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Something chapter start?

Chris is on the Dock, ready to give out the Intro.

"Last time on Dictionary… Our contestants went into the world of the Teletubbies. And before you ask, I wasn't on drugs when I thought up the challenge. Anyways, the campers had to toss Pikmin at wildlife, changing them into other Pikmin. The challenge lasted quite a while, and they soon faced off against the boss, a giant T-Rex. And despite ending up in the belly of it, Maxwell won the challenge, and we went to rocks for the rest of the contest at the campfire. And at the end, it was Omelette that was sent home, but not after a heartfelt goodbye from her."

"Now, 5 contestants remain, soon 4. What will happen today? Find out right now, on…"




(Cue I Wanna Be Famous…)

In one of the cabins, Yuki was looking around with a confused look… The cabin was cleaned up and dusted.

"Okay, now THIS is strange, hon." Yuki commented.

"Yeah, tell me about it." Maxwell said, coming in, and holding Kanata. "My manga and anime collection were sorted out in Alphabetical order…"

"Plus, I can't accuse anyone for cleaning up after us." Yuki replied. "After I commented on my now clean clothes, we were all together at dinner, at the campfire, and at the Dock giving Omelette her farewells."

"And before that, whoever did that cleaned my undershirts, as well." Maxwell commented as he sat on a bed. "My Wedding Peach shirt was washed with laundry detergent."

"Someone must be feeling extra nice and…" Yuki said, as she realized something. "Wait, Wedding Peach?"

"It's a good anime!" Maxwell replied. "Anyways, should we worry?"

"Eh, I highly doubt it, sweetie." Yuki said, shrugging. "After all, whoever's cleaning up our stuff is only doing it just for the sake of being nice."

"Makes sense." Maxwell replied, as he rubbed on Kanata. "I think they even gave Kanata a bath."

"Gee, way to remind me, Maxwell…" Kanata thought.

Confessional: The Mystery deepens… For them.

Maxwell: Yeah, last time I gave her one was before the Haunted House challenge… And we ALL know how that turned out.

Yuki: The mystery deepens, huh?

Jenny: I even cleaned everyone else's clothes… Here's hoping that'll help me be accepted someday?

Kanata: Not to mention… She even gave me a cheeseburger themed cat bed… They actually make those? WHY didn't anyone tell me this sooner?! I gotta persuasive Maxwell to surf the Internet once the show's over; I gotta make my Christmas list early!

In another cabin, Bob and Hannah were snuggling on the couch… While playing a video game.

"Wow, Bob… You're really good at this game!" Hannah said, smiling.

"Yep, Tina's trained me well!" Bob replied, with a smile.

"That she did." Hannah said, smiling. "You two were so tight once the teams merged into two teams."

"Heck, we were tight when we first met." Bob commented. "She was SO thankful for me coming into her life… She even said that my presence gave her the will to live again. And she's helped me out so much. And then Ichigo came into the picture, and then you…"

"Looks like you got adopted into TWO families!" Hannah replied, smiling warmly. "We may have our share of conflicts at times, but in the end, we all care for each other."

"That we do…" Bob said, as Hannah did some thinking.

"Um, don't mind me for saying this, but…" Hannah replied, as she got up and reached into her bag, and pulled out what appears to be a Valentine's Day card. "Are YOU this Bob guy?"

Bob took one long look at the Valentine's Day card. It was of a couple of Pikachu, having a picnic at the park, drawn by Bob.

"Whoa… I thought I trashed it after…" Bob said, silently.

"So, this Jade girl… You must had felt strong about her, huh?" Hannah asked.

"Well, I wouldn't call it love. But she was my very good friend, who defended me several times when either Tina or Ichigo couldn't." Bob replied. "But after she left and I was on my own... Ichi would help me out whenever I got into trouble with any bullies."

Hannah smiled. "Wow... Maybe I should meet this Ichigo someday."

"You would like her." Bob replied, smiling warmly. "She's a really nice gal!"

Just then, the door opened, to reveal Danny… Looking sad?


"Danny? You look very down in the dumps." Hannah said sincerely. "What's wrong?"

"Ibuki Midora… is dead…" Danny said, as he sighed. "She did NOT deserve to go out like that…"

Hannah took notice. "Ibuki Midora? That anime gal with the lip piercings that my mom brought a poster of?"

Danny nodded, as he sat on the bed.

