The Total Drama series belongs to Teletoon, and Cartoon Network. Also, the Alphabet idea isn't mine. It belongs to Frank15. Everything I also mention that's copyrighted belongs to their respective copyrights. However, all my characters belong to me.

You may be wondering… Why am I doing this? Well, I feel these first few chapters deserve a re-write, being I have since improved on my skills as a writer. Heck, last time, I nearly forgot Candace!

So, without further ado, let's get this new rewrite starte!

It was a lovely day on Wananakwa Island… The birds were chirping, the fish were swimming, and a certain host was coming onscreen.

"Yo! Chris McClean here, about to lay down the bestest and awesomest season of Total Drama yet! If you joined us last season, our main bad boy Duncan, the hottie of every girl around, the bad boy of Canada, the non-vampire like Edward to the inner Bella inside teenage girls… Was beaten by a geeky farm girl named Beth. Now, we have 26 NEW contestants, hoping they can win the Million dollar prize! Why 26? Well, we been getting complaints by some soccer moms, saying our show isn't educational… So, without any further delay, we shall begin! Who's gonna rise to the challenge? Who's gonna hook up with who? Find out, right here! On…"




Suddenly, Chris' cell phone rang. "Hello? What do you mean Alphabet is taken?" He then hung up. "Okay, let's try this again!"




Chris' cell phone rang again. "Yes? Again?! Letterz was already taken? I know it was my evil clone, okay?" He then hung up. "Third time's a charm!"




Chris' cell phone rang yet again. "IF YOU TELL ME DICTIONARY IS TAKEN…" His anger faded away, when he heard who was really on the phone. "Oh, hi mom…"

(Cue I Wanna Be Famous)

Chris is now on the Dock of Shame, ready to greet the contestants. There was a giant hornet next to him.

"Welcome back! In case you're joining us, we're about to meet the first of our contestants… And will someone get this bug off of me?!" Chris said, as he swatted at the hornet. Said hornet didn't take too kindly to that, and tried to dive bomb on the host, as…

It was vacuumed up by a male of Hispanic descendant. He had raven black hair, with blonde bangs, a tanned body, white t-shirt, red shorts, and green shoes.

"Whoa, that was a gnarly huge bug, man!" The man said. "They have a stinger that can pierce through diamond! Makes for an effective diamond cutter, though."

"And here's our first contestant of the new season, Xander!" Chris said. "Digging the lingo, man!"

"Thanks, Chris! I shall see to it that this island is wiped out of any pests around!" Xander replied.

"Yeah, you do that. Now we gotta introduce our next contestant." Chris said, as Xander went to the far end of the Dock. "Now, here's Jeanette!"

A woman with black hair, a blue dress, and ruby red shoes stepped off the boat. "Pleasured to be here, Chris!"

"We're glad that you're around, Jeanette!" Chris replied.

"If only Rick got picked, as well…" Jeanette said. "But no changing the past."

Jeanette then walked over to Xander, as they shook hands.

"Okay, here's our third contestant, Maxwell!" Chris shouted, as the boat stopped by the Dock, and a male stepped out. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt over what appears to be a shirt with an anime logo on it. He was also wearing blue jeans, sandals, and a hat covering his brown hair. Said hat had a pen of a four leaf clover on it.

"Nice to be here!" Maxwell said, smiling. "This is more exciting than Ojamajo Doremi!"

"By the way, nice Baka and Test shirt!" Chris said.

"Hey, it's a good anime!" Maxwell frowned, before smiling again. "Anyways, I hope I have a good time here!"

"Where did you get your shirt?" Jeanette asked.

"Internet?" Maxwell replied.

"I found this rumor on the Internet about December Bugs…" Xander said, as both Jeanette and Maxwell looked at him. "What? There may be other bugs named after months besides June."

"Okay, moving on…" Chris said. "Here's Nuva!"

Said contestant stepped off the boat, dressed in a blue shirt, with pink pants, green shoes, and blonde hair, with golden hoop earrings. She is also carrying what appears to be… a sock puppet?

"Hi, sugar sticks! Nuva here, ready to win! Alongside me is Nerdi!" Nuva replied, smiling at her puppet, a brunette blue cat wearing glasses.

"Meow, you're right, Nuva!" Nerdi said.

"Cool, you're a puppeteer?" Xander asked.

"You bet, bud! I have several puppets back home, but I brought Nerdi because she's… special to me." Nuva replied.

