Angel: So here we are, with a new story. This idea has been in my mind recently, and wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it. Yes, I'm aware that this is very short, but this is the prologue...I'm not going for long. Chapter 1 will hopefully be WAY longer than this...besides, I need to plan what I'm going to do with this. Anyway, enjoy! Read and Review please!

Artemis was going to strangle Wally the next time she saw him. Not only had he managed to find out about her cousin, Ryan, and her uncle and aunt, and the fact that they were 'loaded' (as he had so eloquently phrased it), but he had informed Robin who had passed the information onto his mentor. And seeing as there was a need for an undercover mission in the area where her cousin and his family lived, she was given the job and sent out the next day.

It wasn't that she didn't like this side of her family or that she didn't want to spend time with them, it was the fact that trouble seemed to follow her around no matter where she went. And Batman had told her she was going to pose as Ryan's twin sister, Sharpay (with the cover story being she had been at an all girl's boarding school until recently), but the way she was supposed to act…she despised it. But orders are orders…no matter how much she loathed it.

And now here she was, in New Mexico of all places, dressed up like a Barbie and ready for her first day of school at East High. Ryan gave her hand an affectionate squeeze, which she returned with a thankful smile, before strutting through the door like she owned the place, her cousin/brother following behind her dutifully.

And so this was the start of the life of Sharpay Evans, Ice Queen, co-captain of the drama club…and Artemis faded into the background, resurfacing on certain occasions.

And no one knew her secret…until now.