"Well, you just gotta say to yourself, it's just that manga series. There's plenty of punk girls in manga world out there that survive…" Hannah said, rubbing on Danny's back in comfort.

"But not as awesome as Ibuki…" Danny replied, as he realized something. "Wait… Why am I saying all of this?"

"Even I'm not sure…" Bob said.

"Look, you two. This conversation… NEVER happened." Danny replied. "If you say anything about this… I'm washing your Beth Doll."

Danny walked out the door, as Bob shrugged.

"Good luck with that. It's already been washed… Somehow." Bob said, shrugging.

Confessional: Bubble Bobble?

Danny: For what it's worth, the story was good… And Monokuma's a jerk.

Bob: Yeah, I got attacked by the phantom washer, too…

Hannah: Sadly, I don't know many anime girls that ARE legit punks…


Chris was looking at a package in his trailer, as he grinned.

"WOOO! Chef! My reward came in!" Chris shouted out in glee.

"What you win, pretty boy?" Chef Hatchet asked, coming into the room.

"I won a random plot from a random movie a few days ago! They didn't say which movie, though…" Chris said, as he opened the package.

The two looked in the now opened package, as they looked at each other.

"So… What do we do with this?" Hatchet asked.

A smile on Chris' mouth grew.

"Chris? What are you thinking?" Hatchet asked.

The next morning, Maxwell was playing on his 3DS with some cereal next to him. (Lucky Charms)

"Come on, I can make it… I'm in First Place…" Maxwell said, as he got a sense of shock on his face as some explosion sounds were heard. "Augh! There went my lead! Stupid, –BLEEP- spiny blue shells!"


"Maxwell Spitz, you are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statue." A voice said out loud, spitting out a paper from a device on the wall. [1]

"The hell?" Maxwell asked, as…


"Maxwell Spitz, you are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statue."

Maxwell looked at the camera.

"Sure, REAL funny, Chris!" Maxwell shouted at the camera.

"What's real funny?" Danny asked.

"Everytime we swear, this thing fines us a credit… Funny, since I seen this before in some movie about blowing stuff up." Maxwell replied.

Danny was confused. "Well… huh. I thought you were all anime, geek."

"Hey, I can have other interests, too." Maxwell said, shrugging. "I'm not just a one-note otaku with an interest in gaming as well."

"So, this thing fines us whenever we curse?" Danny asked. "Dammit, soccer moms!"


"Danny Rayeman, you are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statue."

Danny was shocked as he flipped off the machine.

"My thoughts exactly." Maxwell said, taking a bite of his cereal.

Yuki was on the beach, doing some sketching. When she woke up earlier, there was a note by Chris next to the mirror, asking her to not paint her face, and to wear these two white bandages on her cheek scars.

"What a nice day… I still don't know why I was asked to not paint my face today." Yuki noted, as she peeked over her sketchpad and eyed the shore. Something then caught her eye… A rather green-tinted glass bottle. "Huh? What's a glass bottle doing on the shore?"

Yuki got up and walked over to the glass bottle, as she picked it up.

"Typical litterbugs… Don't they know what a trash can is?" Yuki asked. "At least I grabbed it before any damage was done."

She then took a more closer look… It appeared to have a piece of paper inside the bottle.

"Huh? Is this a message in a bottle? The kind that shipwrecked people or star-crossed lovers send?" Yuki said, as she opened the bottle and got the letter out. She then read it.

Hmm… blah blah Mist… Blah blah Taunting…" Yuki's eyes went wide. "Who the hell taunts someone over their dead mom?!" Yuki replied, as… [2]


"Yuki White, you are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statue." The machine said from far away.

"Not. Now." Yuki said, glaring at the Mess Hall.

Confessional: I wonder where that bottle came from…

Yuki: Now I really wished it was a love letter… But still, I hope this Tilly gets what's coming to her.

In the Mess Hall, everyone was commenting on today's challenge.

"So… What may be today's challenge?" Bob asked.

"Maybe… it's a butt battle?" Yuki answered, having came back from the beach.

"Boy, Omelette would be SO disappointed if that would happen." Hannah said, grinning.

"Both for not being able to test our posteriors, and disrespecting butts in a way?" Bob asked, as the two giggled and high-fived each other.

