Ay, guys. This one is based off of episode 25 of the 1st season and the game. If you guys didn't know, in the game, Risa Kamizaki, the neighborhood yandere, cockblocks you and tries to cause the girls you get at to hate you. When she confesses to you in the game, she WILL destroy your social life at school if you reject her. Fortunately, this was averted in the anime.

Anyway, enjoy. This idea was floating in my brain for some time. Unfortunately, I don't know how to read to Japanese, so I interpreted what happened during the confession and after the confession with my own words. Then, I turned it up to eleven and this is what I got.

And one day, I hope Kirino, the author of the Amagami fic called That Beautiful Day, magically appears and updates that fic. That fic was goddamn amazing. I was motivated by that fic, by the way.

And here's the disclaimer.


It happened. My worst nightmare has happened.

"Look it's him."

"The porn guy, right?"

My life. My friendships. My future. They are disappeared in a blink of an eye.

"Yeah. The one who gets off to little girls and latex suits."

"He's so disgusting. I heard he goes to the red-light district."

The life I once enjoyed and loved is now gone.

"Why is he still here? He needs to leave and transfer."

"He's ruining this school's image."

My friends betrayed me.

"I heard that no one speaks to him at all."

"I always see him sitting alone during lunch. I heard that his sister doesn't even want to have anything to do with him."

They look away, thinking that it'll ruin their reputation.

"No one wants a sickening guy like him around."

"His whole life is ruined."

Fuck them. Fuck everyone.

Ch. 1 – Confession



Junichi Tachibana jumped a little as he sat in his desk. He looked up to see his homeroom teacher, Takahashi-sensei, looking at him frustrated.

"Just because you came back from suspension a day ago doesn't mean you can shirk off your classes and not pay attention!"

"S-sorry…" Tachibana stuttered.

His classmates began to whisper about his attitude, creating more rumors in turn.

"And that's enough out of all of you too!" Takahashi-sensei reprimanded them as she turned around, "At least give your fellow classmate a warm welcome back!"

All of them were silent.

Takahashi-sensei sighed, "Okay. Tachibana-kun…"

Tachibana quickly gave the answer to her question and turned to look outside once more. He couldn't wait to till this day was over. To his dismay, however, there was a meeting he needed to go to concerning the upcoming Founder's Festival.

In order to pass time, he absently doodled in his notebook. He acted as if he was doing something productive, but his mind was in turmoil. Two weeks ago, he found a love letter embroidered with hearts in his shoe locker. A girl named Risa Kamizaki asked to meet in the storage room in the second floor of the school during lunchtime. Tachibana went there with tons of questions in his head. Still sour about what happened two years ago, he wondered if she was actually going to be there. Hesitant, he entered the storage room to see a girl pacing back and forth.

The girl stared at him and he stared back. As the staring contest went on, Tachibana scratched the back of his head. "Y-You're the girl who put the love letter in my locker, right?" he asked.

"Y-Yeah… M-My name is Risa Kamizaki!" she exclaimed in embarrassment.

Tachibana chuckled nervously, "H-Haha. So I-I read your letter. Is it true you like me?"

"Y-Yeah. Tachibana-kun… I… I really like you!"

His eyes widened. He couldn't believe this was happening, especially since this girl was extremely cute.

"O-Oh. Really?"


"K-Kamizaki-san, I d-don't know you at all though."

"We can work it out! Tachibana-kun… Please be my boyfriend!"

She bowed to him. She was pleading to him as if she done something wrong. He didn't know what to do. Ever since the semester began, he has gotten close to more girls than he could imagine. He could even build his own harem if he wanted to.


Kaoru (but they were close to begin with).



Rihoko (same with her as well).


One night while he was thinking in his closet planetarium, he realized that he loved all of them. He loved these six girls. They were all important to him and there was no way he could pick one to be his girlfriend. Now this girl came in and confessed her feelings for him. How could he respond without hurting her feelings? He didn't want to lead her on either. She seemed like a nice girl.

For what it seemed to be a long time, he finally said something.

"Kamizaki-san… I… I'm sorry. I just can't accept your feelings."

"W-What? Why?" she said, shocked and scared.