"Is that a Yotsuba pin I see on the pale male's hat, meow?" Nerdi asked.

"Okay, enough of the puppet tricks… Here's Ethan!" Chris said, as a male stepped off the boat. He had messy brown hair, a blue t-shirt with a smiling crawfish on it, black shoes, and red sweatpants.

"Hi, guys!" Ethan replied, with a smile. "Hope we have a good time!"

"Did you bring seafood, meow?" Nerdi asked, looking at Ethan's shirt.

"Nerdi, be nice!" Nuva scolded her puppet.

"Actually, no. Had some last night, though." Ethan said, as he saw Jeanette. He went into some deep thought, but shook it off. "Um… I have the strangest feeling I seen you before…"

"Huh?" Jeanette asked.

"Oh, sorry. Where are my manners? Name's Ethan!" Ethan replied.

"Jeanette. Nice to meet you!" Jeanette said, smiling.

"And next, we have Luka!" Chris replied, as the boat stopped, and a girl stepped out. Said girl was a brunette with blue streaks in her hair, and topped with a bandana. Her bangs were also dyed blue. Her ears were heavily pierced, and she also had several body piercings on her. She was also wearing a black sweater with a peace sign, with three dots above it, almost like a cat's paw, blue jeans, and green sandals.

"Hi, there! Name's Luka!" Luka said, smiling.

"You're… not gonna be like Duncan, are you?" A frightened Nuva asked. "He was a meanie…"

"I heard he blew up a cottage once, but that's just a rumor." Maxwell whispered to Ethan, as his cell phone rang. "Hello?"

"IT'S NOT A COTTAGE!" A voice yelled out through the phone, as a frightened Maxwell hung up.

"Was that Courtney?" Ethan asked.

"First off, I'm not gonna be like Duncan, so to answer the puppet girl's question... Nah, or course not…" Luka reassured the puppeteer, as a seagull flew down. It had its head stuck in a plastic ring. She quickly took notice. "Aw, you poor thing!"

Luka then lept off the Dock, and approached the seagull gently.

"Now, let me get this thing off you…" Luka said, as she took out a pocketknife, and cut the seagull free. "There you go! Now you're free of this unnecessary accessory!"

The contestants watched Luka's act of kindness.

"Guess she isn't like Duncan after all." Jeanette replied.

"Yeah, almost the polar opposite." Ethan said.

However, a random shark jumped out of the water, and ate the seagull whole. Luka facepalmed.

"This happens EVERY time I do this…" Luka said to herself.

Let's meet our next constant, Isaac!" Chris says as a male steps off the boat. He was wearing what appeared to be a blue snuggie over a green shirt, and red pants. He also had messy brown hair, and looked shy. "Isaac, you gonna say something, man?" Chris says.

"…" responded Isaac. He wasn't much in the mood to say anything, but stood beside Luka, getting back on the Dock.

"You must be BRUTALLY shy…" Luka said. "Cheer up, man!"

Isaac just sighed.

"Luka… I don't think Isaac is the talkative type…" Maxwell replied. "Maybe… he's like that for a reason?"

"Maybe…" Luka said.

"Here's our next contestant, Tina!" Chris shouted, as a girl stepped off the boat. She had pink hair, a green t-shirt with a Mario mushroom, blue sweatpants, and purple sandals. She was also wearing glasses, which increased her cuteness. But one thing was on the campers mind.

"What smells like cotton candy?" Maxwell asked.

"Whoa, someone smuggled snacks on here?" Xander also asked.

"Um… It's me, actually." Tina replied. "It's all because of me that I smell like cotton candy."

Tina then joined the ever growing group, and took out her 3DS.

"Cool, you got a 3DS?" Maxwell asked.

"You bet!" Tina said, with a smile. "And I bought some of my favorite games, as well!"

"Neat!" Maxwell replied. "Maybe we should play a game of Mario Kart?"

"Maybe at dinner." Tina said, smiling.

"Introducing Peter!" Chris says as the next constant steps off the boat. He had brown hair, was wearing a black X-Box shirt, blue jeans, and shoes.

"Hi, Chris, McLame!" Peter says in a mocking tone of voice.

"Aww, I'm not lame!" Chris shouted back to Peter.

"Aw, whatever." Peter walked over to the others, before noticing Tina playing her 3DS.

"What, may I ask, is THAT?" Peter says to Tina.

"It's just a Nintendo 3DS…" Tina says before Peter starts up again.