"Maybe it's cooking. If only I could speak English, and had opposable thumbs, I teach you guys the damnest cheeseburger recipe I know!" Kanata meowed, as…


"Kanata Spitz, you are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statue." The machine said.

"Wait… Even PETS can be –BLEEP- fined?!" Nerdi yelled out. "That is whacked!"


"Nerdi Muppet, you are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statue."

"Thanks a lot…" Nerdi said, glaring at the machine. "At least you got my last name right."

Soon enough, Chris came into the Mess Hall.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk… Naughty language, Nerdi…" Chris said, shaking his head, as he perked back up. "Anyways, campers! Today, you shall be teaming up in a whole new way!"

"Did we already do that several times by now?" Hannah asked.

"Nope!" Chris said, grinning. "Now, after breakky, please report to the Amphitheater for more info!"

Chris soon left the mess hall, leaving the campers to chat among themselves.

"Wait, there's 5 of us remaining… How CAN we team up?" Maxwell asked.

A while later, at the Amphitheater, where the campers were waiting for more instructions. In front of them were 5 booths that were soundproof. A drawing of their heads were on their respective doors.

"So, what is this for?" Yuki asked, as Chris came into the picture.

"Ah, good question, Yuki. Well, you'll see what I'm talking about, once you open the door." Chris replied, as Yuki walked over to her door and opened it.

And out stepped out a ginger-haired girl with her hair in pigtails. She was wearing a blue headband, a green t-shirt, blue jeans, white shoes, and red fingerless gloves. She looked at Yuki and grinned.

"Hey there, Yuki! Ready to –BLEEP- win?" The girl yelled out loud.

The campers were a tad shocked at what came out of the girl's mouth.

"Whoa, isn't she like, your age, Bob and Hannah?" Maxwell asked.

"Yeah, but..." Hannah replied. "I've a feeling this cursing is something else..."

"I'm liking this girl already." Danny replied with a grin.

Yuki looked at the campers, and back at the little girl.

"What do you mean, win?" Yuki asked.

"Well… I'm your –BLEEP- partner for today's –BLEEP- challenge! Chris handpicked me, due to the –BLEEP- fact that you and me are fans of this -BLEEP- show, and you and me… Are the –BLEEP- same, in a way." The girl replied. "By the –BLEEP- way… My name's Bea!"

Yuki smiled. "Well, it'll be an honor to work with you, sweetie. My name's Yuki, by the way!" Yuki said, as she shook Bea's hand. "But, what do you mean you and me are the same?"

"All of that will come in due time." Bea commented.

Hannah was next to open her door… Only for no one to come out.

"Um, you in there?" Hannah asked.

"No…" A voice replied back.

"Or course not. Are you one of the shy types?" Hannah asked again.

"…Yeah." The voice said right back.

"Great, a shy type…" Danny replied, looking bored. Hannah glared at him, causing him to freeze in fear of being tossed in water, as she turned back towards the booth with a gentle smile on her face.

"Well… there's nothing to be scared about. In fact, my mom used to be the really shy type herself when she was my age…" Hannah said, gently.

"It's that… I'm afraid I may… I never met a famous person before." The voice replied.

"Can you come out, if just for me? And everyone else?" Hannah asked, as the girl came out of the booth.

She appeared to be an African-Canadian girl with raven hair. She was wearing a purple shirt, a purple skirt, black shoes, and on top of her head was a purple beret.

"Okay… You win. My name's… Mist." The girl named Mist said, shyly.

"And I'm Hannah!" Hannah said, as she shared a handshake with Mist. A slight crunching sound was heard, as Mist let go.

"Sorry!" Mist replied, as Hannah was rubbing her hand.

"It's okay, no harm done!" Hannah said, still rubbing her hand.

Confessional: Is Hand Crunch a TV Trope, yet?

Hannah: Damn… That hurt! She's a strong gal, huh? But she seems to be kinda… scared. Poor gal.

Mist: I just KNEW this was gonna happen… Hannah's mad at me, I know it…

Danny was next to open his door, and a black-haired boy stepped out. He was wearing a red shirt with a frowny face on it, green pants, and blue shoes.

Mist looked at the newcomer, and in fear, hid behind Hannah for protection.

"Well, well… If it isn't Danny…" The boy said, looking at Danny.

"Um, who are you?" Danny asked.

"Eh, just a good fan of yours. Name's Lars." The boy, now known as Lars replied.