"I-I like someone," he mumbled, "No. I love som- No. I love… I love these girls. I-I can't bear to betray their feelings because I'm dating someone I don't know."

"W-What do you mean?"

"I fell in love with six girls."

He said it… And there was no way he will take it back.

"I-I can't believe it."

Tears fell off her face. "Why…? Why does it got to be them?"


"You know who I am talking about, Tachibana-kun. Why does it got to be them?"

He looked away. "I'm sorry, Kamizaki-san. I can't like you. But we-"

"Shut up!" her face riddled with tears, "I don't want to hear it! I want to be your girlfriend! Not a friend!"

"I-I'm sorry," he repeated himself.

She walked past him. "If I can't have you, no one will."

She slammed the door behind him, leaving him alone to his thoughts.

Within a day, he got over his guilt and hid this event of his life from everyone. However, as each day passed, he began to hear things. Rumors started to flare up out of nowhere and the girls he loved slowly strayed away from him, acting as if he was a stranger.

On the fourth day, he arrived at school to see almost all the girls at school acting as if they were trying to avoid him. There was a large crowd of people staring at the school news bulletin outside. He walked toward it, wondering what the big fuss was about. All the students saw him and backed off. Walking through the crowd, he started hearing them mumble about him. Ignoring them, his eyes widened at what he saw.

The pictures posted on here were him coming into contact with multitude of women. The pictures ranged from him walking with older women outside of love hotels or him getting touchy-feely with female teenagers at some sort of club.

On the side, there was a caption that said, "BE CAREFUL OF JUNICHI TACHIBANA."

He tried to defend himself, thinking of ways to convince the public. However, a punch to the face knocked him down to the ground. Upon looking up was a pissed off Kaoru. She screamed at him with all her might.


Before Kaoru can do anymore damage, Keiko, one of her friends, came to the rescue to try to pull her away. Tachibana, defeated and hurt, stood up to see everyone's reactions. Some were laughing. Others said that he deserved it. Many others were mumbling about his 'relationships'. Before he could get away, a teacher heard all the commotion and stared at the news bulletin. He told all the kids to scram and pulled Tachibana to the teacher's room. The teacher explained that if this got out to the public, it would make one of the biggest scandals in education history.

In the end, his friendship with Kaoru was forever severed. Masayoshi Umehara, his best friend, tried his best to convince Kaoru that the pictures were fake. He knew because some of girls depicted were from his porn vids (not that he would explicitly say that). Kaoru couldn't take his word and walked away from him. For the first time that day, Tachibana smiled and thanked him for his efforts.

For Rihoko, Tachibana tried to visit her during her club activities. He wanted some tea to cool himself down as well. But, her fellow seniors, Ruriko Yuzuki and Manaka Hibi, threatened him to get off the premises.

"Rihoko doesn't want to see you, Tachibana-san," Ruriko spat venomously.

"A vermin like you will only hurt Rihocchi, please leave. Or else," Manaka said in a deadly voice.

He knew that Rihoko felt betrayed. He knew that if he left the school right now, their relationship might become damaged forever. He knew what he should do. He waited for her to come out. But…

He never saw her.

The rumors increased exponentially after the incident. Then, the seventh day came.

A huge incident occurred after the final period of school. All the girls who attended PE found out that their panties were missing. During the mess, the school went on a lockdown and no student was able to get out of school until the missing panties were found. Each student was supposed to show all of their possessions to a staff member of them school, and this included their shoe locker as well.

Fortunately for Tachibana and Umehara, they didn't bring any porn vids and mags with them that day. With a sigh of relief, they both knew they were safe. However for Tachibana, hell was about to come for him. With a confident smirk, he opened his shoe locker in front of Takahashi-sensei. He knew nothing was going to happen. Then, a bag of panties spilled out.

His heart sped up tenfold and tried to explain what happened. No one believed him and he was taken to the teacher's room once again. As punishment, he was to clean up the whole school. By himself. Luckily, he didn't get suspended because Umehara and Ayastuji defended him, explaining he was in class with them. The other teachers didn't let up and forced him to clean nonetheless. Tachibana explained that he will be fine by himself, smiling to assure Umehara and Ayastuji.

