They stood opposite each other, their chests heaving with pent up emotions as the

last note floated away. Blaine stared at his brother, the brother that abandoned him

all those years ago, the brother who stealthily left the anderson house in the middle

of the night and was never heard from again.

Emotions ran rapid through his body, long ago hidden memories burst to the

surface. He didn't know how to handle them, he thought if he sung with his brother

that maybe just maybe he could control them but it didn't help. They overwhelmed

him and without thought he lashed out.

He watched as his brother reached up to wipe away the blood from the corner of

his mouth. He looked sad. His brother looked him in the eyes, nodded as he

backed away, turned and left the auditorium.

Blaine stood there and watched as his brother walked away for the second

Heartbroken he whispered

"Don't go"