"Wow, I have a fan?" Danny asked himself. "Awesome!"

"Hey, gotta root for the mean guy. I mean, Tina's cute and all, but you're more cooler!" Lars replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"Um, thanks… I guess?" Danny asked himself. "Wow, I surpassed that Nintendo Nerd?"

"Um, Lars? You –BLEEP- do know that Tina's boyfriend is right –BLEEP- here…" Bea replied, pointing to Maxwell.

Speaking of Maxwell, it was time to open his door, and out stepped a boy with messy brown hair, and a black toque with a spider on it. He also wore a rather torn-up sweater with a cockroach on it, blue jeans, and black shoes.

"So… Are you Maxwell?" The messy-looking boy asked.

"Yeah." Maxwell replied. "I guess you're my partner, today."

"Yep. I'm Gareth. Nice to meet you!" Gareth said, with a smile on his face.

"And I'm Maxwell." Maxwell replied as the two shook hands.

Mist looked at Gareth. "Wow… He's the most normal of all of us so far…"

"Maybe…" Hannah said, as a bee flew past the two, scaring Mist and making her hide behind Hannah.

"Mist… We REALLY gotta work on your bravery." Hannah replied.

The bee landed on the brim of Maxwell's hat, as he froze in terror.

"Um… I'm still not over what happened at the Fear challenge…" Maxwell said, looking where the bee could be.

Gareth stared at the bee, almost like he was concentrating, and all of a sudden, the bee flew off to who knows where.

"Wow… I'm… not sure what you did, but thanks!" Maxwell said, smiling.

"Thank nothing of it!" Gareth replied.

Confessional: Bug Off!

Gareth: It was just a dirt dobbler. But they do get a bad rep, though…

Hannah: Did that little boy… control the bee? I could have sworn it did, I kid you not… A Barrel Roll…

Maxwell: He made a bee do a Barrel Roll. Peppy Hare would be proud.

Bob was the last one to open his door, and he was taken back by surprise by who stepped out the booth.

"J-J… Jade?!" Bob said out loud. Indeed, his friend from the past, Jade, was standing in front of him. She had blonde hair in four lightning bolts, and was wearing a green shirt with a smiling lightning bolt on it, orange pants with a lightning bolt motif on it, and light blue shoes. Jade, once seeing Bob, hugged the boy.

"Bob!" Jade yelled out loud, as the two hugged. Once the two separated, The two of them were smiling. "It's so nice to meet you again!"

"You and me both! After that ill-fated Valentine's Day… I wasn't sure I may even see you again!" Bob replied. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well…" Jade said, looking down. "I thought it was for the best... I didn't want to upset you by saying bye… That, and… I'll explain more in private."

"Seems fair." Bob replied.

"That's why I'm saying it now. Bye! Now, I'm good." Jade said, grinning.

Bob giggled, as thus Hannah. "Same old Jade…"

"Campers! Now that you got your partner… You have an hour to get acquainted with them… Besides, I have a latte that calls my name." Chris spoke up, spooking Bob.

Jade took notice. "Want me to zap him?"

"Nah, I'm good…" Bob said, smiling.

"By the way, congrats on winning Hannah." Jade replied with a grin, as she elbowed Bob.

"Thanks, Jade." Bob said, smiling back.

Confessional: A Heartfelt Reunion

Bob: Wow… Jade's back. Is it possible to enter a Love Triangle when you already have a girlfriend?

Jade: I just felt I had to admit something to Bob.

Bea and Yuki were walking beside each other, telling stories.

"…And that's when I kicked that bully off into the distance." Yuki commented. "Man, that was a scary day I don't wanna experience ever again."

"More scary than the –BLEEP- time I was forced to watch… I will –BLEEP- NOT mention it, for the sake of –BLEEP- scaring the younger viewers for –BLEEP- life…" Bea said. "You VERY nearly saw a –BLEEP- spinoff of it once…"

It didn't take Yuki too long to learn what it was, as she cringed. "You were force to see… Aw, dude! That's REALLY messed up for them to do that, sweetie!"

"Yeah, BIG –BLEEP- TIME." Bea replied. "I'm GLAD you were tossed of that –BLEEP- jeep by Luka's parents. Way more of a –BLEEP- better fate, huh?"

"Yeah. By the way, you mentioned earlier that you and me are the same… What do you mean?" Yuki asked, as the two of them stopped.