As he entered the swimming pool area, he found Nanasaki staring off to space. He went up to her, asking what she was doing here. He received a slap to the face and a push to the water.

"I can't believe you."

She left without saying another word.

The next day, he walked to school by himself. Miya, his sister, ditched him. Sighing, he saw his fluffy kohai, Sae. He ran up to her, thinking of a way to surprise her. In the end, he decided to run to her normally with a smile.

"Sae-chan! He-"

The look he saw on her face was fear. He stopped running and stared at her absently.

"Sae-chan…" he repeated.

He walked pass her, trying to hide the pain on his face.

One night he walked alone in the city, trying to forget everything that has been happening. Then, he bumped into someone.

"S-Sorry..." he mumbled.



He turned around to see Morishima.

"H-Hey, Morishima-senpai…" he said nervously.

"Hm? Are you okay, Tachibana-kun?" she frowned.

"Huh? Y-Yeah. I'm fine. I-I'll see yo-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Morishima grabbed his hand.

"Let's go out to eat."


"Come on, come on," she insisted, "It'll be fun!"

"M-Morishima-senpai! Ahhhh!"

Dragging Tachibana, Morishima led him to the restaurant they usually go to. Unfortunately, it's the same restaurant Kaoru worked at. His heart raced as he sat, wondering if he'll encounter Kaoru. What should he say? What will happen? Will she fo-

"Are you okay, Tachibana-kun?" Morishima asked as she tilted her head.

"Y-Yeah. Don't worry."



"It's nothing."

Luckily, Kaoru wasn't found anywhere. It seemed like her shift was finished for today. As he relaxed, he apologized to the female across from him.

"It's okay, Tachibana-kun," she smiled as she ate her parfait.

"Morishima-senpai… Do you believe in those rumors and everything?"

She stopped eating to give him her full attention. "Hm… Maybe…"

Disjointed, his shoulders fell and his appetite disappeared. "I-I see. Morishima-senpai. I need to do something right now, so I'll talk to yo-"

"H-Hey… I was only kidding," she frowned, "I wouldn't pay attention to them."


"Mhm. Really, really. I know you wouldn't go around messing with other girls. You're like a cute little innocent puppy."

For once, Tachibana smiled.

"Thank you, Morishima-senpai."

"Just don't fool around anymore, okay? I don't know what may happen, but please. I-I don't know if I could trust you anymore if something else happens."

He knew what she meant. After all, he was framed for being a playboy and hiding panties inside his shoe locker. He could sense the uneasiness from her. He breathed for a second.

"Morishima-senpai, don't worry."

As a way to calm her down, he grabbed her hand and squeezed it.

"I won't betray your feelings."

"What the fuck is this?"

The tenth day finally arrived. Tachibana paled as he looked at his possessions. He just got back from the cafeteria after eating a good lunch. Now he felt sick all of a sudden and wanted to throw up the contents still in his stomach. The porn vids that he borrowed from Umehara were shown in front of all of his classmates.

"Tachibana Junichi, Takahashi-sensei wants to see you right now. Please come to the teacher's room," the loudspeaker rang throughout the school.

All of a sudden, a teacher ran in the class to quiet the students only to see the vids that were located atop Tachibana's desk.

"Who are these?" the teacher asked.

"They're mine, sir," Tachibana answered.

"No. They're not! They're mine," Umehara defended him.

"Umehara, no. They're not. Don't worry. Sir. They're mine. I was planning to have someone borrow them from me because I wanted to show him."

"Well, a good thing you didn't. I want to see you in the of-"

"I know," Tachibana interrupted as he walked away.

As he walked away, students began to pile in 2-A's classroom. Fearing the worst, he stopped in front of the teacher's room and took a deep breath. He entered the room to see only Takahashi-sensei.

"The headmaster wants to talk to you."


"Your parents also been phoned and they will be coming right now. I'm very disappointed in you, Tachibana-kun."

He couldn't believe it.

His happy life at Kibitou High was finally coming to an end.


As usual, I started another story because I had an idea in mind. This time it was for Amagami. It was one of the few romance anime that I personally enjoyed.

Anyway, hoped you enjoyed it. I apologize for any grammatical errors. Later.