the ground. The nucleus divided into 4 smaller spheres, while some of the yellow dots separated into a pair of eyes. Eventually, the water started forming into a distinct body shape. It had 2 thick arms, three finger clawed-hands, two legs that came out of the smaller version of the egg shape, a thin torso attached, which also connected the circular head and the arms.

Number 68: WoMANA Calaris Vice-Versa, Rank 8, DARK, Aqua:

3 Level 8 Monsters

If you activate one of these card's effects, you cannot activate the selected effect again. If this card has no Xyz Materials, this card's original ATK and DEF is treated as 0 and cannot be in defense position. Once per turn, you can activate one of the following effects:






"WoMANA Calaris Vice-Versa!"

Kotori just recoiled, while Yuma just raised his hand to the air.

"Turapu Kaado hatsudou!"


As the Xyz Monster was summoned, 2 of its Overlay Units disintegrated.

"What is this?"

"This card is activated only when you Xyz Summon! Exceed Over-limit gets rid of all your Overlay Units if the Monster is Rank 6 or higher!"

"Kuso! I set two cards. Taan Endo."

Kotori just grinned.

"Atashi no Turn! Draw!"

Yuma grinned at Kotori, who nodded at him in response.

"Turapu Kaado hatsudou!"


"Dust Tornado!"

Kotori then took another card from her hand, activating it at the same time.

"Mahou Kaado hatsudou! Freesia Whirlwind Typhoon! Whenever my opponent activates a card that would destroy one of my spell or trap cards, I can destroy all spell and trap cards on the field!"


As Yuma's tornado started building, Yearning Freesia Maiden started shooting petals within the current.

"Let's do it!"

The petals spread all over the field, destroying every single spell and trap on the field.

"End Phase has to be here though, and it has to switch positions."

Yuma just cheered as Yearning Freesia Maiden crouched with her staff in front of her.

"Yatta! Ore no Turn!"

A card was drawn from the deck, making him grin.

"First, Yearning Freesia Maiden no kouka hatsudo! I can use an Overlay Unit, and send your monster to the graveyard!"

Yearning Freesia Maiden's staff then opened up into a cyclone of petals, sucking Number 68 into the current. This left the holder of Number 68 VERY shocked.

"What happened?"

"Kattobingu daze, ore! Direkuto Attaku!"

Yearning Freesia Maiden leapt from her crouched position, dashing forward, charging a light beam within its staff.

"Longing Petal Spectrum!"

As the command was said, the staff opened up again, shooting a multitude of petals that had divided into the colors of the light spectrum at the opponent.

Random Number Holder named Drew: 0 LOSE

Skyshipping: 1000 WIN

As the AR space disintegrated around them, Yuma and Kotori were jumping up and down, celebrating their victory. On the other hand, Astral and Mia were off to the side. Mia was happily gushing about the brilliant moves that they pulled together as a team; however, Astral was more concerned about the events of the number.

"That Number was too easily defeated. I know Number cards can't be destroyed by other cards except Numbers, but does sending it to the graveyard bypass this?"

Mia floated in front of him with a bubbly expression in her face.

"Lighten up! We won! Extract the Number and celebrate with us!"

He just sighed at the pink being.

"As usual, you are still over-expressive..."

"I am not! You're just too concrete!"

Astral just stuck his hand out, making his hand glow, however, Mia was already doing the same thing, where the card got extracted, but it ripped in half as a result.



"Yuma, the effects of this Number card, they're, they're-"

"They're what?"

"We ripped the card, and now they're missing!"

Yuma quickly looked at the ripped card, shocked at the result.

"Guys! What did you two do?"

Mia just sighed at the torn card that they both unintentionally ripped.

"Well, this is just swell! What do we do now?"

Yuma just took the torn pieces and held them in his hand.

"Looks like I'll be keeping the card until we fix and get the rest of the effects or something."

Kotori just gripped one half of the card as he putting the card in his Extra Deck holder.

