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Panem's School for the Young and Talented!

What does it feel like moving to a new school and you know no one there? Well to be honest it feels pretty scary! Let me introduce myself, my name is Katniss Everdeen and I am 16 years old. I have a depressed mother, a dead father and a beautiful and innocent little sister. Both my sister and I have earned a scholarship to this fancy new school called Panem's School for the Young and Talented.

Where I live there are twelve districts and one main city (the Capitol). The districts are labelled from one through to twelve. There used to be thirteen districts but the Capitol got mad with District thirteen and blew them up. The Capitol has anger issues as I am sure you can tell. Our current president is called President Snow. He is a creep. He has been around for as long as anyone can remember.

I personally live in District 12. District 12 is one of the poorer districts along with 11. My district is in charge of coal mining. Therefore, there are a lot of mining accidents. That is how my father died when the mine accidentally blew up my father was in there. This caused my mother to become depressed and slowly lose life. I was twelve when my dad died and my mother went into depression. I had to run the family and supply food for the entire family. I did this by hunting and selling my findings at the hob (the hob is pretty much a black market). My mother is better now but I still don't forgive her for what she's done and I probably never will.

That is pretty my much my life. The only two people I truly care about are my sister Prim and my best friend Gale. Gale is my hunting partner. His dad died in the same mining accident my dad did. He has three younger siblings and a wonderful mother. His mother didn't shut down and become depressed, she worked harder. Gale still has to help provide for the family even though he isn't the only one who is providing. He has a lot more family members than me, which means it takes a lot more effort than my family. We help each other out and that's why we are best friends! I think that he's upset about me having to leave for my new school because it's in the Capitol. I'm a bit upset about leaving him too but he'll never know that and I won't tell him. I leave in a weeks' time so we get in all the hunting we can.

One Week Later:

"Okay Prim, time to get up we have to leave in an hour!" I say.

"What an hour I told you to get me up two hours before we have to leave!" Prim yells frantically.

"I know! It is two hours before we leave! I just knew that telling you, you only have one hour would get you up faster and it did!" I laughed at her.

"GRRHH" Prims screams.

"Well anyway you should have a bath quickly so we can be early. I left the water in for you!' I say trying to lift her mood.

"Thankyou Katniss, "she says and gives me a big hug.

I walk back to my bed and put on a pretty blue dress that my mother had left out for me to wear. I hate dresses but I put it on anyway. I don't look that bad. My mother braided my hair so that it looks very pretty. I thought I looked good and then I saw my sister. Her blond hair and brown eyes are so much prettier than my dark brown hair and grey eyes. Very few people have blond hair in District twelve. Only the rich people who live in town. My mother was one of those people but then she fell in love with my poor father and you know how the story goes. My sister looks like my mother but I look like my father. We live in the poor part of District 12, the seam.

"We have thirty minutes we should probably leave," I tell my sister. She nods in agreement. We walk down stairs and say good bye to my mother. We get to the train station with five minutes to spare. Prim and I board the train and are greeted by a blond boy with blue eyes and he's standing next to Madge Undersee. Madge is the mayor's daughter but she's also one of my only friends when we went to primary together. Then she moved to the school I'm about to attend. We never talked to each other much but we kept each other company and that's all that matters.

"Hey Madge," I say in a really friendly voice, "Long time no see!"

She giggles and replies, "Katniss this is my friend Peeta. He's the baker's son. Peeta this is Katniss. The huntress! Jokes but she does hunt!"

Trust Madge to be cheery.

"Oh yeah I think my dad buys her squirrels!" Peeta says enthusiastically. So that's where I know him from.

"Oh yeah! Well this is my sister Prim! She loves how your family decorate their cakes at the bakery!" I say.

"Yeah they're beautiful!" Prim says, "Especially in the summer!"

"That's because I decorate them in the summer!' Peeta says quite shyly. He obviously doesn't like to show off.

"How about we all sit together?!" suggests Madge.

"Yeah!" we all say in unison.

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