"Well, you do wonder why I –BLEEP- curse all the time?" Bea replied, as Yuki nodded. "Well… I have Tourette's Syndrome. And I was –BLEEP- unfortunate enough to have the –BLEEP- obscenities kind. All of this –BLEEP- has caused me some VERY harsh –BLEEP- bullying in my school."

"Wow, same with my Aspergers early on, before it evolved into… What school did you go, hon?" Yuki asked, very concerned.

"Lagacrook Elementary." Bea replied. "It was the –BLEEP- worst!"

"You and me both, especially when I got into Lagacrook Middle, and they evolved into tossing bricks at me, thanks to my name being the same as that storm. Thankfully, I dodged them all." Yuki said. "Were you pantsed, wedgied, and swirlied as well, hon?"

Bea nodded. "I was even put in –BLEEP- bins, insulted… I was even –BLEEP- shoved into a LOCKER! Before –BLEEP- Christmas Vacation!"

Yuki was shocked. "Dang, and I was shoved into one before Spring Break…" She thought. "She would have been in there throughout the New Year…"

"And…" Bea said, as she removed her gloves to reveal several scars on her hands. "They scarred my hands, all with a –BLEEP- switchblade."

Yuki took a look at Bea's exposed scarred hands.

"Wow… Just… wow… You and me ARE one and the same." Yuki noted as she removed her wristbands, exposing her scarred wrists. "Bullies got to me, too… Although they didn't start with my wrists, though…"

She then removed the white bandages on her cheeks, exposing two pink scars on her face.

"They started on my cheeks." Yuki said. "Saying that I should be more uglier…"

Bea was shocked. "How many people do they gotta –BLEEP- scar before they get their funzies over –BLEEP-bullying people with conditions?! And they –BLEEP- scarred your face? That's –BLEEP- up!"

"Exactly! I thought they STOPPED the bullying at Lagacrook when I transferred to a different school!" Yuki replied. "Lot of good THAT did."

"Yeah…" Bea said, as she looked down. Yuki patted Bea on the back for comfort.

"But, in either case, you have a good friend now. Someone that'll ALWAYS watch your back." Yuki said, smiling.

Bea smiled back. "Thanks, Yuki. Now… You said you were –BLEEP-a strong fighter, right? Can you teach me some –BLEEP- kickass moves?"

Yuki chuckled. "Well, I can teach you a good nutshot move." Yuki said, grinning.

Confessional: Two Battered Souls, One Long Friendship for Life

Yuki: (She is now sporting a bomb with the letter F painted on the left side of her face, and a punching glove on the right side) Us bullied gals outta stick together! And she also mentioned she was bullied since Kindergarten! She had it worse than I did, the poor hon…

Bea: Wow, me and Yuki… We were both bullied, scarred… And somehow, she –BLEEP- came out of it in good spirits. Maybe she can –BLEEP- also teach me some –BLEEP- good drawing techniques?

With Mist and Hannah, Hannah was bringing out a box, as thus a hand-powered air pump. Mist was a tad nervous.

"I dunno about this, Hannah…" Mist said, as she got a tad curious. "What's in the box, anyway?"

"Punching bags, modeled after Redd White from the first Phoenix Wright game." Hannah replied, as she started to pump up the bag.

"I don't know about these games, to be honest. Coco was more of the gamer in my family…" Mist said, looking down. "Why do you want me to punch him? Would Peter be a viable option?"

"Peter would be too easy. As for purple-hair here… He blackmailed several people, as evidenced right here. Made for an awesome kick-ass case, though." Hannah replied, as she gave Mist a rather long list.

Mist read the list. "Hmm… Tashna, Ezekiel, Lukas, Fleelik… He blackmailed fictional characters, even though he IS a fictional character?"

Hannah nodded. "Or it was A Tashna, Ezekiel, Lukas, or Fleelik. Keep reading…"

Mist kept on reading, as she was took back in shock.

"What?! He BLACKMAILED BaconBaka, CragmiteBlaster, AnOptimisticSnarker, AND Bad-Asp?! I don't even know them, but they're ALL familiar to me, somehow!" Mist yelled in slight anger. She then glared at the inflatable punching bag, as she ran towards it and punched its lights out, off of the pump, and sending it into the air.

Hannah was shocked, but not by Mist punching the punching bag.

