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Ch 9

"Have you seen Vladimir?" Otis questioned Alex when he found her in Nelly's kitchen. The elder had searched the house after finding the silence becoming more and more suspicious as time went on. The white head was situated at the kitchen table with an apparent letter from an unknown sender.

"I haven't seen him since school," Alex replied before folding up the letter. Otis noticed the way she was playing with the corners of the letter; she was lying, most likely avoiding the boy like the plague.

Otis frowned. It had been nearly three weeks after Vlad had hurt Alex. Her wounds had healed quickly after receiving the Moon Wine, but it seemed to have done more damage to the teens' relationship. "Did you not come to Bathory to get closer to Vladimir?"

Alex eyed him then looked down. Subconsciously, her hand reached up to rub at the area right above her tattoo. She hadn't told anyone, but that wound hadn't healed completely and actually stared to scar. Alex sighed returning back to her letter, "I know what you're getting at, Otis, but I'm really the one that you should have this conversation with?"

"No," Otis replied definitely, "That's why I'm looking for him. However, even when I try to reach him, I get no reply. Your mental proficiency should allow you to find out where he is, no?"

"Yeah," Alex replied while her eyes travels down the letter. Otis froze seeing her eyes widen suddenly, and in less than a blink of an eye her was gone. By the time the girl was down the road leading to the school, the sound of the front door slamming was just registering in Otis's ears.

Otis looked back at the door curious before looking down at the abandoned letter that was once on the table. In Alex's flurry, it had landed on the floor faced up. Otis raised an eyebrow, picking up the paper. The scribbles on the letter were familiar, but what surprised the vampire more was that the script was in Elysian.

"This is…" Otis murmured, "Enrico?"

Alex flitted through Bathory in a panic. She had wondered why Enrico didn't have one of his men deliver his letter in person, and now she knew. She desperately tried to reach for Vlad mind's, but just has she started a great power would lash at her, a warning.

She growled then looking for the source of the power. To that she received the equivalent to a back handed slap to the brain. The white head stopped running wincing feeling like someone had just smashed her head against cold, hard cement.

Her fingers massaged at her temples trying to rub the throbbing feeling deep inside her head. "Son of a-" Alex gasped out before a harsh pain alighted in her back. The white head growled spinning around from where she had toppled on the sidewalk. "You," she bit out looking up at a curious looking Joss McMillan.

The slayer stood his ground as Alex tried to rise from her spot on the ground, but the girl kept stumbling down feeling dizzy from the infliction to her mind. He didn't buy it. She was just pulling an act as she grabbed at her cranium in pain.

"Get up," he spat, "I know you're not that weak."

"Unfortunately," Alex started feeling the pounding in her head subside some, "You caught the vampire at not the best of times."

"I don't really care," Joss said without emotion

"Yes, you do," Alex looking up at him with a scowl. Joss twitched back seeing Alex's eyes glow a dark violet, "I can sense how you feel about hunting Vlad. I know how you feel about keeping Meredith in the dark because she doesn't know what Vlad is, and she doesn't know what you are."

"Shut up," he replied harshly.

"What would she think of you?" Alex said hearing the thoughts starting to swirl in the slayers mind as she willed him to start thinking about the subject, "You know she still thinks about Vlad. What will she think when she knows that you stabbed him? That you almost killed him?"

"I said shut up!" Joss shouted. "Get out of my head!"

"You're scared that she see you as a murderer," at Alex's words the boy bolted.

After a few moments of sitting on the cold sidewalk as the pain in her head ebbed to nothing, Alex stood up. The white head sighed feeling a trickle of guilt worm its way into her chest. Dorian had taught her that tactic of mind reading. He was much more advanced than her, but he also enjoyed it much more than her.

Alex breathed out looking up at the night sky. The street lights of Bathory blocked out the majority of the visible stars. "Vlad," she said softly, "Where are you?"

The teen jumped at her spot when a voice broke the silence of the area, "Well, I assure you he's not with me."

"Dorian!" Alex squeaked spinning around to find the copper haired vampire looking at her with entertained.

"Yes," Dorian looking around absentmindedly, "just announce my presence to the world."

Alex huffed walking over to the vampire, looking at him firmly, "What did you do to Vlad?"

"I didn't harm the boy," Dorian said in an exhausted tone, "He got away before I could have a taste."

"You're not supposed to have a taste!" Alex snapped smacking the vampire in the chest. Dorian chuckled, yet he didn't express it with emotion. "Why didn't you give me Enrico's letter personally?"