"What? That kiddy crap?" Peter says. "You should be playing some real games, like Call of Duty, or Halo! Mario? Oh, please…"

"But, without Mario… You wouldn't be playing this Call of Duty right now…" Jeanette said.

"I didn't need any input from you! This is between me and Kidtendo here!" Peter shouted out loud.

"And plus, I don't really like the Call of Duty franchise, anyway… Sorry..." Tina shyly replied, putting her game away.

Peter looked like he was about to pop. "Don't like… DON'T LIKE… YOU TAKE THAT BACK!"

"Hey! If she doesn't like Call of Duty, she doesn't like it, so chill!" Luka replied.

"You, Magnet Bait, are on my personal –BLEEP- list! Effected immediately! Alongside Cotton Candy!" Peter cursed out loud.

"She didn't even do ANYTHING to you!" Luka yelled out.

Tina sighed, as Maxwell went up to her.

"Hey, don't worry about Peter, he's just a jerk." Maxwell said. "Wish we got a fan of the XBOX that's benevolent…"

"Yeah, me too.

"Okay, before the console wars start up around here, let's introduce Omelette!" Chris says as someone steps off the boat. She was wearing a black shirt over a pink sweater, green sweatpants, purple shoes, and blonde hair covered by a black hat. She was also wearing sunglasses.

"Hi, peoples!" Omelette says. "My name's Omelette, and I hope to have… What smells like cotton candy?"

"Lametendo here does!" Peter yells out, with the hope that Tina got upset. Tina had another idea.

"Yeah, I so wanted to try out my new cotton candy scented shampoo before I arrived here…" says Tina while glancing at Peter.

"They have cotton candy scented shampoo?" Nuva asked.

"Oh… Very well, then." Omelette says. "Smells nice!"

"Thanks…" Tina said, with the hopes that the others wouldn't find out about the reasons of her cotton candy scented hair anytime soon…

"Up next, we got Candace!" Chris replied, as a girl wearing a flower-style headband, a orange t-shirt, blue shorts, and pink shoes stepped onto the dock… With her hands.

"Namaste, Chris!" Candace said, with a smile, as she got on her feet. "I say, your contestants so far feel like a Saturday morning cartoon!"

"If only… You think parents would accept a punk protangist?" Luka asked.

"You just gotta put your heart to it!" Candace replied with a smile.

"Knowing my luck, my cartoon would be best suited for prime time, for obvious reasons…" Omelette said, giggling.

"And here's one of our tween constants, Bob!" Chris says as no one steps off the boat.

"Bob? Hello?" Chris asks.

"Huh, he must be shy, the poor kid." Maxwell said.

"Perhaps he gave up, due to ME being on the island!" Peter replied.

"I'm gonna just ignore that…" Tina said, as she went to where the boat was. "Hello, Bob? Can you come out? If not for us, for me?"

The kid, hearing Tina's voice, steps out. He had brown hair, a white t-shirt with green sleeves on it, blue jeans, and sandals.

"Okay… Hi, my name's Bob." Bob says. Most everyone greeted him… Except one.

"Pfft… What a shrimp." Peter says to himself, but didn't notice Tina overhearing him.

"Like I already know who the true shrimp is." Tina said to herself.

"Bob, you seem a bit too young to be here… What's going on?" Candace asked.

"Well, Chris decided to open the contest to anyone over the age of 9, now!" Bob replied. "I had to join; this is my favorite show! Shame I couldn't meet Beth, though. But you guys are just as good!"

"Let's meet our next constant, Yuki, and what a sight she is!" Chris says as someone stepped off the boat…

Her hair was in a ponytail, which was streaked in various different colors. Some of her hair was also down, with its tips dyed pink. Her bangs were also dyed blue. She was wearing a purple t-shirt with a daisy on it, pink pants, orange shoes, and red glasses. She also had her face painted, with a skull on the left side of her cheek, and a heart on the right side.

The constants looked at the strange looking, yet unique girl.

"Wow, lots of people…" Yuki said.

"Who did your hair?" Nuva questioned.

"Did you stop by a carnival before coming here?" Questioned Luka as well.

"You mean the paint? It's just something I do." Yuki said, before taking out a sketch book, and started drawing.

Ethan couldn't help but notice what Yuki was drawing.

"You're a really good artist…" Ethan said, smiling.

"Why, thank you!" Yuki replied. "But, I didn't even get really started yet!"