"Whoa there Yuma, why are you keeping it? Shouldn't I keep it instead? I mean, it was my card that won the duel."

"That sounds selfish. Astral is the one that needs the memories Kotori."

"Well, I deserve that number, I did much better in that duel than you!"

"Did you just say I sucked at dueling?"

"No, I just said that I did better than you in this duel, and another thing, you don't even let me use the other Number Cards, you only let me use Number 13!"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Don't you think I deserve more than just that one?"

"Are you kidding, the Numbers would take you over again!"

"Are you insane?"

"NO I AM NOT! And I can duel loads better than you!"

"Girls can do anything a guy can do, and we can do it in high heels!"

Mia then got in between the two.

"Let's all just relax, it is not like that Astral agrees that males are superior."

"Actually, based on a book I read a few months ago, males are usually the more dominant one in a relationship."

Mia gained a tick mark and took out a lightsaber.


Astral then took out his own, blocking the blow.

"What is wrong Mia?"

"BAKA! You believe in that too? You still can't even remember what you did in Astral World, so you have no idea who is more dominant!"

As the four kept arguing, Yuma just shouted at the top of his lungs at Kotori.

"Sometimes I don't even know why I still am with you!"

Kotori was just shocked at that statement, which made Yuma surprise himself when he said it.

"You know what Yuma? FINE! You wouldn't know what I go through! I bet you wouldn't even survive to be a girl!"

"You think so? Mine is harder!"

"Well if you think I'm making things harder for your already hard life, then maybe we shouldn't be even dating!"




They both left in opposite directions, holding each half of the card in their hands. Astral and Mia were undoubtedly shocked at the upset.

"My word…"

"Seems highly illogical."

Mia just ignored Astral's naivety and looked at her female companion.

"We should talk to them and see if they're both alright."


As they both floated after their partners, both of them were thinking of how their fallout would affect them as well.

Yuma's Home:

"Yuma! Are you alright? YUMA!"

Yuma had already locked himself out of the world, completely isolated from everyone.

"Leave me alone nee-san."

Astral then floated through the window, just to find Yuma staring at the ceiling in his hammock.


"Astral, leave me alone, I don't feel like talking right now…"

Astral just tilted his head, unknown on how to respond to the situation.

"So, you're ok?"

Kotori's place:

"That Yuma! He's such a baka!"

Mia was trying as best as she could to comfort her, but nothing seemed to work. She just sighed at her greenette friend, who was still crying into her pillow.

"When she goes to school tomorrow it will not be pretty."


As the two were sleeping, a faint red glow resonated somewhere. In Yuma's Extra Deck holder held Number 68. Back at Kotori's place, the half of the card was held in a small jewelry box. The card halves resonated a faint ocean blue and crimson red color, before they both formed into 2 lights. The lights then entered the heads of Yuma and Kotori, before leaving quickly, and shooting at each other in the middle of the city. They danced around, before one turned red and the other turned blue. They flew back to Yuma and Kotori's houses, the blue entering Yuma's head and the red one entering Kotori's. The card halves then stopped glowing, fading away into darkness.

Next MORNING, Yuma's POV:

Man, my head…what happened? I feel so dizzy? I opened my eyes, staring at the ceiling.

"Ugh…I must have-"

I stopped mid sentence as I realized something was wrong with my voice. It had seemed, higher than usual.

"Do I have a, or-"

I quickly noticed that the room was more pink and girly to say the least, and my bed sheets were green.

"You can't be serious now."

My arms came up, where the arms and hands were slimmer, smoother, quite female. Just then it hit me.

"Oh please don't tell me..."

As I tried reasoning with myself, I got out of the bed, noticing the change in my center of gravity, and looked at myself in the mirror. What I saw in the mirror was a 13 year old girl with green hair and hazel eyes. She wore a white t-shirt with a yellow decal and a pink skirt. I just stood there in shock.

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