For Piotr's Sake

Chapter 28

Captain Benjamin Sisko, after getting to know the captain of the Reliant, was considering warning him of his unfortunate fate at the hands of Kahn Noonian Singh. There had also been no word from Chekov about rescuing Miss Lincoln from the clutches of the people from the alternate universe. However, he was not surprised. It was going to take some time for them to return, considering that the planet Halka was over a hundred light years from the station. Also, everyone who looked out the windows could see the USS Reliant. All who did were impressed at seeing a fully intact century-old starship, and Sisko was a bit amused by their reactions. However, he knew that Terrell was destined to die horribly if he should return to his own century. When Terrell was being given a tour of Deep Space Nine under the watchful eyes of Mr. Odo, Sisko took it upon himself to contact Starfleet Temporal Investigations on a secure channel. The face of Mr. Luxley,* now the chief of operations, appeared on his private viewing screen.

"Greetings, Captain Sisko. What can I do for you?" The man asked without inflection. He did not smile. Sisko knew that he was still suspicious about him and his accidental incursion into the twenty-third century, where he saved the life of Captain Kirk. Sisko was thankful that he didn't seem to know that they had rescued a bunch of tribbles on their way back, and he wasn't about to tell him.

"I am sure that you heard by now that we have some unexpected visitors on the station from the twenty-third century. I called to ask about Captain Terrell. I want to save his life by telling him about encountering Kahn on Ceti Alpha Five. I also want to make sure that Captain Chekov is not injured by that madman."

"I understand your concern, Captain, but that is impossible. Even though you probably do not see any harm in telling these people about their futures, altering the time line might have serious repercussions for all of us. You must not tell them anything. That is an order."

"But, sir..."

"No buts, Captain. Altering the fates of these men is expressly forbidden under the temporal Prime Directive. I do understand why you want to, though. Both are extremely likable. However, rules are rules, and you must abide by them as we do here at Starfleet Temporal. Damage has already been done by Captain Chekov himself, when he took it upon himself to try and stop Singh from taking over the Enterprise after that creep and his group were revived from suspended animation. Chekov went back in time years later with Seven's help and altered his own fate, causing Kahn to recognize him on Ceti Alpha Five. If you tell any of them about what awaits them, you will change what must be. Also, if they are told, Chekov might try to return to the past to fix things for himself and the Defiant might never be recovered."

"Let me get things straight here, sir. I think you are a little mixed up. We have met Terrell and Chekov before they met up with Kahn the second time and Richard was forced to kill himself while under the influence of a mind-altering creature. I still do not see the harm of telling him or Chekov to stay away from Ceti Alpha Five."

"Trust me on this, Sisko. There would be great harm. If you do anything to interfere with history, the Defiant will never be recovered. Also, in your century, the Fleet museum has to receive the ship intact for future generations to enjoy. I realize as well, Captain, that you plan to name your new runabout after that ship. If you tell Terrell or Chekov anything, that might never happen. You must let history take its course." Luxley finally smiled a little. "I know it seems a bit jumbled and jivey, but you do not know as much about temporal mechanics as we do. I would advise you to keep your mouth shut when it comes to Terrell and when Chekov returns from the alternate universe."

"Very well, sir. I will do so." Sisko paused for a moment in thought. "It just seems to be such a shame, though. These gentlemen deserve better."

"I agree, but you know as well as I do that messing with the time line is very serious business. Follow the Temporal Prime Directive. That's an order. Good day, sir." With that, Luxley cut the connection. Sisko stared at the black screen for a moment, collecting his thoughts. To say the least, he was disappointed, but the man was right.

After a few days at maximum warp, the Defiant and the Destiny finally arrived at their destination. Immediately, Beckwith informed Pavel Chekov that the people on the alternate Deep Space Nine were powering up weapons and were about to fire.

"Red alert! Shields up! Battle stations!"

"Sir, they are firing on the Destiny!" Rahda announced, excitement in her voice as she heard the red alert alarm sounding. "I don't know how, but they can detect your brother's ship, even though it is cloaked." The Destiny was in the lead, the Defiant following close behind. The Q had made it possible for the crew of the Defiant to be able to see Piotr's ship.

"They are probably detecting their Tantalus field, Lt. Commander. Are the phasers armed and ready?"

"Aye, sir." She beamed with pride as he addressed her by her new rank, and then her expression turned more serious. "Phaser crews all report ready. Also, the photon torpedoes are charged and on standby."

"Good. Piotr might need our help, even if he has possession of the M6 unit. Have they also detected us?"

"No, sir. I don't think so."

"I'm glad about that, even though we might have some problems if we get too close to all the phaser fire."

Meanwhile, on the ISS Destiny, Piotr had used the Tantalus Device to pinpoint the location of Intendant Kira. Enraged, he realized that she had killed every last human on Terok Nor. Piotr decided to make her pay the ultimate price for her crime of mass murder. He decided that the Tantalus device was too quick and easy and powered up the M6, targeted its power source and fired on the station. A huge and violent explosion rocked both ships, but, luckily, they were both too far away to sustain any appreciable damage. When they had both recovered attitude control, Piotr hailed his brother.

"Pavel, is everyone on your ship all right?"

"No casualties reported, Piotr. Just a few bumps and bruises. Why did you destroy that space station?"

"That Intendant cow murdered every human on the station. She had to pay for that. Now, brother, you are free to return to your side. It was a great honor to meet you. You may now enter the wormhole unimpeded. Have a safe journey back."

"Thank you, Piotr. It was a shame that you had to do that, but I think I understand your reason."

"This is a violent universe, Pavel. As you know, terror has to be brought back and maintained if we on this side ever hope to revive the Terran Empire. We now stand a better chance , now that the Bajoran bitch is dead. Now, I suggest you leave before the Cardassians arrive and retaliate."

"Understood. Fare well, brother." Piotr nodded his head as the connection was severed. "Helm, set course for the wormhole immediately. Have the coordinates been set for our return to our own universe?" Pavel asked Beckwith.

"Aye, sir."

"Then secure from general quarters and let's get the hell out of here."

As they entered the wormhole, they did not know that the Q had collapsed the Terok Nor side, ending forever the chance of Piotr's people ever incurring into the Federation side again.

*"Trials and Tribble-ations"