A/N: Um…I failed at one point last chapter…I said Scorpio's "father" died in the Games, but I meant to say his BROTHER died in the Games. Sorry 'bout that…

My first visitor's my mother. What a surprise. Also a big surprise, tears are flowing like a river down her tanned face. She looks at me with her emerald green eyes. The ones I inherited from her.

"Mags!"She gasps in-between hiccups.
"Mom!" Is all I can get out. Every other word I've attempted to say has gotten caught in my throat.
We sit in silence, neither of us knowing that to say to the other.
She struggles against the Peacekeeper as he removes her by force from the room.

That's when Marcus bursts into the room. Before I know it, I'm trapped in a bone-crushing hug.
"Mags, listen to me! Just listen! You can do this!"
"Do what, Marcus? Win? Look at me, I'm tiny!"
"But mighty! Mags, you can beat up half of the guys at our school! Hell, you have beaten up half of the guys at our school! You can win this!"
I nod, not wanting to argue with him anymore. He pulls me into another hug that lasts until he's forced to leave.

Next are my siblings. I find it odd that they didn't come in with our mom, but I don't bring it up. After all, this will probably be my last time ever seeing them. I pat the space next to me on the black leather couch as if to say "sit down", but Nitya runs right onto my lap and into my arms after her fraternal twin, Crucius, takes the place I'd offered. My own twin sits on the arm of the couch, next to me. I look up at her.

Mizar has my same hair, but that's where the resemblance ends. She has our tall father's genetics, but our mother's face and his brown eyes and fair skin. She and Nitya could pass for the same person at a different age. Crucius looks more like me, but with our mother's inky black hair.

I look down at Nitya and realize that I can no longer see her eyes, as they're being covered by her hands. I hear sobbing sounds and am able to watch them rack through her body. I make soothing sounds as I bring her head to my chest and stroke her curly hair, which has been pulled into a semi-updo for the reaping.

"Hey, I'll make it back. Just you watch." I tell them. No time for greetings or any other formalities. I've learned this from my goodbyes with my mother and with Marcus.

We sit for a moment in awkward silence before Mizar says what we're all almost certainly thinking.

"Mags, there are 24 tributes. You're small. You have little to no chances."

I've always admired Mizar's brutal honesty, but in this case, I couldn't want to be lied to any more than I do. Nitya screams and lifts her head, swinging at the sister she's always been extremely close to.

"How could you say that to her at a time like this? You're a monster! A worse monster than the Gamemakers forcing her to do this, Mizar!" my 14-year-old sister screamed. I notice my brother of the same age get up and put himself in an offensive position, clearly preparing to swing at Mizar, also.

That's when I blackout. I guess the stress has become too much to handle.

When I awaken, I receive the shock of my life.

I could have sworn that he'd said his final goodbyes to us years ago when he left my mother, siblings and I to fend for ourselves when I was 10. It's my father.

I back away from him, instinctively. After his fallout with mom, I'd wanted nothing to do with this man. It was bad enough that every time I looked into a mirror I saw his same high cheekbones, strawberry blonde hair, freckles and thin neck.

"Maggie," he starts in his raspy voice, but I cut him off.

"Don't call me that. Don't even speak. Just leave. Now."

"Now, Magdelaine, hold on!"

"Why are you here? You left us. You want even less to do with me than I want to do with you."

"Hold on!"

I stop, deciding to let him speak.

"They let you wear one thing from your district. One thing to remind you of home. They call it your token."

I nod. I know this. I think anyone who's watched the Games knows this. Dorothea's had been a necklace, made from black rope and a blue glass charm. I'd never gotten a close look at this charm, but I knew it had to be related to district 4 in some way, as she later claimed that it had been as if the entire district had been standing behind her.

"Well, seeing as you probably don't have one I-"


"It's just a-"

"No, dad"

"Magdelaine, listen to me!"

"Father, I've already had a seizure, today. Don't stress me out more."

"Laney, please, just"

I begin to scream, knowing that they'll remove him by force if they believe he's a threat. Can't have a tribute getting hurt, now can we? I mentally joke to myself.

As I believed, a Peacekeeper escorted my father from the Justice Building, or, at least, the room.

I sit back down on the couch. Within a few moments, I realize that there's no one else who cared enough about me to wish me well in the Games. I suddenly wish I hadn't been so ungrateful for my father's unexpected drop-in.

A/N: I apologize, but I ran out of inspiration for the visits and therefore had to cut them much shorter than expected. If you want, you can pretend that more guests came during her seizure, but left quickly when realizing that they didn't know how to help her. I dunno. Just interpret this however the hell you want to.