Her Dark and Bloody Vengeance

Chapter Five

"Michael! Michael!" Nikita screamed his name, her face contorted in pain. Sweat and blood dripped down her cheek as she struggled against her restraints. The electricity shot through her body from the chair she was strapped into.

"Michael isn't going to save you, Nikita. Michael is the reason you're here," Amanda's cool voice rose above Nikita's shouts. She calmly pulled out a gun and dangled it in front of her face. "And now, Michael is the reason you're going to die."

"Please don't kill me, please!" Nikita pleaded for her life. "I'm sorry that Michael killed Ari, just please don't kill me!"

"I'm sorry Nikita, but I have to do this," Amanda lifted the gun, and pulled the trigger. The sound of the bullet rang through the air. Amanda's white clothes were stained red. She turned and looked at Michael. "This is your fault. Nikita is dead because of you."

Amanda was gone, and Michael was cradling Nikita's lifeless body in his arms.

"Wake up Nikita! Wake up!" He shouted, shaking her. Birkhoff, Alex, Sonya, Elizabeth, Ryan, Owen, Haley and Sean all stared at him, sadness in their eyes.

"This is your fault!" They chanted. "Nikita is dead because of you!"

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" He sobbed.

Michael bolted upright in bed, breathing heavily as he tried to calm himself down. Nikita isn't dead, Nikita isn't dead. The nightmares had started the night after she had disappeared, and had slowly gotten worse. He could throw himself into work at Division during the day, but nothing could stop the images of her death appearing in the night. Michael had begun to dread sleep, he would stay up late, calling in favours from his connections, trying to find a lead on Nikita. He would work until he literally could not keep his eyes open, only then giving into the torture of sleep on an old recruit bed. Nikita had been gone for two weeks, and he had been losing hope that she was ever coming back. Throwing his legs over the stiff mattress, Michael rubbed his eyes and mentally prepared himself for the long day ahead of him.


Birkhoff hated to see Division like this. The entire team of people brought together by Nikita, was mourning the loss of their mentor, lover and friend. No one was willing to talk about their feelings, so they all suffered in silence. Birkhoff wouldn't have been able to take it if it wasn't for Sonya. She was his rock. He thought that Michael and Ryan must be slowly going insane without anyone to bare the burden with. Everywhere Birkhoff looked, the lack of Nikita stuck out like a sore thumb. From the empty chair during meetings, to Alex's smeared mascara, to Michael's constant brooding, it was obvious that someone was missing. In addition to that, agents were being murdered; five dead in the past week and a half. They all needed to find the killer, but they were all too busy missing Nikita.

"Alright people, we have a busy day of espionage ahead of us, but first things first. Any updates on Nikita?" Ryan tried to lighten the situation with humour. It was how he coped with her being gone.

"Sorry, no." Sonya hated to be the bearer of bad news. Ryan would ask for updates every morning, and nothing ever changed. If it was any other agent, she would have given up by now, but it was Nikita. Sonya loved Birkhoff, and Birkhoff needs his Nikki. Every day, Sonya tries new ways of tracking Amanda's web cam and checks traffic cams and news reports, just for Birkhoff.

"As much as it pains me to do this, I think we need to move the rest of our tech resources from Nikita, to focus on the threat to our agents. We all need to face the fact that Nikita probably isn't coming back. It's been two weeks since she went missing. From an analytical standpoint, Amanda should have made her move by now. Nikita would want us to take care of Division." Ryan sighed deeply.

"So we're giving up on her?" Alex asked, biting her lower lip.

"I'm so sorry Alex, I really am." Ryan apologized. "She meant a lot to me."

"Do not pretend for one second, that just because you have a little schoolkid crush on her, that she means a lot to you," Alex slammed her fist down on a table. "That woman has saved all of our lives countless times! She never gave up on me, why should I give up on her?"

"Alex, stop it!" Michael tried to calm her down, Nikita would hate to see Alex acting like this.

"I'm not giving up on her! I'm dealing with the fact that Nikita is probably dead! While you guys are all busy getting emotional about her, someone needs to run Division," Ryan replied, anger seeping into his voice. "Even if Nikita is alive, Amanda still has her. Amanda, who has nothing to lose and a grudge against Michael. She is going to use every trick in the book to cause him pain, starting with Nikita. I'm sorry, but I will not let a psychopath's games hinder this organization. We need to find and stop whatever is killing our agents!"

"Just shut up, both of you!" Michael yelled, and the room went silent. "Arguing isn't going to get us anywhere. Ryan is right, Division has bigger priorities than Nikita. Five agents have been murdered, and their bodies are all missing. We need to find out who's doing it, and why."

"I agree completely, I will be checking in with my CIA resources. Birkhoff, you'll be leading a team to scan through any security footage you can find. Also, we have some possible intel on a sleeper agent, Smith and Jones will be leading the investigation on that." Ryan droned on through a list of missions for the day, while everyone grieved in silence. "Michael, can I speak with you in my office?"

"Someone's in trouble," Sean quipped, causing Alex to smile. He would do anything to make her smile nowadays, even if it meant being on the receiving end of Michael's glares.