"Next up is Danny!" Chris says as the next person steps off the boat, with an evil smile. He had his black hair slicked forward, wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and orange shoes.

"Aw, THESE ARE MY CAMPERS?" Says Danny. "This is gonna be TOO easy… Just give me the money now!" He says as he steps up to Bob, who, in an instant, curled up in a ball, shaking in fear.

"Aw, is the whiddle kid scared?" Danny said in a taunting voice.

"HEY!" Omelette shouted at Danny. "Stop taunting him!"

"Why should I? Maybe I should step on your precious shades!" Danny shouted back.

Omelette gulped, as she stepped back.

"Now… Where were we?" Danny said. "A-Ha! Now I remember!"

Danny was really close to the small Bob now.

"Any last words before I beat you?" Danny said in a cruel voice. Bob just wimpered. "No? Good!"

As the bully was about to hit the scarred kid, he was lifted into the air, and spun around almost like a familiar turtle dragon in a classic game.

"Let me go, you geek-head!" yelled out Danny in fear.

"Wish granted!" said the young female voice spinning him around. She let him go, and Danny goes flying into the water, complete with a big splash. The campers watched in awe at who managed to toss him.

"Holy Hidamari Sketch…" said a shocked Maxwell.

"Yeah, note to self… NEVER make her mad." Candace replied.

Meanwhile, in the water, Danny was mad.

"Grr…" said Danny. "Whoever did that's gonna be sorry!" He yelled out while swimming back to shore.

Back on the Dock, Bob was still scared. "Oh, crap… This girl's gonna beat me up… Worse than that Danny may…"

"Hey, you okay?" Said the same voice, now holding out a hand to Bob. "You have nothing to be scared of, I promise!"

"Really?" Bob asked.

"Really." The girl replied, as Bob was lifted up.

"Thanks for saving my skin!" Bob said. "I was BRUTALLY nervous when you suddenly lifted that Danny guy… I thought I was gonna be… Thanks again!"

"No problem! Guys like these make my blood boil." Said the young girl, about Bob's age. She wore a black t-shirt with a skull in the front of it, pink sweat pants, and green shoes. She also wore spiked wristbands, and had raven-black hair, with her bangs dyed hot pink. She looked goth-esque, but she seemed to be a nice girl.

"I see you guys just met Hannah!" Chris said.

Luka then spoke up. "So… Did you really toss "Mr. I wanna be a tough guy by beating up someone younger than I" towards the lake?" Luka said to Hannah.

"Yeppers, my pierced friend!" Hannah said. I can't explain it, but I can lift stuff 9 times my own body weight…"

"You're… not gonna go in an angry rage like Eva would, are you?" Jeanette asked.

"Nah, or course not! I'm using my strength for good!" Hannah replied.

"Okay, we heard enough of Hannah; let's meet our next constant, Ugra!" Chris said as a male wearing what looks like a spiny blue shell on top of his head steps off the boat. He was also wearing a tie-dye t-shirt, blue jeans, and sandals.

"Greetings, the name is Ugra." Ugra said.

"Why do you have a spiny blue shell on your head?" Tina questioned.

"I… like it." Ugra answered. "It's where I also hide my shinies."

"You're a collector of shinies?" Candace asked. "My older sister's crystal is the shinest crystal you ever saw!"

"Who knows, there may even be some treasure around here…" Ethan replied.

"And I shall dig up all the shinies around!" Ugra said.

"Okay, now, here's Zero!" Chris says as someone looking evil steps off the boat. He had his hair streaked blood red. He was also wearing fingerless gloves, a dark green shirt, black pants, and white shoes.

"Oh, yeah, let's rock this –BLEEP-!" Zero shouts to his fellow campers.

"Meow, you kiss your mother with that mouth?" Nuva says as Nerdi.

"I gotta agree with the puppet, which is a thing I don't say too often, but there are kids watching this show!" Tina yelled at him while covering Bob's ears.

"What? Too sensitive for my –BLEEP- language?" Zero says. "Then you better get –BLEEP- used to it, lady!"

"And the TV Rating just went up to TV-14…" Candace replied.

"Wow, he most likely tasted a lot of soap in his life, huh?" Yuki said to Ethan.

"Yep, that's a… yep." Ethan answered back. "I wonder if he tasted Lifebuoy?"

"Does that stuff cause blindness if you taste it?" Yuki asked.

"I highly doubt it." Ethan replied.

Yuki then finished her drawing. "So, how do you like it?" Yuki asked again.

