Chapter 14: Get Back Up!

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Weeks passed by and no one thought Katniss would survive. Everyday Cato would sit by her bedside and do homework. He didn't know why but he was infatuated with her, he felt like they were connected in some way. He thought that it was love but who could be sure when all she did was lie in bed in never ending sleep.

Clove was worried about Cato. She liked Katniss too but they had barely met, Clove didn't know this girl and the blunt truth is neither did Cato. To Cato Katniss was just like a fairy tale but was he making stuff up in his head about her?

One day Cato was sitting next to Katniss' bed after a long day of school. He was just looking at her when he thought he saw a finger twitch. 'Could it be?' he thought, 'No it's impossible she can't be waking up!' Then he saw her whole hand move and her eyes started to flutter.

"Oh my FUCKING GOD! SHE'S ALIVE! SHE FUCKING MOVED! OH MY GOD!' Needless to say Cato was very surprised and shocked but he shut up when he saw Katniss glaring at him.

"Why are you shouting at the top of your lungs? And where am I? All I remember was someone bitch coming into my room screaming and attacking me! Did I get knocked out? What time is it? Where is Prim?" Katniss practically demanded. Cato was shocked. Did she not remember anything that happened?

"Katniss, this may come as a bit of a shock to you but you've been in a coma for 4 months. No one thought you were going to live. Prim is fine. Very sad but she's fine," Cato said trying to say calm. He was so excited to see her alive and moving. This girl had been the topic of most of his thoughts and dreams.

Katniss was shocked. She couldn't have missed out on that much. Her body, surprisingly, didn't hurt much and she felt refreshed. Suddenly the nurse ran in.

"Oh my! How are you feeling darling?" she asked looking very happy.

"I'm feeling really good actually," Katniss replied politely.

"And..." she seemed to notice Cato sitting there in shock and rushed him out of there.


I can't believe Katniss is awake. I have to go friend the others and get Prim. The poor girl has been very upset. I ran down the hall to where I knew Prim was. I saw her just sitting there by herself which she tends to do now. SH must have heard me running because she looks up and sees me.

"Is something wrong?" she says in a very quiet and sad voice. I smile sadly down at her.

"No Prim nothing is wrong everything is all good. I actually wanted to show you something," I said trying to hide the joy in my voice. I thought it would be more fun to give her a bit of a surprise.


We both walk quietly down the hall to the nurse's office. I peek inside the door to check if the nurse is still in there and it seems like she's disappeared. I looked over at Katniss and she was still awake. I went back outside told Prim to cover her eyes and brought her into the room and sat her in a chair next to Katniss. I signalled for Katniss to stay quiet whilst I told Prim to open her eyes.


Let's just say that that went on for a few hours. I went and told everyone and they were relieved to see Katniss alive. They weren't that worried though. I could finally take a deep sigh of relief and everything was good again. Now it's time to get this year pumping.

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