Pairings: Bellatrix/Rodolphus, mentions of Lucius/Narcissa and Andromeda/Ted

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Summary: "Bella, we're going to call you 'Cap'. Just like your Father, Auror Captain Cygnus". An AU story where Voldemort never rose to power. Bellatrix, through a tragic accident, loses use of her left eye. Motivated by her sisters, husband and brother-in-law, she decides not to let it rule her life and career as a Hit-Wizard.

-1969, Potions Class

"Alright Rod. We're almost done," said Bellatrix Black to her best friend and fiancé, Rodolphus Lestrange, as they both worked on their Draughts of Living Death potions.

"We actually are, Bella. Look at that. Clear as water." said Rodolphus as he stared at their completed potions and pointed it out.

What they didn't know was that their lives were about to change forever.

Adrian Mulroney, a 7th year Slytherin, sat 3 desks away from the couple. His hobbies included disturbing the peace and breaking silence with the same grace as an enraged bull running through a fine china store.

Before the class started, Adrian set up various wizard fireworks that he got from Michael O'Neil to go off moments before everyone finished their Draughts of Living Death.

By the time the professor was about to begin examining the potions, the fireworks began flying all over the classroom. No one saw it coming and few were able to get out of the proverbial line of fire, especially when a firework shot straight into Rodolphus' cauldron, causing it to explode.

Bellatrix Black screamed in pain as the hot potion splashed the left side of her face, burning her skin upon impact. If that was not enough, she took a large amount of the Draught of Living Death in her left eye.

Even though she took the full force of the blast, Rodolphus didn't get away unscathed, as he was burned on impact as well. Unlike his wife-to-be, he knew how to take pain. That was why he didn't scream or lose his equilibrium.

With a quick wave of his wand, the potions master had stopped the fireworks. Once the smoke had cleared and several Prefects took Mulroney to the Headmaster's office, the potions master said, "Mr. Lestrange, take yourself and Ms. Black to the Hospital Wing immediately."

Taking Bellatrix into his arms, Rodolphus didn't waste time with niceties or manners as he plowed his way through everyone in his path on the way to Madame Pomfrey.

The whole while, he was trying to assure Bellatrix that she was going to be fine. Even though she had lost consciousness, he chanted, "You're not going to die, Bella. I got you."

2 hours later

Bellatrix woke up with a start as Madame Pomfrey walked over to her and Rodolphus' bed, carrying a tray of medicine. The Healer said, "Not so quickly Ms. Black. You've been seriously injured."

It was then that Bellatrix felt the left side of her face. It was completely bandaged.

The second thing that she realized was that she was only able to see through her right eye. "Why can't I see through my left eye? Is it just because of the bandages?"

Rodolphus sat up gingerly as Poppy said, "Ms. Black, when you came here, the retina in your left eye was completely destroyed. Had it been under normal circumstances, I would have been able to heal it instantly. Unfortunately, due to complications, which I assume are from the hereditary disease that runs in the Black Family, I was unable to. You won't lose the eye, but it's completely useless to you."

A cold chill went up Bella's spine as the Healer gave them their medicine and left. She'd only have one good eye for the rest of her life.

As the Healer left them, tears began flowing down her one good eye and she began sniffling.

Rodolphus sat up on the edge and said, "Bella, it's ok. It could have been much worse."

This didn't bring any response from her. Rodolphus then was struck with inspiration and gently lifted Bella's face up and said, "Bella, we're going call you Cap."

This stopped Bella's sniffling as she stared him in the eyes as he further explained, "Just like your father, Auror Captain Cygnus. It shows that you're an important person."

This brought a small smile to Bella's face as she said, "I'm only a 7th year with a bad eye, Rod. How am I important to anyone?"

"You're important to me, Cap."

Bellatrix wiped the tears from her eye as she said, "Cap it is then."

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