Hellsing/Fairy Tail challenge

Premise: The addition of everyone's favorite blood sucking, gun totting, vampire psychopath being thrown into the world of Fairy Tail.


Alucard is a violent psychopath, so don't have him be all friendly with the legal guilds

That being said, you can have him join a guild, just don't expect everyone to be OK with it

Abilities for Alucard are pretty much his regular powers. He can have schrodinger's power thrown on top, honestly it don't make a difference, he's already a practical god.

Alucard is violent, he will kill, people can get angry but they can just suck a dick because he's fuckin' alucard.

Power level is irrelevant. Sure people can give him a challenge, but like the actual series he is a walking death god. Sure one out of a billion may come close to killing him, but don't have it where someone like Brain would pose a big threat to him.

Pairing: anything but a huge ass harem.

Other than these rules, have fun and feel free to communicate if you need help. Keep goin and stay golden^^