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"Demon Talking!"



Summary: After surviving the cliff fall from failing to summon Gamabunta Naruto finds a tomb and accidentally opens an elder scroll and disappears; later reawakens in the Throat of the World. There he discovers that he is a descendant of the previous dragon born (AN: you're skyrim character) that left skyrim the same way naruto entered it, through the elder scroll he used to learn Dragon Rend. Will Naruto be able to return home, or does he have something else in mind.

Konoha's Dovahkiin

Chapter 1: The Elder Scroll

Falling… that would pretty much summarize the situation.

In a failed attempt to utilize the Kyuubi's Chakra, the Myōboku Gama Sennin believed that if the host was placed in a life threatening situation, the Biju would grant it's host access to it's Chakra pool to insure their survival. While that was the case, the boy's lack of training had made it difficult for him to properly grasp the essence.

'Damn it... it's there... I can feel it... why can't I use it!' thought the sun kissed bond.

He was getting close to the bottom, if only he could brace himself to dish out less damage to his body. He immediately focused his Chakra to his hands and feet; he managed to grab a hold of the spiked wall but slipped, he tried so again, and again, and again. It slowed down his fall but, not by much… until.


Pain, excruciating pain had filled Naruto's body, he felt his bones brake, his muscles torn, and fresh blood pouring down his face. He wanted to yell but, the sheer agony was too much for him to even try. The hours that had passed had felt like an eternity, when Naruto had finally mustered enough strength to stand, he failed. After repeatedly trying and using the moist walls for support, he was able to lean against the stone and gaze up at the night sky. The small moon gave hint of the height that he fallen about one hundred feet; or even higher.

Naruto limped along the wall hoping to find a way out.

The darkness made it difficult to navigate and his broken bones made mobility nearly impossible. The boy kept on limping before he felt his leg drop deeper into the ground. He looked down and noticed a staircase heading deep below the earth's surface. Needing a place to rest until his bones could be mended, Naruto reluctantly headed down.

It took at least twenty minutes of downward hiking before making it to a stone door. Examining the dust, cobwebs, and texture, the opening was no doubt of ancient times. He pushed it open and instantly paled. At the end of the room was a coffin, he gulped and nervously stepped forward. Upon reaching the stone encased sarcophagus, Naruto took notice of three engraved symbols that gave a eerie glow.

Allowing curiosity to get the better of him, the whiskered Jinchuuriki took several steps closer towards the coffin and instantly jumped back when a stream of ethereal energy burst from the writings and engulfed the blonde.

"What!?" he said in a weak confused voice, not feeling at all different from before.

Taking a second look at the encryption, Naruto snapped his eyes open in surprise as he was suddenly able to understand the mysterious text. He leaned in and read it aloud, "Fus Ro Dah (Force, Balance, Push)"

In an instant the boy found him self on the floor, gritting his teeth and gripping his limbs in pain; upon 'speaking' those words he had unleashed a powerful shock wave that had blasted him off his feet.

"W-what was that?" he asked himself.

Runes began to glow around the room and eventually traveled up to the coffin, which only several seconds later, did it pop open. Struggling to his feet, Naruto limped towards the opened grave and took a peek. Within slept a long dead skeleton but, what it held in its hands was what caught the attention of the young Genin. A foot long, golden scroll with an engraved star at the center, and spear tipped at both ends ends. Completely forgetting about his condition, the boy took the golden parchment from the skeleton's bone grasp and curiously opened it.

The affects were immediate, the symbols and runes within the scroll glowed green, and in a flash; Naruto disappeared.

Konohagakure - Hokage Tower

"YOU DID WHAT!" yelled a furious Hiruzen.

"I honestly thought he could do pull it off…" the white haired man quickly replied.

"AND WHAT, YOU THROW HIM OFF A CLIFF! ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE, HE COULD ALREADY BE DEAD!" he yelled, flooding the village with his rage-filled shouts and Killing Intent.


Upon reawakening, Naruto began to feel two thing surrounding his physical body, the first was his painfully throbbing muscles and bones, the second was the subterranean freezing winds that continued to blow.

He gazed around the area to see snow and flakes fall from the sky. Pushing himself up and gripping his sweater tightly for warmth, he looked up see the many beautifully colored lights that grazed the sky, having never seen aura before, the boy couldn't help but stare in awe.

Several minutes afterwards had forced the boy to find shelter from the cold weather, he had limped over to what looked like a stone wall where it would at least shield him from the wind.

To his surprise the wall possessed a text similar to what he had found on the coffin and like before, the writings expelled a wave stream of blinding ethereal energy. A short time later, Naruto regaining his sight and took a second look at the encryption, 'Here fell Herfodr Sun-Slayer, mighty warlord of the Valley of Broken Dreams' he read, taking notice that the word 'Sun' or Shul appeared to have a more visible outline that the rest of the literature.

He soon began to feel dizzy, most likely from the unbearable pain and the ice cold temperature, his world went black but, not before catching the glimpse of a descending silhouette.

Naruto stirred in his wake, his head was pounding though not as bad as his fall. He attempted to sit up and groaned as a result, his body was beyond sore from all the pained movement he had to go through. He used a nearby pillow to support himself when an elderly man in a dark grey robe and a rather long beard strolled in.

"At bonum quod tu vigilando quindecim fere sopitam fuistis... (Ah, you're awake that is good… you've been asleep for nearly two weeks)" he spoke.

