This is my take to one of the challenges that Backa Usagi posted. So here goes nothing.


Two Years Ago…

"Zoro! Sanji! Everyone! I found it! I found the One Piece! I FOUND THE ONE PIECE‼"

"Good gracious Luffy, you don't need to shout in our ears! We can hear you!"

"Usopp isn't it wonderful?"

"Uh, yeah! Oh my gosh we are now the Pirate King's crew!"

"This calls for a CELEBRATION!"

A great cheer roared from the small crew as they reflected how they were able to survive the horrid Grand Line and the uncharted New World…


A Few Months Ago…

"This is crazy! First Sanji gets kidnapped then Luffy too! Zoro, what are we going to do?"

"We rescue them. Their probably putting up quite a fight against their captors. It'll be easy…"


"Hey, Ero-Cook, where's Luffy? Isn't with you?"

"Huh? What kind of question is that you idiot marimo? Isn't Luffy the one that told you that I was taken?"

"No! He also got capture too Swirly Eyebrow!"

"What! No way!"



"They took him all the way to Logue town…"

"Why Nami?"

"They're going to execute him. Just like Roger."

"Must be the Marine's sorry excuse of a joke. They're going to do it the same way? We aren't going to let history repeat, we're saving him."

"Sanji's right…FULL SAIL TO LOGUE TOWN!"



"Go everyone! I'll hold them off!"

"Zoro! Sanji! Everyone! Take care of the One Piece for me!"



"Captain Shanks, is there something wrong?"

"No Ben, not really…"

"Really? You were sad ever since the news that Luffy was executed at Logue Town…"

"Yeah, that's it. I'm sad the small kid had to be executed…He had so much life left…And I never got to meet him after he became the Pirate King. It's saddening."

"I understand Captain. I just hope Luffy's crew and Garp are holding well…"


These were all memories of the past. And yeah, its short. Really story really starts with the next chapter. Tell me if you see any problems or OOCness. Any question and comments you have are welcome, just drop them off at the little blue button below.