Chapter 1: Pterano's Son

Pterano had just finished gathering his dinner. He was flying back to the nest he had made in the Mysterious Beyond, but very close to the Great he got there though...his nest was already occupied.

A younger flyer lay in his nest. Asleep by the look of him. He was black in color. When Pterano landed he woke up.

"I'm sorry." The younger male said in fear. Staring up at Pterano with the most astonishingly green colored eyes. Greener that the freshest tree stars. "I was just so tired and your nest looked so comfortable. I've been flying for days."

"Understandable. Your too young to build a nest of your own." Pterano said calmly. "Where are your parents?"

"I don't have any parents." The young male said. "I just woke up like this." He gestured down his body. "And this sharptooth attacked me!"

Pterano noticed that on his head was a sky bolt shape. Green in color.

"Fascinating." Pterano said as he reached down and traced it. The child flyer shuddered.

"It feels strange when others touch it Mister."


The boy flyer looked up at his new friend.

"My name. Its Pterano. And yours my young friend?"

"Harry." The flyer said. "Can I stay with you Mr. Pterano?"

Pterano hesitated. Could he care for a cihld? He nearly got his own nephew killed! Not to mention he had a new stone to find. The Philosopher's Stone. But was it worth it? This never ending quest of his for power? The Philosopher's Stone was just a myth told to younglings after all. The ability to create massive forests of trees and walls of protection. To give eternal life! He would have to rethink his goals if he had a young one to look after. Perhaps he could get his banishment reduced...

"You can stay with me youngling." Pterano said as Harry's face lit up with happiness. "Come on. Time for dinner. Son"

Yes. He would have to rethink his goals indeed.

To Be Continued...

Yes, Pterano is after another mystical object. Will it turn out like the Stone of Cold Fire? Wait and see...

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