In-depth of Turning the Tides

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Mako picked up Korra again once Oogi brought them back to air temple island. He hurried through the gates and headed toward Korra's room. He didn't want to have her on the couch in the family room, she would be much more comfortable in her bed. Mako gently placed her on her bed. Korra had fallen asleep on their trip back to the island. She was still asleep, and he didn't want to disturb her. He looked at her face, at the scars that hadn't been there before. He wanted to make Tarrlok pay for hurting her.

"I know you like her." Asami said appearing in the doorway. Mako spun around, "What?"

"I know you like Korra. Ikki told me the first day I was here that Korra liked you, after that I started to notice you seem to like her too." Mako internally cursed Ikki. Wait... how did Ikki know Korra liked him? Hey, and didn't Korra earthbend Ikki and Jinora away when he had come to see if his brother was here when he had been captured? Korra's been taking romantic advice from a seven, and ten year old? And keeping them away so they didn't tell him? Mako had a sudden urge to laugh, that's why she told him that pro bending night that she liked him, and kissed him. Advice from a seven and ten year old.

"So. Do you like her?" Asami asked. Um, duh. Of course Mako liked Korra! Why ask?

"Erm... I do." Mako said unsure of how to not hurt Asami's feelings.

"Then why are you still dating me?" She asked.

Mako was silent, why was he still with her? He couldn't think of why. He had been confused before, when he hadn't known what it could be like if Korra was gone. Now that he knew what it was like... he wasn't confused at all. But, he still wanted to be friends with Asami, he didn't want to hurt her.

"I was just wondering, because I like Tahno." Asami blurted out.

"You do?" Mako asked surprised. He didn't know that Asami knew Tahno, or that they had even met.

"Yeah, we've been secretly dating for weeks." Asami said.

Mako was shocked, Asami had been cheating on him? He had been confused over who he liked more, Korra or Asami, but he actually hadn't cheated. He hadn't secretly dated Korra behind her back.

"Then...I guess we should break up then?" Mako said.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Then, see you later I guess." Mako said kind of awkwardly.

"Um, yeah. See you later." Asami said equally awkward.

Asami walked out, happier than she had been going in.

Mako turned and sat down next to Korra, she had slept through the whole conversation. Mako was glad about that, he wanted to tell her himself, not have her over hear it. Mako spent the next half-hour coming up with the perfect date for him and Korra.