He looks around once more and coughs into his hand

Alright than, same disclaimer as before.

I, ProjectHarbinger, in no way owner of the works of Harry Potter which is owned by the lovely Mrs Rowling while F.E.A.R. (Or at the very least the first one) is from Monolith, this is a non-profit story and in no way to be considered canon to the main stories of either the Harry Potter books or the F.E.A.R. games.

With that he creeps out of the room, hoping to avoid more violence against his person...

Chapter I

- Fear the Nightmare-

Several weeks passed since that incident he had with Aunt Petunia without a mention of it from either of them, life continued as normal, he was woken up to make breakfast for his relatives, would be given a list of chores that were to be done on the pain of suffering several days without food and what's left of his time was spent trying to survive his cousin's 'games'. Which brought him to his present situation...At present he was sitting on a park bench, taking a breather after finally evading Dudley and his gang when they decided to play 'Harry Hunting' once again.

He sighed as he leaned back into the park bench, the ten year old boy watched as children with their families, laughing, playing and enjoying one another's company...A bitter frown crossed his face as he remembered what Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon told him about his own parents dying from a car crash which left him parent-less and a scar on his head...Yet somehow it didn't seem right, there was something about the look in their eyes when they told him, but he couldn't be absolutely sure...Still true or not, his parents were gone and he was stuck with his Uncle and Aunt and the wretched being they called a son...

As he got off the bench and started to head back to Privet Drive he noticed the park went silent...Gazing around him Harry was shocked to find it completely devoid of life. There was no trace of any of the children nor their parents having every been there. A cold feeling rushed through him as he started to notice something else...It reminded him slightly of that dream he had all those weeks ago, but it was different. A whispering in the back of his mind, incoherent yet still audible. He shut his eyes and tried to will the voice away, hoping that if he 'willed' hard enough everything would be normal again...

Unfortunately it wasn't to be, the voice persisted until it sounded like it was right behind him. He felt cold, the feeling of being watched weighing heavily on his mind as he tried desperately to run, but it was as if he was frozen in place! Taking quick short breaths he tried to keep calm, but it was difficult as his mind kept conjuring images of his own death, his blood bathing the park in a red rain! He finally managed to summon one last burst of willpower and ran off as fast as his small legs could carry him, not stopping until he was back on Privet Drive...As he entered Number 4 he sighed, shaking his head.

"It was only a dream, it wasn't real..." he whispered to himself, trying to reassure himself as he leaned against the front door, tired and feeling weak from the long run.

"Was it a Dream? Or a Nightmare made real?" A male voice asked out of nowhere, causing Harry's eyes to widen in suprise, an expression of shock crossing his face. He looked around sharply, trying to locate the voice, but he couldn't find it.

The voice chuckled softly and continued "You remind me of my Brother,despite the fact that you are not of HER blood...It makes no difference...You have interested Mother, even across the void between universes, this should prove interesting." the voice finished, laughing softly before disappearing once more. Harry immediately ran to his cupboard and closed the door behind him, taking comfort from the familiar place as he tried to get his breathing and heart-rate under control.

His eyes kept wide awake throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening, his relatives didn't even care of his absence, thinking it a small blessing of reprieve from the small freak...However this was only the prelude of the nightmare, it started when he reached his Eleventh Birthday...The day he found the truth...