"Wow, never knew you were THIS strong." Hannah replied, as the now deflated bag came crashing down next to the two. Hannah then kicked the bag in disgust.

"Yeah…" Mist said, looking down. "They said it was adrenaline that I kept built in me. Maybe I'm as strong as you?"

"Seems like it." Hannah replied, as she smiled.

Mist smiled back. "And to tell you the truth, I rooted for you right from the start, due to your bravery and kind heart. I tried to be brave one time."

"How that turn out?" A curious Hannah asked.

"Well…" Mist said, as she rolled up her shirt to reveal what appeared to be a tattoo of the Wican symbol.

Hannah was impressed. "Wow… nice tat! My cousin has that exact same one on her ankle, only a bit smaller."

"Yeah, but I later found out I needed permission. I only wanted to prove to my daddy I was brave…" Mist replied, rolling down her shirt.

"Bravery doesn't mean a thing. Even I get scared from time to time." Hannah said, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. "I was scared when Bob's parents ransacked the island, but not due to them. I was afraid Bob… Might get hurt."

Mist sighed. "I don't think even I could do that."

"Maybe… I can teach you how to be a lot braver?" Hannah asked.

Mist smiled. "That… would be appreciated. Thanks, Miss Hannah."

Hannah smiled back. "It's just Hannah."

Confessional: Would Hannah be a prime candidate for the Triforce of Courage?

Hannah: She also said she suffered from nightmares. Not sure what kind, but still… And mom and dad still have the best tattoos in the family. No offense and all to my cousin, though.

Mist: Hannah's just so awesome, and all… (She smiles.) Even my bestie Quadesh adores Hannah, as thus Bob, and in more ways than one towards him.

Danny and Lars were also talking amongst themselves.

"So, what kinda bullying did you do?" Lars asked Danny. "You seem like the kind that would just punch people silly."

"Indeed I do." Danny replied. "Although… I'm not sure why you chose me, I'm the LAST person I would choose to be a kid's partner."

"Well, you're one cool toughie, and besides, one of my favorite contestants was taken, anyway." Lars said.

"You mean Bob?" Danny asked, as Lars nodded.

"Yeah, he's been through a LOT with his drunktard parents… And booze completely demolished my life…" Lars said.

"So… I guess Tina's your other favorite contestant?" Danny asked. "I think she did mention that booze killed her folks and orphaned her at dinner one time."

Lars grinned as he blushed. "Close… It's actually Whitney. She's made of tough stuff! She could had taken on Bob's mom easily, had not she used Bob as a human shield. She's also cute and stuff."

"Man, that's just dirty and wrong…" Danny replied, as he realized something. "Wait… You have a CRUSH on her?"

"So?" Lars said. "I can have a crush on an older woman."

"I thought you be crushing on someone like Luka!" Danny said.

"Well, Whitney's cuter." Lars replied with a grin.

"You DO know she's taken, right?" Danny asked.

"Eh, like I'll hook up with her, anyway." Lars replied. "Besides, I don't go for taken girls. I'll still keep a poster of her in my room, though."

"Okay… Wait. We have posters?" Danny asked.

"Exactly! They're out of the Omelette ones, though." Lars replied, grinning sheepishly.

Confessional: Makes for a better poster than that Bieber fellow.

Lars: So? I have a Whitney poster. What of it?

Danny: He so needs a girlfriend… Maybe Quarla has a little sister?

With Gareth and Maxwell, they were talking about various stuff.

"…And that's how me and Amy hooked up!" Gareth said, finishing his tale.

Maxwell was amazed at Gareth's tale. "Wow, guess you and me are kindred spirits, huh? We both have girls that have some pink on them, they both carry a whip…"

"Plus, my Amy did some wheeling and dealing and helped me get the Cabana Series in Animal Crossing New Leaf!" Gareth replied, smiling.

"But why did you choose me?" Maxwell asked. "I always thought I end up teaming with a geeky girl that's around your age."

"Well… Let's just say, I'm your fan, due to the fact that… You went through poverty yourself, like I did." Gareth replied. "Boy, it was the worst… The winters were brutal, Me and my parents sometimes had to sleep on the streets, we barely got any food…"

Maxwell sighed. "You and me both. Longest I went without any food was almost three days. I even got kicked out of school, thanks to my situation. And eventually, I was sent off to my cousin's, who I lived with for most my later life."