"Finished product really good!" Ethan answered.

Yuki couldn't help but smile. "I hope we're on the same team…" She said to Ethan.

"Our next constant is Vikki! Hope you're not scared of clowns!" Chris says as the next person unicycles off the boat, while juggling stuff in her hands. Once she stopped most everyone clapped and cheered.

"Thank you, thank you!" Vikki says. She had a blue clown hat with pink spots, purple hair, a pink sweater with blue dots, green pants with red spots, pink shoes with a heart on them, a heart drawn on her hands, and a heart painted on her cheeks!

"Wow, you're really cool!" Bob says to Vikki, before taking out a pen and paper. "Can I have your autograph?"

"Wow, an autograph off the bat… Sure, kiddo!" Vikki says, accepting the pen and paper, and giving Bob her autograph, before joining the others.

Omelette couldn't help, but stare at a certain part of Vikki… But Candace noticed Omelette starring at Vikki.

"Um, Omelette?" Candace asked. "Are you… Um… Checking out… her butt?"

"What, no! just checking out how she can stay balanced on the unicycle!" Omelette said, as Vikki took notice.

"Well, it takes lots of practice to do that… And a cute butt to boot, as well." Vikki replied, smiling, holding out her hand.

"I'm Omelette!" Omelette said to the clown girl.

"Vikki!" Vikki replied. "Don't think I'm just a cute clown girl; I'm a fierce competitor!"

"Next up, is Alec!" Chris says as someone steps off the boat.

"SCIENCE!" Alec shouts out in the air. He had messy brown hair, a white lab coat over a purple t-shirt, brown pants, orange shoes, and glasses.

"Okay… That was weird…" Omelette said, before he was met face to face with Alec.

"Say, cutie? Wanna blind me with SCIENCE?" Alec says to Omelette, in the hopes of flirting with her.

"Is science all you say?" Omelette asked, confused.

"Nope! I also have a lot of other words I say in my vocabulary!" Alec replied. "And it's pronounced SCIENCE!"

"You're a bit educated, huh?" Luka said, smiling.

"And my smarts shall guide me through this contest! For SCIENCE!" Alec shouted out loud.

"Next constant is Kagura!" Chris says as the next person steps off the boat.

"Huh? This isn't Osaka's Got Talent!" Kagura says. The Asian was wearing a blue school uniform, brown shoes, and had her raven-colored hair in a ponytail.

"Nope, you're on Total Drama Dictionary, and my name's Chris McClean!" Chris said.

"Explains why I was picked to be on here, instead…" Kagura said as she heads over to her fellow constants.

"Wow, you really came from Japan?" Maxwell said.

"Yep! Born and raised there since birth…" Kagura said.


"And I'm Kagura, Maxwell-Kun!" Kagura said. "Nice to meet a fellow Baka and Test fan!"

"Cool!" Maxwell says in excitement.

"So, how DO Japanese robes feel?" Tina asked.

"They feel wonderful… Just like your hair! It's cool!" Kagura says to Tina.

"Thanks, but Ms. Cool Hair is over there." Tina says as she points to Yuki, who's chatting with Ethan.

"Keep watching the skies, because here's Ross!" Chris shouted out loud, as a male wearing a a white t-shirt with the words "Beam Me Up" on it, blue jeans, brown shoes, and a colander with wire hangers attached to it.

"Hang on, Chris; I gotta see if any of these guys are alien lifeforms…" Ross said, as he took out a device. It seemed to be some kinda scanner.

"Um, what's he doing?" Nuva asked.

Ross frowned, as it read 0%. "Oh, well. Can't win them all. Could had sworn the rainbow-streaked girl was one. By the name, my name's Ross!"

"Is it true you're looking out for alien lifeforms?" Luka asked.

"Very true! I do believe there IS life outside this world! We just have to meet and greet them!" Ross replied, smiling. "By the way, nice piercings!"

"Thanks for the compliment, Ross!" Luka said.

"And here's Selena!" Chris said.

"She steps out of the boat, wearing a pink shirt, a pink skirt, and pink shoes. She also had a lot of jewelry on.

"Jeepers, she's way into shinies more than I am…" Ugra said to himself.

"Hi, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Selena, and I hope we'll get along well!" Selena said with a fake attitude, but really, she was thinking "Ugh… Nerds. They shouldn't even exist around me! I'll see to it that they're off the island…"

"Wow, you're beautiful…" Alec said, blushing.