"You know how you're caregiver feels about my presence," he replied smoothly.

"You could have called me without any effort," Alex chided.

"I got bored," he shrugged.

The white head scoffed, "So you decided to mess with Vlad?"

"He's quite entertaining," Dorian said with a bemused smile, "I can see why you came all the way here just for the boy."

"I came here for the prophecy," Alex snapped, "Not to play around."

"Oh?" Dorian's expression fell void of emotion again, "And have you found out anything on your own? From what I can tell, Vladimir knows close to nothing."

Alex looked away from the older's gaze, "Well, I haven't been here that long. You didn't expect me to figure it out this quickly, did you?"

Dorian let out a melodic chuckle, "Alex, I didn't expect anything from you. I still don't expect anything from you. You shouldn't expect anything of yourself either, since I already told you your purpose."

Alex frowned at him. Dorian's lips were curved upwards in a cynical matter; it was the same smile she saw the day they met. Alex spoke after giving the man a heated glare, "Because I'm the second born. I have to live like this?"

"Why you do treat it like someone damned you?" Dorian asked. "You are faster and stronger, more powerful even, than any vampire that has ever existed."

Memories of Vlad and Alex in the basement arose in the forefront of her mind. He was strong, faster, more powerful. Alex waved her arms around, "But compared to the first born?"

Dorian quirked a well groomed eyebrow, "Well I don't need to answer that; you very well know that." In a flash, Dorian was before her; the white head stumbled back in surprise, and he caught her by her wrist. Alex gasped when he lifted her up by her wrist till she couldn't feel the ground under her feet. Dorian looked at Alex's bright shining tattoo before shoving her long sleeve shirt up her arm revealed her rosie marred skin where Vlad's teeth had sunk in a little under a month ago.

The older vampire clucked his tongue, and Alex growled looking at Dorian with enrage violet eyes, "Let me go." Dorian's eyes widened as he found himself obeying the girl. Soon, she was released of his hold. and out of his sight.

Alex's hair whipped in her face as she stopped suddenly on Nelly's porch steps, her momentum sending her colliding into the railing. The white head let out a ragged breath letting herself fall onto the steps in a heap. Shaking hands, ran through her hair, making her bangs a muse.

She couldn't recall how long she stayed sitting on the steps just listening to her heart beat in her ears, but at some point in time, Alex raised herself on shaky legs and walked through the front door. She could smell Otis and Nelly cooking dinner together, yet the smell of food made her stomach feel heavy and knotted.

Without a word, Alex led herself upstairs to the guest bedroom. She had found herself staying at Nelly's more often than not. Her excuse was that it was a shorter walk to school compared to Otis's house that was across town. However, for Otis, he picked up on the way the white head would begrudgingly avoid Vikas and accepted Alex's choice.

Alex sighed when she reached the top of the stairs and paused to look down at her feet. Amati had caught Alex's ankles between her lithe body. Alex huffed. The house cat had come to like the white head, however Alex didn't return the sentiment. Mainly because when Amati wanted attention, she was going to get attention no matter what. And, it seemed like the cat always found Alex when the teen was not in the mood to play.

"Amati," Alex muttered trying to untangle her feet with the feline's weaving body. "C'mon, I just want to go to bed." Alex tried to take a step towards her room , but Amati was too quick, pouncing at the moving leg, causing Alex to stumble.

Alex let out a slew of of words that the boy watching her couldn't understand. He guessed that they were Spanish, something in his head was telling him it wasn't Elysian. Vlad knelt down catching the cat's attention along with the white head's. Amati pounced over to his beckoning hand, and Alex sighed steadying herself again.

Alex watched as Vlad brought out what looked like a toy mouse and pitched it down the stairs, effectively ridding them of the house cat.

And so came the avoided glances and the awkward shuffling. Alex looked passed Vlad, down the hall where the door to the guest bedroom called out to her. Vlad stood firmly in the way looking at her with big dark puppy dog eyes, that she really tried her damnedest to not look at.

"So," Vlad started clearing his throat.

"So…." Alex replied opening up the door for conversation if it'd get her to bed sooner.

"Um…" Vlad started trying to figure out what to say. Hell, he hadn't talked to the girl in what felt like forever. He felt as frustrated as the first day they met when she was avoiding him at school. This time it was three weeks, well over: 23 days to be exact. What? He wasn't counting. But, 23 days of trying to get her attention, trying to apologize for hurting her, and seeing her flinch every time he was anywhere near her. Hell, he might have counted all the times she found a way to not pass him in school, or all the times she would excuse herself from dinner before even taking a bite, or all the times he would sense her in the middle of the night in the kitchen, or all the times she now rubbed at her arm, a habit that bothered him to no end. Hell, of course he counted the days.