Gareth was stunned. "Wow… I'm sure your mom and dad wanted you to have a better life, huh?"

"That they do…" Maxwell said, smiling warmly. "At least I can rest easy, knowing they're allright."

Gareth smiled. "You're a good man, Maxwell."

With Jade and Bob, the two were talking about their various adventures.

"So, this Whitney girl… Actually grew 50 feet tall via a potion… To take on a Courtney doll?" Jade asked.

"I couldn't make it up if I could try." Bob replied. "In another instance, I got possessed by a ghost."

"How that turn out?" Jade asked, as Woolful walked up to the two.

"Well, gov'nor… I'm still curious about this world off the island…" Woolfur replied.

Bob looked at the motioned puppet. "Yeah, stuff about kid ghosts possessing people…"

"Cool…" Jade said, smiling as Bob realized something.

"So… What was it that you wanted to explain to me in private?" Bob asked.

"Well…" Jade said, as Woolfur decided to take his leave, claiming this was for private ears. "You know that Valentine's Day?"

Bob remembered. "Yeah… Still sucks that no one sent me a Valentine…"

"Well, the truth is… Even if I could had been available at the time… I wouldn't been able to accept being your Valentine. I like you, but I don't like you like you." Jade replied. "I… would had been afraid of hurting your feelings. But hey, at least you found Hannah!"

Bob smiled. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Now, then… Which of the contestants do you think is the cutest?" Jade asked.

Bob opened his mouth, but…

"Besides Hannah!" Jade sung.

"Um…" Bob said, as.

"Or Tina."

"I guess… Vikki?" Bob asked.

"You and me, both! She just oozes cute!" Jade replied. "And her butt's cute as well!"

"Um…" A speechless Bob said, as he sighed and giggled. "Oh, Omelette…"

Confessional: She's been quite an influence, huh?

Jade: I can't understand why, but I been thinking that several girls are cute lately. And I kept on looking at the chests of some, with the exception of Vikki where I stare at her posterior. Eh, I just need recharging. –She zaps herself- There, that's better!

Bob: Well, glad to get that off my mind…

As Bea and Yuki entered the Mess Hall, Yuki smiled.

"So… Want some ice cream?" Yuki asked.

"You –BLEEP- bet!" Bea replied. "Do they have any –BLEEP- chocolate?"


"Bea Budson, you are fined two credits for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statue."

Bea looked at the machine, as Yuki face-palmed. "The hell is that?"


"Bea Budson, you are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statue."

"Eh, just some movie prop Chris installed in here." Yuki said. "He claimed on the way to meet you that it was to keep the soccer moms off his tail. But, I think he's just trolling us."

"So… Troll back?" Bea asked.

A mischievous grin grew on Yuki. "You and me are on the same wavelength, hon…"

Yuki took out what appeared to be a laptop, and some kinda cord, and hook it up on the machine.

"Thankfully, Gina taught me how to hack into stuff like this." Yuki said, as she typed up some stuff. "Add in some words, and done! Now, let's test it out!"

"Well… Chris is a real –BLEEP- doo-doo headed –BLEEP- meanie!" Bea shouted out loud, as…

…The machine didn't respond.

"Awesome! You –BLEEP- broke it!" Bea replied. "Did you –BLEEP- install a Tourette's Patch?"

"Nope, but something even better!" Yuki said, with a grin.

Soon enough, the campers and their partners were inside, as Chris came in.

"Campers? You well-adjusted with your partners? Good! Now, let me get me a Latte, and we shall be on our way!" Chris shouted out loud as…


"Chris McClean, you are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statue."

"What? But, I didn't curse! I only wanted a Latte!"


"Chris McClean, you are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statue."

"Ugh… Let's head over to the challenge…" Chris said, sighing. "Which will begin, after the break... Can I say hair gel?"


"Chris McClean, you are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statue."

"Aw… Come on!"

Bea and Yuki looked at each other with a grin, and gave each other a fist bump.

And another chapter is done! What kinda challenge will it be?

The Challenge Idea belongs to CragmiteBlaster. So does Bea, Gareth, Jade, Lars, and Mist.

[1]: It's a shoutout to Demolition Man, one of my favorite movies growing up.

[2]: If you read the latest Tweenabet Interlude, you'll understand what Yuki picked up.

Next Time: The Challenge Proper! Can the team-ups work?