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In The Beginning:


It's raining, but I aim my bow for the target a few stories below me. I release the string and send the arrow soaring through the air. It hits the target, so I quickly load up and get off the building, but I'm too late. "Shit…" I mumble a string of curse words to myself as I notice the police officers piling up. The person who hired me for this swore there wouldn't be any cops around, damn it!

"There he is!" Those three words are the last ones I hear before I'm being chased down an alley. I clumsily climb up a chain-link fence and scurry over it in an attempt to evade the cops. I get a few more feet before I trip and clumsily tumble onto the ground. Stupid slippery ground… Stupid rain.

A very fit blond man cuffs my hands behind my back only barely panting. A somewhat-less-fit darker-haired man jogs up to us out of breath. "Wow, Steve… Maybe I should start running with you in the mornings." The blond, that I now know is Steve, smirks and claps the other officer on the shoulder.

"If you're just trying to impress me, don't. You know you already have." I can't help but wonder if the two are together. Isn't that against some sort of rule or something? "Besides, Tony, I know how important sleeping in is for you." Steve ruffles Tony's hair in an extremely playful way.

"When I actually sleep, that is... But, seriously, it's almost as important as coffee." Both men let out a small laugh. "But, then again, you're even more important to me than coffee is, so the run kind of has sleep beat." I stare at them for a minute before remembering I'm still on the ground. And I'm getting soaked from all this rain.

"Uh, guys? Hate to break this up, but can we just get me downtown already? I'm kind of getting soaked here." Steve snaps out of his trance-like state and picks me up off the ground. The two walk me about a block down and shove me in the back of their police car. They stand outside for a few moments, arguing over who's driving, and I completely understand why they shouldn't be allowed to be partners.

I can't help but think that they're going to get each other killed one of these days.


There's a black haired man sitting in the cell with me. He's dressed funny and I can't help but laugh. "Nice costume." He glares at me. He must not have a sense of humor. "What? Stop looking at me like that." I look away, but I can still feel him glaring holes in the side of my head. It's kind of creepy. "… My name's Clint. Now would you please stop looking at me like that?"

"I am Loki." I shoot him a questioning glare. I may not know a lot about some things, but isn't that a Norse god or something? "What? It's not like I am actually a god. If I was I wouldn't be in here. My parents were just mythology nuts." Were? He doesn't look old enough for his parents to be dead, so what does he mean by were? "What are you in here for…? Clint?"

"Murder one." He looks unfazed by my admission and it's almost as if he had expected that. "What about you, Loki? What'd you do to get in here?"

"I collapsed a building. People died. It isn't anything out of the ordinary." I smile a bit. We may be able to get along after all.


I wake up to my bodyguard knocking on my door rather loudly. I yawn as I begin to sit up. "Come in." Thor, my bodyguard, opens the door and enters with a smile on his face. "Good morning, Thor. Can I help you?"

"Your mother is complaining about your being late for breakfast. We're only waiting for you." I stare at the clock and shock overtakes my body. I never sleep this late. I feel my mouth hanging open, but I'm having trouble closing it. "Are you all right, sir?" Thor still has a smile on his face.

"Yes, Thor. I'll be down in a minute." He leaves, still smiling, and I crawl out of bed. I never sleep past nine… I wonder what's different about today. I sigh as I pick out a nice shirt and a suit. I put on a smile as I start to walk into the eating area. There's a large table set out and my mom looks as if we're expecting people. "Good morning, mom."

Nick is, as always, standing near my mom protectively. Even though I'm her son he still tenses up the slightest bit when I approach her. I simply lean over and place a kiss on her cheek and when I back away he relaxes.

"Good morning, Phillip." She smiles as I sit down. "The Starks are running a few minutes late, but thank you for joining us." I nod and look to Thor. He looks a tad guilty about telling me everyone was waiting for me, but I know he meant well. Besides, I might have fallen back asleep if he hadn't. The door opens and Tony and his sister, Pepper, walk in.

"I'm so sorry we're late, Peggy." Mom smiles warmly and hugs her. When they pull apart Pepper pulls me in for a quick hug. "Good morning, Phil." I smile back at her and Tony just coughs.

"Phil? Uh, his first name is 'sir.' I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to call him 'Phil.'" The officer simply smiles and sits next to Steve, who blushes a bit when Tony's hand ever-so-lightly touches his. Tony mumbles as quietly as he can. "I'm glad you're here, Cap." The captain smiles in return.

"Shall we get started?"

A/N: So, I'll explain everybody's roles to you, in case you didn't get it. But, opinions?

Clint: (Kinda obvious, but…) He's an assassin.
Phil: (Also Kinda obvious…) He's the prince.
Steve: He's a Police Captain. (Yes, such thing does exist.) (Also, any inconsistencies with his job and a real police captain are unintentional, entirely my fault, and for the good of the story.)
Tony: He's a police officer. Right now, I'm thinking he might be a lieutenant (which is right below captain), but I don't know. (As with Steve, any job inconsistencies are my fault entirely, are unintentional, blah, blah, blah…)
Thor: He's Phil's bodyguard… (Who wouldn't want him as a bodyguard..? Seriously, he's gorgeous.)
Bruce: Uh… I'll explain when he actually makes his way in here… which he will.
Natasha: Refer to Bruce.
Loki: He's Clint's cell mate. (He brainwashed Clint in the movie, so I thought it was appropriate the two get to know each other.)
Fury (Nick): He's Peggy's bodyguard.
Pepper: Tony's sister. (Only Because I accidentally worked Steve/Tony into this.)
Peggy: Remember her, from Captain America? Yeah, she's Phil's mom. :D (I saw a few things where she was his mom and I was like ':O That's genius!' And thus, she is.)