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Pairings: Michelle, Camrissa, Damsay, Blanna


The funny thing about how everything started was that she never expected it. Nellie didn't wake up that morning thinking 'I'm going to go on a national tour with a popular band whose music I've never actually heard of.' In fact, when she woke up she expected it to be just another boring day. She got up. Went to work. It wasn't until she was walking home with her roommates, Dani and Abraham, that anything strange happened.

They saw a tour bus. That wasn't strange, they were in New York. Abraham told them he liked the band. Also not strange.

The strange thing was a girl was being thrown out of it.

"And stay out," the blonde woman who threw the girl out shouted. Then she sighed. "Crap, we need another girl." She looked around. "You," she pointed at the group.

"Me?" Nellie asked.

"Yes you," the woman said, "how would you like to tour the country with a popular band."

"She'd love to," Dani and Abraham said before she could refuse.

"Great, get on the bus," the woman ordered.

"But…I don't have any clothes!" Nellie whined.

"You can get clothes on the road," the woman told her, "for the meantime one of the other girls can lend you some."

Before Nellie knew it she was being pulled onto the bus.

"Have fun," Abraham grinned. He and Dani waved goodbye.

"Don't forget to call," Dani shouted.

"I'm assuming you're new so I'll find you a sort of mentor," the woman said, "I'm Holly Holiday, your handler, if you screw up I'm in trouble, so don't screw up."

Nellie was just silent, not knowing what to say or do.

Holly looked at her, for the first time really looked. "You'll do fine. Welcome to the secret life of a groupie."

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