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Vlad POV

"Vlad? You okay?" Henry asked me as we walked home. I hadn't really talked to him all day. During lunch I had ditched him to go to look for that girl from the morning. I was fuming and frustrated. All day every time I would see a glimpse of her, she'd walk away in the opposite direction. During classes I was too focused on wondering why another vampire had come to Bathory. Otis's and Vikas's gathering was a few days ago and now all of those vampires had left. Another thing that worried me was that since this one had actually enrolled into my school meant one thing. She was going to stay.

"Not really," I walked towards my old house with Henry keeping up with me. I paused mid step. I wanted to discuss this with Otis alone. I sighed through my nose turning a right at the next street. "Remember that girl from the morning? She had white hair."

"The one all in black? Yeah what about her? You and Joss were looking at her weird," Henry replied.

"She was a vampire," I stated simply.

Henry didn't question how I knew. Once I stopped at a certain house he stopped at my side. He looked up then back at me, "I'm guessing this is a vampires only thing?"

"I'm doing this to keep you safe Henry. Now please? I'll call you later when I ask Otis what's going on." To his nod I watched as he walked up the steps to his porch. When he was inside, I scanned the street for any one in sight. Nobody. The street was complete vacant.

I smirked and went to Otis's house with my vampire speed. I slowed down when I got to the door. As I made my way up the porch steps Otis was already opening the door.

"Otis, I need to tell you something-" I started.

"In a moment Vladimir. First I want you to meet someone," Otis cut me off, ushering me inside.

I looked at him strangely then turned to the living room where Vikas and the girl from school were sitting. Vikas was drinking straight from a blood wine bottle and she was drinking from a black porcelain goblet.

Vikas took in my shocked expression and spoke up, "Ah! Vladimir! I'd like you to meet-"

The girl cut him off. In the time that he had spoken she stood up and extended her hand towards me, "Alexandra Cortez. Alex for short. It's a pleasure to formally meet you, Vladimir."

"The pleasure's all mine. Vlad for short," I said shaking her hand.

"Vlad," she smiled showing her small canines, "I like it. It sounds…diplomatic, a perfect name for the Master Pravus."

"Vladimir, as you may know Alex is enrolled at your school. Which means she'll be staying here in Bathory for awhile," Vikas said taking another swig of the blood wine.

"Yeah, I noticed. Do you have some sort of business here in Bathory?" I asked her.

She chuckled softly at my question. She spied Otis and Vikas through the corner of her eye, "So, you didn't tell him?"

Both men sweat dropped, "Eh….no."

"Goody," she brightened. My eyes widened as they were captured by her gaze. I watched as her bright blue eyes turned into an almost glowing purple "Let me reintroduce myself, Vlad. My name is Alexandra Cortez. Alex for short. And I am the second born Pravus."

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