Chapter 4: The Secret of Petrie's Family

Despite him being Pterano's son, Harry had been welcomed into Petrie's little herd. Cera had been skeptical, at first, but after Harry had helped save Ducky from bullies Hyp and his friends, she had started to like the smaller flyer as well.

"Auntie Tara said Papa can visit for a week a month!" Harry told them excitedly as they where playing with a sweet ball. "And his sentence has been reduced to two more cold times!"

"That's great." Littlefoot said, happy for his new friend and for Petrie too. He and the others knew Petrie still idolized his uncle even after the Stone of Cold Fire incedent.

"Oh rats." Cera said as their ""Sweet Ball" flew into the trees after she swung at it with her tail.

"Me got it." Petrie said as he flew into the trees to go get it. Harry flew after his cousin because though it was small, it was also a tad heavy. Harry saw it stuck in a tree hole. He then saw Petrie looking around suspiciously. Then concentrating on the sweet ball. Harry gasped. Could Petrie have it too? He wondered. His question was answered when the ball flew forward and Petrie caught it in his beak. He gave a muffled cry of victory and flew back to

"I have to go tell Auntie." Harry said excitedly. None of Petrie's siblings had shown signs of having the family gift.

Tara had been "cleaning" out her family nests. Meaning replacing old twigs and leaves with new ones. When she heard her little nephew calling

"Auntie Tara Auntie Tara Auntie Tara!" Harry said this very fast as he landed in front of her. "Pterie has it!" He said excitedly as he caught his breath.

"Has what?" Tara asked curiously. Not sure what he meant.

"You know!" Harry said quietly as he looked around as Petrie had. "The GIFT."

Her eyes lit up. "Are you sure?" She asked quietly as well.

"Positive. We where playing with a sweet ball when it got stuck in a tree hole. He made it come to him Auntie! Petrie has The Gift!"

So its Petrie and Harry. Tara thought as the older flyer female contemplated this new developement. Normally it would be a male and female each generation. I wonder how long Petrie has had The Gift. She jerked herself out of her thoughts and saw Harry looking up at her wondering what he should do.

"For today just watch your cousin and make sure his Gift isn't out of control. We'll talk later."

"Yes Auntie." Harry said as he flew back to where his new friends where.

"Where'd he go?" He heard Cera say. Apparently they where looking for him.

"Sorry. I was thirsty so I went to the watering hole." Harry said to calm his cousin. In the weeks Harry had joined them Petrie was very protective of his younger cousin.

Harry was happy for his older cousin. Now they could learn how to control their Gift together!

To Be Continued...

The Gift is going to be similar to Wiccan magicks from Buffy the Vampire Slayer combined with a little FMA Alchemy. Inherited in Petrie's family lline. Two out of every generation, no matter how many hatchlings, are blessed with The Gift. Normally a male and a female. The obvious exception of course being Harry.