"Uh… what?" Naruto replied.

'Hmm lingua obice potest (Hmm, must be a language barrier)' he thought, before his hands began expelled a white aura and shot a stream towards the bedridden blonde.

Naruto flinched, but felt nothing; he looked back at the man with a confused look.

"Can you understand me now young lad" he said.

"Yeah… what did you do?" Naruto asked a little frantic.

"I have shattered the language barrier surrounding your mind, you should have no problem understanding us now" he stated.

"I see… can you tell me where I am?"

"You my young lad are in High Hrothgar, the sanctuary in the Throat of the World" he replied.

Naruto was about to say something when more elderly men dressed the same attire walked in, "Ah your're awake good, how are you feeling?" the second asked.

"I'm feeling better actually" he replied but, then took notice of his bandaged body.

"Um excuse but, where are my clothes" he asked

"They were drenched in blood when we found you, unfortunately, the cold winds have permanently stained them, so we have taken the liberty of gathering you a new set of clothing, they can be found in that chest along with the rest of your belongings" answered the first, motioning to the wooden chest beneath the glass window.

"Thank you for help, I don't think I would've survived had you not found me"

The man simply smiled, "Your welcome, when you're ready meet us in the main hall there is something we must discuss with the Arngeir" he replied/

With a simple nod the elders left the room, Naruto climbed off the bed and took small steps towards the chest, inside laid a common cotton shirt and pants as well as a folded tan hooded robe with a pair of boots that were seemingly made from animal hide. Once dressed he strapped on his Kunai and Shuriken pouch and took the golden scroll in hand as he left the bedroom.

Once he entered the main hall, the elderly men had formed a circle as they awaited the newcomer, once they took notice of him they welcomed him to enter.

"Greetings young one, my name is Arngeir; Instructor and Mentor of the Way of the Voice, and we are the Greybeards"

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, it's nice to meet you too" Naruto replied.

"Well then Naruto, care to explain how it was that you arrived at the mountain top without detection and how you came into possession of an Elder Scroll?" he asked.

"Elder Scroll? You mean this?" gazing down at the scroll in hand, "This is what brought me here" he explained.

The Greybeards remained silent for a short period of time before Arngeir spoke for the second time, "His eyes tell no lies, he was indeed brought into our world by the scroll's power".

"Just what is an Elder Scroll?" asked Naruto.

"Elder Scrolls are unique artifacts of unknown origin and quantity, it is said to carry both past and future events, in the past there has been a man who had utilized the power of the scroll to travel to the past and the future, it is even said that allow passage to different worlds..." He stated.

Naruto stood in shock and awe, it was impossible to believe that a single scroll could possess so much knowledge, the fact that it could be used to dimension hop made it a very valuable tool, the itself scroll could very well be his only way back home.

"This man, the one who used a scroll, who was he?" he asked

"Yes, I remember, it was the previous Dovahkiin that left our world for another…" Arngeir replied.

Naruto then stared at him in confusion, "Dragonborn, what's that?" he asked.

The four elders stared at the boy, bearing a great amount of shock towards the boy, "Y-you understood what I said".

"Yeah, it was similar to the writing up at the top of the mountain".

The Greybeards shared questioning looks before turning back, "These words, there was one that was more distinguished from the others yes? Can you shout one for us?" asked Arngeir.

Naruto began to think, back in the tomb he had unintentionally shouted the three words present and up at the mountain top he had noticed another, feeling unsure about the new word he took a deep breath and shouted, "Fus Ro Dah!"

Naruto let out an ethereal shock wave that forcefully pushed back the Greybeards several feet away from their position. They stared at the boy in shock and disbelief.

"I –I can't believe it…"

"After all these years…"

"Is it possible… a descendant perhaps..."

"Yes there is no possible explanation..."

"Um, not to interrupt anything you guys but, do you mind letting me on this… I mean I just found out that I dimension hopped using an ancient artifact and am in now in a world I know nothing of, so can someone please explain to me what's going on?" he half shouted.

"I'm sorry, we never thought we would ever see another Dovahkiin, not after the last left our world…" he stated.

"Okay... can you answer my previous question?" He asked.

"Yes of course, a Dovahkiin is a rare individual who was born with the blood and soul of a dragon but, with the body of a mortal. They can naturally learn and speak the ancient and powerful tongue. The force you pushed us back, that was a Shout, it is an arcane form of magic that holds great power" The Greybeard quickly responded.

"So you're saying that I might be a Dragonborn?"

"Yes, no one could learn how to shout at such a young age, it take many years to learn how to properly use even a single word of power for someone who isn't Dragonborn, you entered our realm with the use of an Elder Scroll, the only one to ever leave was our past Dovahkiin, you shouting proved it" he stated excitedly.

Naruto was slack jawed; he was a descendant of what sounded like a powerful clan that came from another dimension. He regained his bearings and asked, "You said I can also use the scroll to travel back and forth through time correct?"

"That is correct" he stated.

'Good then I can return seconds after leaving the tomb' he thought to himself, "Okay, I know I've only just got here and I know nothing of the sort but, will you please teach me the Way of the Voice".

The Greybeards looked at one another and agreed, "It would be an honor to teach the next generation of Dovahkiin" they said in unison.

Naruto gave his trademark grin, and then he felt a hand on his shoulder…

"Young let me be the first to welcome you to Skyrim!"

Next Chapter: Innocence Lost

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