There quite a few things Soul knew about his Meister. She was a petite, nerd, bookworm, stubborn, hard working girl.

"Soul, are you done?" she complained for the third time since they arrived.

Another thing he knew about his partner was that she was very hungry at the moment.

"Okay, done!" Said Soul, satisfied.

Maka sat up straight in her chair.

"I was starving. What did you make?"

He placed a plate at the kitchen table where she sat. She stared at the giant oval, golden omelet dressed with ketchup and vegetables to the side. In ketchup, there was scrawny writing that spelled, ''Wann'a bite?'' The plate was well decorated like that of a plate you usually get served at a restaurant. He sure got points for presentation.

She blinked at the plate and then at Soul. She looked closely at him. The boy had an orange apron; his silver colored hair was pulled back by a head band, he was carrying another plate in his other hand.

He looks like a house wife…Pfft. Maka thought, her lips twitching; she tried not to break into a smile, but failed miserably.

"What? You don't like Omurice?" He shot back.

She broke into laughter, forgetting being starved in the first place.

"No, no, I like it. I like Omurice. Wow. I'm impressed! You're a chef! You can cook."

Soul was embarrassed at her teasing.

"Yeah, I can. Well-Just shut up and eat already." He ended lamely and he sat down across her and dug into his own omelet.

Maka giggled at his reaction.

From across the table Soul peeked at Maka. He wanted to see her reaction to the food. Sure it was just Omurice. But there wasn't any point in making a lot of food. It was just the two of them. Besides, Omurice was one of the dishes that Soul knew would be quick and easy to make. He knew his partner had skipped lunch, but he didn't know why.

He didn't want to make her eat Ramen or something like that for dinner. It was his turn to cook so he wanted to show off.

As soon as Maka took a piece in her mouth, her olive eyes sparkled.

"It's good, really good!"

"Then why do you sound so surprised?" He tried not to smile by her excitement over the food he just made.

"Because, I thought you were a lousy cook!"

He frowned at this,

"I guess I proved you wrong." He smirked at her.

She smiled up at him and he stared back.

"What?" he asked curiously.

"It's really good! You never told me you could cook. It's really surprising."

"Are you praising me or…?" He asked confused.

"Praise!" she beamed at him.

"Good. And you never asked anyways."

"Ah, I guess that's true." Maka replied, spinning the spoon in her mouth.

After a few moments of silence as they ate, he looked over to her. She seemed content with the meal and so was Soul to see her that way. She was acting strange today, before lunch, Soul noticed. And after lunch her mood had seemed to gotten worse. He was happy that she liked his diner and it even made her smile. He didn't want to ruin the moment, but he felt that he should know what was wrong with his partner.

"Maka, where did you disappear to during lunch?" he asked cautiously.

She had already finished her plate and left it squeaky clean; she stared at it and remained silent.


"I… had something to do." She answered hesitantly.

Soul raised an eyebrow and stared her down. She wouldn't budge.

She got up and took her plate to the sink and started washing her plate.

"You're not gonna tell me what's wrong, are you?" He finally said.

Maka looked surprisingly at him, but once she saw his red eyes watching her, her gaze dropped to floor. The tone in his voice sounded upset-disappointed even. He was worried about her. She knew.

"I… not right now, okay? And besides it's not that important. But, I will tell you, just not right now… Sorry to make you worry, but don't. I'm fine." Her voice sounded melancholic. As she looked up to him and gave a weak, tired smile.

Both of them stood in silence for what seemed like an hour. Only minutes went by and they continued to stare at each other. Maka began to shift uncomfortably under his gaze and that's when he decided to break the silence.

"Alright then, I'm here if you need to talk." He sighed and went over to the sink to dump his plate.

"Just don't get put yourself under so much stress thinking about something, got it?"

That's another thing she always does: Over think.

"Thanks, Soul." She couldn't avoid the smile that tugged at her lips.

He had his back to her but nodded. Maka was also a girl that respected him and never questioned so much about his actions. So why was he?

"You can go take a shower if you want. I'll clean up."

"Thanks, Soul. Really, thank you."

"What are partners for?" He grinned and began washing the dirty dishes. She chuckled in response and walked off to take a shower.

Maka entered her bathroom, closed the door behind her and began to strip. As she stripped her clothing, she stood clad in her underwear and looked at her complexion in the small mirror that hanged over the sink. Misery was written on her face. She had tried to hide it. But Soul had noticed. She couldn't help smiling at this. It was nice to know that someone was paying attention to you and noticed the change in your mood. It was nice to know he cared. She was glad to have Soul as her friend. She felt a little guilty for her behavior and not being able to tell him what was going on. The situation had been present in her mind all afternoon, nagging, worring, dying to know where…

I should tell him. Soul is someone I can trust, he won't laugh at my feelings. I'll probably feel better knowing what he thinks. I just don't know…

As she began removing her bra, she noticed a ketchup stain right in the front of her cupped left breast. She frowned wondering if the ketchup stained the shirt as well. She tossed the bra in the bath tub and removed her panties. She would wash it while she showered. She was thankful that Soul had sent her to take a shower. Sometimes a shower was great at calming the mind and body.

Soul was up in the kitchen drying the cooking utensils they had used for their dinner.

He was a little disappointed his Meister hadn't confided in him. Sure, he was happy that she said he'd tell him about her situation later. He had no idea why he wanted to know so much, probably because he felt it was his duty as her partner.

And because… I don't like seeing her so depressed, she never gets that upset and broody over anything…It's not like her. Something's gotta be up. I know I shouldn't pressure her, a cool guy wouldn't do that and I won't do that.