She was rubbing her arm again looking towards the stair, an escape. She was starting to make her first step when he bolted towards her.

Not the best or brightest idea because she let out a near terrified yelp when he caught her by her shoulders. His hands were shaking on her shoulders, not even holding her with a grip at all. But her eyes were squeezed shut tightly and he could hear her heart pounding rapidly in what he could only guiltily guess was fear.

Vlad's shoulders slumped; what happened to the girl that used to knee him in the gut if he annoyed her enough? He even missed how she would snap at him with some stupid insult and the way she would sass Henry anytime he was in her presence.

"I'm sorry," Alex opened her eyes at his voice. Her ears twitched hearing his voice crack slightly at the sincerity of his words. She looked at him now; He looked small despite towering a good half foot over her. His eyes bore into her as if looking for the pissed off white head he used to know. Vlad continued, "I-I don't know what went over me at that time. I wasn't myself. It was like this...this."

"Hunger," Alex voice brought up meekly, "this insatiable hunger was driving you to go in for the kill."

"Yes, but I-I didn't want to. I would never willingly kill you," Vlad said, his hands sliding down Alex's arms. "Alex," he looked at her intently in the eyes, "I would never want to hurt you." Alex's breath hitched when his hands moved farther down her arms and passed over her scar. Vlad's eyes flickered at that and paused his thumbs pressed lightly against where she remembered one of his fangs digging into the skin. Vlad frowned, feeling through the fabric of her sleeve and hearing her near quiet squeals or discomfort. Vlad's brows forwarded. and Alex looked up at him with her big blue eyes.

Downstairs, Otis perked up as he stirred a pot of chilli on the stove, and he said, "Well, that's good."

"Hmm?" Nelly hummed turning towards him from where she was mixing corn bread batter.

"Vlad's finally confronted Alex," Otis said adding spices to the pot.

"Did he apologize?" Nelly questioned turning back to the batter.

"He's doing it right now," Otis said contently, putting the lid on the pot to cook. The vampire walked over to Nelly resting his arms around her waist watching over her head as she dumped the batter into a loaf pan.

Nelly hummed lightly leaning slightly against Otis's chest, "Hopefully now we won't have to leave Alex's dinner plate in the microwave anymore."

Otis hummed in agreement just before the sound of a slammed door was heard from upstairs causing Nelly to jump in surprised. Otis brought his hands up to rest on Nelly's shoulders to gently knead the building tension there as he released a deep sigh in exasperation.

These teenagers were going to be the end of him one day.

Alex tried to pull out of Vlad's grip as he pulled her not so gently into the nearest room-that being the library.

"Vlad-" Alex's voice stuck in her throat and she let out a strangled yelp as Vlad's strong hands found their way to her waist lifting her briefly before setting her down at the edge of the desk Nelly used to read at and Vlad used for homework sometimes.

Alex couldn't register what was happening before Vlad shoved her sleeve up her arm revealed the scar that unmistakably looking like an animal bite. However, they both knew it was not from an animal.

"Vlad," Alex said softly seeing Vlad's shoulders fall at the wound and he let himself collapse into the desk chair. The white head was at a loss for words as she watched the boy lean over the desk area next to her knotting his fingers in his hair. Alex jerked away from him when he suddenly turned to her.

"You got that because of me, didn't you." He said it like a statement, but Alex still nodded like it was a question. "Why didn't it heal? Nelly said your ribs healed fine weeks ago."

"I didn't tell her about it," Alex said looking at her lap. "She would have told Otis, and then he would have worried more." Vlad sighed.

"But, compared to cracked ribs, a flesh wound should have healed faster," Vlad said running a hand through his hair creating a muse utop his head.

"My guess was because the bite came from you," at that Vlad's head whipped towards her.

"What does that have to do-" Alex interrupted him.

"What have you heard about the Pravus prophecy?" Alex asked like she was talking to a five year old.

Vlad blinked looking at Alex for a moment, a hint of her old self was showing through, "Uh, well. From what I know, we are to rule over the vampire world and enslave the human race."

Vlad looked up at Alex. Her face was blank, but her eyes held something he couldn't recognize, "We?" For a split second Vlad was forwarding his brows before he understood, he sat straight up in his seat looking at her with wide eyes. "Not we, Vlad," Alex said softly lifting her scarred arm to point a finger to his chest, "You."

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