A/N- This oneshot is definitely not meant to be taken seriously, but hopefully some of you will find as much enjoyment in reading it as I have I writing it. I don't own Naruto, but please, regardless of that oh-so-inconsequential fact, read on.

"C'mon Shino, just do it!"

"No. Why? Because it is both childish and demeaning."

"Ano, Shino-kun, I would like very much to see it."

"I would prefer not to."

"Shino, it's obvious that Kiba won't stop bothering you about it until you do, so, for the sake of us all, just do it, please."

"Very well, as it would appear my feelings on the subject don't matter."

"I'm Batman."

A/N-By the way, the sentence in bold was meant to be read in a close approximation to Batman's own Scary-But-Not-A-Smoker rasp. Thanks again for reading, and all reviews are welcome!