I'll apologize when she get's out. He thought.

In the silence form their apartment he could hear the water running from Maka's shower. She was still showering so he went to the living room, plopped himself on the couch, turned on the TV and started skimming through channels, thinking what he would say to her when she got out. As he kept changing channels he would feel his eyelids getting heavy, until he just suddenly dozed off.

"Soul," A soft, tranquil, voice called him.

"Soul," again it called his name. It seemed natural the way the girl voiced his name.

"Soul, are you awake?" Maka's voice became clearer as his eyes, slowly focused and became accustomed to the light in the room.

"Maka?" He asked dumbly.

"Yes, sleepy head," She said as she came into view in front of the buzzing television.

"Looks like you had a good nap." She smiled tenderly at him.

"Well, it wasn't that bad… I kinda dozed off there for a sec." He answered, scratching the back of his neck. He averted his eyes from her. She was in her Pajamas. She wore a long sleeved yellow buttoned down PJ's. Instead of having her hair in twin pigtails, her hair was down, dripping water, a towel wrapped around her neck and shoulders catching every droplet.

The scent of the air had changed; filling it with the scent of her shampoo.

Soul wondered about in his mind what kind of fresh smell it was. It was citrusy…

While he was lost in his thoughts, Maka called to him and asked him if he was going to shower. He regained focused on her and tossed her the remote for the TV and headed off to take a shower.

Soul went to his bathroom, different form Maka's bathroom this one was smaller and didn't have bath tub. The bathroom had a small squared sink and it had a round mirror hanging above it. Next to the sink was a toilet and beside that, the shower.

He turned on the water and the shower head suddenly collapsed onto the ground. Water spurted everywhere, including Soul's face. He covered his face with one hand and with the other he swiftly turned the water off. The apartment had been constructed a few years ago, but the bathroom hadn't been in bad conditions.

So, why the hell did you fall apart you stupid thing? He grumbled.

He looked closely at the shower head; it was with a few cracks, made probably from the impact with the floor. He would need to get a new one.

He sighed heavily and walked out grabbing his towel, drying his face. With clothes and towel in hand, he went over to the living room, to his partner who was crawled up in a corner of the sofa watching TV.

"Maka, the showerhead to my bathroom broke. I'll fix it tomorrow. You mind if I use yours?"

"Mm," She answered, nodding her head. Her voice was a low whisper. Her sight never left the television.

Soul looked over the girl for a mere moment before leaving her alone in the living room.

As the tub filled he removed his clothes, turned the water off and relaxed into the tight space, trying to stretch his limbs. He looked around the bathroom as he soaked in the water. He looked at the bottles of body wash, shampoo and conditioner Maka used. His eyes suddenly caught the sight of a light blue object hanging over the shower curtain.

His cheeks flushed lightly and out of respect quickly removed his gaze. He slowly looked up. It was just a plain bra, nothing special. It wasn't the first time he'd seen a woman's brassier. But to know the fact that it belonged to his partner, his friend, the girl that was in his living room, it made him feel a bit…strange. He squinted his eyes and looked closely; he could see the size of her bra.

32 A…

He couldn't help but laugh. Sure he knew she was lacking in the chest department but this he didn't know…She was flat like a washboard! It made him laugh even harder.

He sunk a bit deeper in the tub, his cheeks flushed. Without even thinking of it, his mind conjured up the image of her taking her bra off and tossing it to the side. Her smooth, healthy, pale looking, skin of her back exposed… He sank deeper in the tub, his flesh flushing red in the processes.

Whoa, I think I need to get out soon. He thought.

A bathed Soul came to stand in the living room. He had on a pair of sweat pants along with a sweat shirt.

Maka was curled up on the sofa remote in one hand, the other hugging a pillow close to her chest.

He sat down next to her, although not to near.

"Thanks, Soul." She simply said after a while.

"What for?" He asked caught a little off guard.

"For diner and… letting me know that I can trust you. And for being here…I will tell you about it soon." She smiled.

"I- It's no big deal. I'm sorry about earlier trying to push you to tell me what's wrong with you." He choked out; he tried not to make his voice sound so hoarse. He had no idea what else to say.

She shook her head and smiled at him.

He stood up and returned the smile.

"I'm here for anything. Just tell me when you're ready. No pressure. It's cool, I can wait."

She nodded gratefully back at him and moved to turn off the TV and settle in for the night. They turned out every light to go off to bed.

"Soul, you could have at least turned out the light to the bathroom, you know-" Her hand froze on the switch as she stared at what dangled over the shower curtain. Maka was frozen in shock.

NO WAY! I-I forgot about my bra!

"S-Soul-" She started as her partner had one hand on his bedroom door. He looked around and saw her expression.


"W-wait did you-" She stammered getting red in the face.

"Ah, well-Goodnight!" he turned around and rushed into his room escaping his Miester.

Maka that night went to sleep embarrassed, thinking of what and idiot she was for forgetting about her bra.

S-Soul saw it. He, He, he saw it! Oh, Shinigami-sama…

She slammed the pillow on her face, as if to cover up her shame.

In the room next door Soul was wide awake staring at the ceiling, just thinking. He thought about the night's events and trying to figure out what was worrying his Meister so much. He was happy to hear that she trusted him to tell him of such things going on inside her head. And he felt real cool to hear that.

He said he would wait for her to tell him. "No pressure", he said. But he was desperate to know. That on the underhand was,

"Not cool..."