"Michael, I just want to say that I'm truly sorry about Nikita," Ryan started off, and could immediately tell that it was the wrong thing to say.

"Don't, please just don't," Michael protested. He was tired of people saying that they were sorry, their sympathetic glances. They all know that this was his fault, they should all be blaming him.

"I know this is hard, believe me, I know. Division needs Nikita, and I am, sure as hell not ready to give up on her," Ryan stated passionately. "You're not the only one who loves her."

"You just said that you're devoting your resources to finding the cause of the agents's deaths." Michael pointed out.

"Yes, my resources. People like you, Alex, Sean and Birkhoff are only here for her, not me. I can't control what you guys do," Ryan implied with a knowing smile. "In front of Division, I need you to back me up one hundred percent, but I want you to find Nikita, and put a bullet through Amanda's head for me. Only get the others involved if you have to."

"Thank you," Michael never doubted Ryan's crush on Nikita, but it was times like this where he was reminded of the effect she had on people. People couldn't help but love and admire Nikita.

"Now, to analyze the situation, we need all the information we can get. I'm not saying that this is your fault, but Amanda is in this for revenge against you. What happened in Brazil?" Ryan asked.

"I used the black box to discover known correspondants of Ari Tasarov. I used some of my own resources to track his movements and I received intel that he was visiting this correspondant. I told Nikita that I was going to check out some new bistro while she was at yoga. Basically, I went in guns blazing and shot Ari in the head. Amanda was there too, she looked so devastated. I never thought that she was capable of love until I saw her grief. I should have known that she would seek vengeance," Michael explained. "I thought she would cut her loses and go into hiding. Obviously, I was wrong."

"Why didn't you kill her? You could have stopped her all together," Ryan demanded.

"Nikita wouldn't want that. Nikita prided herself on the fact that she was strong enough to spare Amanda's life. I wasn't strong enough to let Ari live, but I let Amanda live for Nikita," Michael stated. "And now, because of my mistakes, Nikita is probably being tortured this very second."

"Stop blaming yourself, Amanda will use that against you. What else is she going to use to hurt you?"

"Obviously Nikita," Michael paused, emotion heavy in his voice. "I used to have a wife named Elizabeth and a daughter named Haley, they died in a car bomb. Percy ordered it. Amanda knows about it. I have a son named Max, but I don't think Amanda knows about him, and Nikita would never tell her."

"Don't be so sure of that, Amanda has ways of making people talk," Ryan's mind flashed to the time when he was in Amanda's captivity. He still has nightmares about her. "You're going to start tracking Amanda bright and early tomorrow. Right now, you need to go home and sleep. You look like hell. I need you at full health and awakeness. Don't go drowning in self-pity, get a good day of rest and come in when you're ready to work."

"Alright, see you tomorrow," Michael turned to leave. "Oh and Ryan, thank you. For everything. I can really see why Nikita likes you."

The ghost of a smile appeared on Ryan's face as Michael left his office.


Michael gently turned the key in the key-hole, and took a deep breath. He couldn't think about Nikita. If he wanted to get a good sleep, he needed to stop thinking about Nikita. God, he should have rented a motel room. Ryan was right, he needed to rest, but how could he with memories of his love haunting him just at the sight of the door? How could he sleep in the bed where he made love to Nikita, and not be tormented with nightmares? He slowly pushed the door open, and was shocked at the smell. Had he really spent so long away? He was even more shocked at the contents of his sitting room. Five dead bodies, in their glorious decomposing states, lay on his couch, chair, table and floor. Blood, guts and gore were staining everywhere he could look. The most shocking thing about the whole picture was Nikita, sitting in the only clean armchair and drinking a veggie shake. Her only apparent injuries were small, mostly faded bruises along her arms. Her hair and makeup were done to perfection, she looked as if she just came from the salon.

"What the hell?" Michael exclaimed, his emotions alternating from confused to angry to happy. The happiness won out, and he couldn't fight the grin on his face.

"Hi honey, I'm home," Nikita smirked, and took a sip of her shake. "Did you miss me?"

Unable to control himself, Michael raced forward and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her deeply, as only lovers do after being seperated. Her lips were warm and soft, just like he remembered them. One arm on her lower back, one roaming the rest of her body, he kissed her like his life depended on it. Like they had all the time in the world, yet no time left at all. Just as his tongue began to ask for entrance to her mouth, a fist hit his stomach with surprising force. Stumbling back, and trying to catch his breath, Nikita got in a few more punches, one to the gut and one to the face. Just as she went in for a kick, Michael's instincts took over and he grabbed her leg, throwing off her balance, she shot forwards. Michael managed a clean block, until Nikita picked up her foot, and kicked him cleanly in the groin. Falling to the ground, Michael looked up sadly at his lover.

"Why are you doing this, Nikita? What did Amanda do to you?" Michael demanded.

"I'll be nice and give you a hint," Nikita said with a wink. "Mkultra."

"What does that mean?" Michael yelled, but she was already gone.

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