Candace had to pull him back.

"Um, I don't think she's the type to go for someone like you… I can see it in her aura." Candace replied.

"Pfft… What do you know?" Alec said, as she walked over to her. A few seconds later, he came back to Candace. "My sectum hurts, now…"

"Warned ya." Candace replied.

"Here's Francis!" Chris said as an African-Canadian man steps off the boat. He was holding a wrench, and a banana. He was also dressed in a green tank top, red bandana, blue jeans, and white shoes. For some odd reason, he was eating a banana.

"Let's get this started, man!" Francis said, biting into a banana.

"In due time, Francis." Jeanette said.

"So, what's the banana for?" Bob asked.

"Eh, I wanted a snack before I came here…" Francis replied, smiling. "Can't believe someone jammed this in one of the pipes on the boat. Hey, it's still clean though, right?"

"So, who's next?" Ethan asked.

"Quentin's next up!" Chris shouted out loud, as there was no sign of a boat.

"HA! Chris is playing with his imaginary friends again! LOSER!" Peter yelled out loud.

"Did I break the boat?" Francis asked.

"Guys? You may wanna break for it?" Hannah said, picking up everyone's things, and everyone bailed from the dock… Except for one contestant.

"Isaac?" Hannah asked. "We gotta run, before we get…"

The two suddenly got soaked from said wave.

"…Soaked." Hannah replied, spitting out excess water.

Standing on the now-soaked dock, was a tanned male. He had sandy blonde hair, glasses, a light blue shirt, blue jeans, and was currently barefoot. He was also holding a surfboard.

"Whoa, talk about a gnarly wave, man! Almost as gnarly as that lightsaber duel in A New Hope!" The male said.

"And we have Quentin! Nice entrance!" Chris said, grinning.

"Thanks, man!" Quentin replied, smiling. "Need I say more?"

"Um, where are your things?" Kagura asked.

"They'll come, in due time." Quentin replied, grinning. "And sorry for soaking you and your friend here, kiddo!"

"It's fine! Although, I'm worried about Isaac here…" Hannah said.

Isaac did nothing but sigh.

"Okay, Campers? Next up, we have Whitney!" Chris shouted out loud, as there was an explosion from far off.

"WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Yelled out a voice, as she splashed down in the water, and was swallowed up by a shark.

"…And that WAS Whitney!" Chris sheepishly said.

"Are you insane?!" Vikki shouted out loud. "She could be hurt, or worse!"

"Whatever, we'll just get another W contestant." Chris said back to Vikki. "No big loss!"

"Um, guys?" Luka said, pointing to the shark. "I think something's up with the shark…"

Indeed, the shark was holding its stomach in pain, and almost instantly as he swallowed her up, spit the voice back out.

"Uh, did I just get ate by a shark?" The girl said to her fellow constants. She was wearing a green hat with a "W" on the front of it. She also had brown hair, a purple shirt, with patches on it, blue shorts, brown shoes, and had bandages all over her body. Somehow, they made her look more cuter.

"Most likely." Ross said.

"Well, it's most likely a first for Total Drama history." The girl replied. "Awesome! The name's Whitney! I also found this inside the shark!"

She was holding a duck… The same duck that Luka helped out earlier.

"Guess he IS free after all…" Luka said to herself with a smile, as Chris' cell phone rang.

"Hello? Yes? Okay…" Chris said. "Campers; our last contestant won't be arriving until tomorrow. Said she's having trouble with something."

"Car trouble? Sickness?" Whitney asked.

"Fighting Space Pirates somewhere in the Xornoto Galaxy… But enough about that; we gotta get a shot for the promos!" Chris said.

"Hey, I saw the first season, Chris!" Ross said. "The campers all got wet! And that troth wasn't there before!" He said while pointing up.

"Yeah, I don't think that troth is filled with confetti." Vikki said.

"Yeah, well… Get in a huddle!" Chris shouted back.

The 25 campers all huddled together.

"Okay, everyone. On the count of three, say Dictionary!" Chris shouted.




"DICTIONARY!" said all the campers, as water splashed down on them from the troth.

"A-Ha ha ha!" Laughed Chris. "Gets them every time! Anyway, will all of them get along? Will there be drama? Stay tuned, and come back!"

"Way to go, Chris-Baka!" Kagura shouted at him.

And that's Part 1 of the Rewritten Episode 1!

Next Time: Bungee Jumping for prezzies! And learning about the Island.