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I sighed as I watched everything burn, burn in bright red, turn black with familiar snap-cracks. I loved fire, now don't get me wrong. But after a while, when it's your only form of defense, it gets a little boring.

And I only used it for a defense.

The men foolish enough to try and attack me were mere vague black human shaped objects burning. One of their swords, a stone sword, was clutched in my hand. The blade hummed softly, something I had never experienced before. Here, where metal was used for sacred purposes only, weapons were reduced to stone and power. I hefted the stone blade in my hand and studied the symbols carved into it.

"Ah that explains it," I said softly, recognizing 'fire' and 'Scath'. What this fool had been doing with such carvings in his sword I didn't care to know. It would just make my head hurt to hear his explanation. I twisted the blade in my hand easily, delighted with the way it felt feather light.

"The blade was meant for you," a darker part of me said softly. I had to agree this time. Not only did it hum in my hand, something that only happened if a magic blade found the one it was intended for, but it had those carvings in it. Long ago there had been another person who could have wielded this blade. I snarled in pain and anger as I shook the thought from my head.

One day sister, I will find you I thought to myself softly, turning away from the men. If I stayed too long then the smell would get to me and I would go on a rampage again. Absently I tucked the blade into my belt, next to the bow that was hanging from it too. Both weapons had the same carvings. Hehe, I just need a staff now and I'll be all set! Hehe!

My feet were forever taking me north. I knew damn well why too. Azarath lay head, somewhere beyond the mountains. People were fleeing from the area, being chased by fiery ghosts. I smirked. Maybe I wasn't going to find her here.

"What are you doing crazy girl?" one man, a monk, gasped at me as I elbowed people out of the way. I turned to glare at him, very much aware that while my top eyes weren't showing the red irises should be enough. With a startled squeak he backed away, and took off running again. I smirked. Mortals, so damn easy to scare.

"This would be a lot more fun if you just killed a few of them off," the dark voice inside me grumbled. I shook my head and started looking for a likely target. Right now it was just lowly monks and whatnot that ran by me, clutching at the hands of little children. I snarled slightly. "Oh hum? Who do we have here?" I spotted the person my darker side had and smiled with wicked delight.

"Going somewhere Dr.?" I asked softly, wrapping my hand around the man's neck. He froze, looking into my eyes with fear. I let a half grin dominate my face, one fang poking out. "Don't tell me you forgot me. You ruined my life ten years ago."

"Z-Zaven?" the man choked out. I smiled and leaned closer. By now others, higher-ups, were running by. I absently directed the fiery minions to round up a few, which I really didn't matter. I had the one I wanted. "Y-You're supposed to be dead."

"Oh yes I'm very much aware of that Dr. Only you've forgotten one thing." The man paled slightly and I was delighted by the pounding beneath my hand.

"A-and that w-would be?" I grinned, showing off all my fangs.

"She was prophesized to bring about the end of the world. And with your teaching I bet she didn't even unlock any of the powers I have." I spat the words, watching the flames that sudden sprang up dance around me. The minions had done their job, rounding up a good load of the leaders. I smiled with delight as the fiery cage forced them back the way they had come. "I however am going to make your life a living Hell."